Nerf War: Z Invasion 3

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In this episode of Twin Toys, twin kids, Eli and Liam have joined forces with other Z survivors and are trying to survive from an infection that has caused millions of zs to spread throughout their neighborhood. Tons have found their way into their garage and now they have to find a way to survive the z outbreak by solving a riddle to access the must needed gun artillery which is heavily secured and locked. Without getting that key they will run out of ammo and be doomed forever. All of this happened after Twin Toys reached their one million subscribers milestone. Could this have caused the infection to occur? Will the PBT Squad survive this z invasion?Happy 2 Year Anniversary of Twin Toys. The Nerf blasters used in this video are the Modulus Regulator, Rival Artemis, Rival Nemesis and many many more from the twins Nerf Arsenal.Subscribe to Twin Toys' Channel for more epic nerf war videos and family-friendly fun suitable for kids of all ages: )

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why must zombie win ?
Adrian Arana
For the next video let the zombies win onother time like if you disagree
Blas Marquez
Nerf gun game
Boy Namdol
Cool videos I hop you guy's make more of zombie apaclep
Braff 0612
How come the zombies don't die I'm so confused
Damian Ang
Make a episode where humans win!
Damien Freeman
You should have used the anidote on the three zombies
Delores Williams
I know right!
Weirdest zombie noises
Duc Le
it is my bday party can i get 5 liks??
Dudey DJ
I love you twin toys
Elias Gabriel Jurado Puras
Cara eu gosto muito desse vídeo aí mano É tá White The Walking Dead é muito louco voz mais aí é o melhor vídeo
Emanuel Saunders
Are they are playing the walking dead
hey twin toys can we do a z invazon 5 at your house please
You should do PDF films vs twin toys like if this is a good idea
FireStorm360 12
If I want to give a tip about zombies\nWell here it is (or tips):\n1)If finding hidden things, make sure to have 2 or more people with guns protecting you or a person with a melee weapon\n2)Always save bullets but use them for LARGE HORDES\n3)Try to not attract zombies with guns so use melee weapons for lower sound\n4)Have medics to use antidotes and supplies whenever the infection is happening\n5)Keep a safe distance from zombies\n6)Use any kind of snipers for zombies to damage the brain\nThose are my tips\nReply for more
Flamed Ice
Why does dad always starts as a zombie
Francisco cardenas
Yay for Zombies
Game Rock
Do zombie apocalypse 4
Hulk Smashing
Why do enemies wind always I wish that had someone would win and like persons but they just they just don't run too fast so it was only only so zombies always win and I want some people to win but you made one that that Daddy and Liam win but why do you always enemies easland can't the enemies die cuz I want the enemies to die I don't want them to kill people I just wish that I want Eli and Liam to survive
Ice Hydra98
Why do zombies always win
Jag tycker att videon va bra Men kan jag få några Nerf pistoler
Jean Moreno
More zombies
Jonna Mae Aguja
Y did u use all tge antidotes but just heal the two first zombies and win LOL😂😂
Jordan Anthony
Hey gang
József Herczeg
K Easton
let humans win
Kaylee Schwartz
I cant find #4
Keegan Mohr
I love love your guises videos
Khizar Jan
Do more video about zombies
Levi Bridges
I see nothing wrong with zombies winning they come back every 5 seconds
Logan Warren
Pbt on the zombies
Luis Navarro
i love your videos there so cool i love your guns to guys cool
Luke Does Random
Andriana was pretty selfish not going to lie.
Matheus guerra
em.contati bom são João para você e sua família também de acordo com a necessidade do cliente que vai te ligar amanhã não vou para a casa do meu irmão por parte de pai
More killer clown
Maximum Gamer
Hi twin toys I love your videos
Michaela Zira
I like Andrianna
Mighty Rob
Ya why do zombies always win
Mirna Cazarez
make a video when the sombies can get droped wepons
Mr Disabled Man
awwwww zombies win again?
Narenh Tang
Nerf god
I love you guys i have 4 phones and two tablets I sub on all of them Eli and Liam do you have red knight on fornite? Love y'all
Niko Alexander
why do zombies alwaise win
NitroBoy DX
Make a YouTube Video that the Survivors Win in the game
Noah Jones aka NoahTEG
Hi Guys Nice Vids DudeBros And Also 2018.!!!!!!!!!.
Ortega Children
You do have2 agree with Jason its hard to kill some thing stupid but easy to run out of bullet s
Oyun Zamanı
Pedro Cazares
you are the best
Peg Wileaver
You should do a 4th one like if you agree
Quality Aquatics !!!
its fidget spinner time
you should call it the \
Rang Estologa
I have all the nerf the rival is have 20 bullets t
Ricardo Verisssimo
eu gosto de nerd vs zombie só que eu gosto mais o menos
i will unsubscribe if the next zombie apocalypse video ends with zombies winning.
Roselia Lopez
Ya why I play fortnite and roblox
Said Pequeño
Sarwar667 gaming
Who loves twin toys
Secret Gaming Sucks
Tim has the highest kill tho
Shin Yang
You are awsome
srsly how come the zombies always win
Steven Cheong
zombies V's the survivors in the Battle
Tee Smith
eli and lime
The Gamer Jake
This is why i love and subscribed twin toys because of there zombie apocalypse videos. To all haters out there well stop hating. Twin toys please upload zombie apocalypse 4!!! like if you guys agree.
Veronica Quinto
You guys know that Nerf War: Zombie Apocalypse 4 will be Coming Soon!
Viviane Petronilo
Z invasion 4 🧟🧟🧟🧟 pls
Zombie Slayer
Make people win and they heal all the zombies
Zombie raid
Why do zombies always win make the people/survivers win
bayley bunce
billie jo mason
eli i love YOU
clash clans
Love ur vids they the best vids
dave whitemore
Yea nerfing dead like the movie the walking dead XD
deepika sood
Zome apologize 4 ??
dogeydoge is cute
why does daddy always zombie
jadan moyston
next time let the zombies lose
jarell pierre louis
I think the real question is why is daddy always an infected
jayson santos
why do zombies always win
kevin brown
I. Love. Your. Nerf. Guns?????????????
leia oliver
Muito nom
leni tv
Nice video Twin toys👍
minecraft minigames
can u make a zombie ,s 4 but let daddy be alive at start
Instead of anidotes why not when somebody is infected they could get healed by a human just touching them if 20 secs pass they are a zombie why not that? :edit not just touching them it should take a few seconds u guys can choose 30 20 10 anything 15 IDK YOU CHOOSE thanks for telling me guys
r. y. n gemer
rafa ganteng
Wow zombie
Мијат Остојић
pls zombie battle blue vs red
Николай Синенко
Нам Нужно Нёрф оружии Вся
петя play
лайк эсли понимаеш что я говорю!
Can not come to a set of human win?