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Cinemassacre James Rolfe N-Gage PS2 PlayStation 2 Raider Tomb Tomb Raider Tomb Raider Raid Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness angel of darkness la...

012 dedexarchman
missed good old lara\nmakes my horny like a bull
Arel R
James makes for a really good school shooter
Argan P
Shit Pickle finally returns!
Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central
Classic AVGN. Great work James!
Brande X
There are surprisingly few reponses telling you her name isn't \
Mother: Come and clean the dishes\n\nMe: Leave me alone, I'm busy
Bryce McKenzie
I'm loving the Classic styling of this Episode and its effects. Thanks, Nerd.
this is one of the best episodes yet
Camaro Cougar
Can't believe he forgot the gameboy color game XD
Carolyn Taylor
is anyone going to talk about how that backpack can carry literaly everything
Charly Moffit
“Shouldn’t there be tombs?” Haha my issue with every metal gear game that takes place before Solid Snake...
Co5oo _
I love how you pick a KAR 98k
Dartz Soryu
Never closed porn that fast in my life.
Debary Hanini
I liked angel of darkness.... but it made it more james bond the tomb raider
Dio Drando
A new episode already? I must be dreaming.
2:02 a bullied kid prepares his weapons to shoot down the school(2000 colorized)
Elite Kaydes
Can you review Hey You Pikachu please
I vividly remember playing chronicles and getting quite far, at one point just after the firing range part I fell down the elevator shaft and midway down I pressed start and instead of going down to \
Fletcher Reed
James's head on Lara Croft's body is terrifying.
Gabriel Gherasim
why do the over load screens remind me of something\n(eats onion rings)\nOF COURSE IT REMINDED ME OF SONIC 06 or THE LOADING SIMULATOR
Gryphon Studios
The Nerd should review Spyro Enter the Dragonfly
Hermaeus Mora
3:55 It took the second time watching this video to realize that it was a quote from Wayne’s world lol
The B-movie style \
(Pauses before dying in Roblox)\n\nOOF! OOF! OOF! OOF! OOF! OOF! OOF! OOF! OOF! OOF!
Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict
11:53 Lara's Death Scream\n18:33 Nerd's Death Scream
That Wayne's world reference just completely tops off this already amazing video
Jordan Mayer
This brave soul just pulled out the Nokia, my God..... You went too far. That's some horror movie shit, your probably going to die in a week or something.
Joshua Giboney
when did the nerd learn to pocket things like link?
Joshua Hudson
A new nerd episode without waiting half a year? What is this 2012.
Justin Thomas
Loved the bottomless backpack effect.Very funny.
Kaptain Klassic
Honestly one of my favorite episodes of AVGN in a while! Love all the others, but this was just downright hilarious, entertaining, and another success from the nerd!
Kebab Remover
I lost it when he pulled out the USP and the bag
Kermit F
Hey James, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you still making AVGN videos. It's been over a decade and you're still putting them out there. It's real dedication right there!
Thanks for doing Tomb Raider! I can't recall myself hating the ones you featured here. I think at the time I just thought AoD was \
Kova’s Entertainment Channel
14:10 \nMe: Nerd, He Has A Nice Costume. But You’re Right About Him.
Lachlan Sanders
Do GoldenEye 64 or the Simpsons wrestling
Liam's Epic Channel
1:58 that backpack is also in Fortnite
Link For Hire
Leave me alone, Im busy
Lobster The Robber
Did he use props or real guns?
2:35 I wish you had filled the backpack with rocks or something. The way it flaps around sorta breaks the illusion that it's full of guns.
Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II i was hooked on. No it wasn't for Lara Croft pointy boobs... it was just because the maps were awesome to explore. The sound and atmosphere added a lot to the gameplay as well.
Wayne's World reference: 10/10
I loved angel of darkness. Did anyone else?
I love the Wayne's World reference!
It's 2018 and the AVGN is getting almost 800k views in a day. I still remember watching him in that shitty ScrewAttack video player.
NY Gamer
It's not just the movies, the games do it too. Check the instructions and you'll see that the official name of the game is \
Nati Per Perdere
It's been a long time since an AVGN episode this good!
Nina Lan
0:50 Hydelide music. \n\nHE WAS TRYIG TO TELL US IT WAS COMING!!!
Olivér Kiss
Leave me alone, im busy.
Pantera Rosa
I found a fix for tomb raider the ángel of darkness for loading a save game on windows 8 and later the solution is the following step 1 right click on launcher.exe and open properties step 2 go to compatibility tab and set to Windows 7 compatibility mode step 3 open the launcher and enable vmr9 and exit step 4 start the game and load your save game normally this worked for everyone
Classic start, AVGN turns into Mary Poppins, lol
Quackers 95
Hope for more N-Gage game videos to come.
Ragnarokia NG
A good use of models and the bottemless bag reminded me of Simon the Sorcerer putting a ladder in his hat.
I always enjoy a good bottomless backpack bit. Very nice.
Rodrigo Molinsky
2:04 that must be The Mask's backpack.
Did you ever collect Tips& Tricks magazines? I use to collect every game book there was. ... now that I think of it I kinda want to play some toejam & Earl 🤔..... E.T for Atari was the worst game EVER! Just saying 😏. Nice videos by the way
I liked the old TR games on the psx. could you do more Tomb Raider pls..?
Shark taiga
I enjoyed angel of darkness for its urban setting but the controls were a pain or the story was confusing
On that pic the roundest thing on her body is her boobs 0:54\n\n\n\nWhy didn't they use the vertices on her face lmao
Spyro Le Dragon
10:03 : that's what she said...
Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】
I've never seen a School Bag of Holding before
That Nokia N-Gage tomb raider is amazing. Impressive that they tried it and pulled it off.
StrapOnFetus ****
James this is really good. Outstanding, as usual.
2:17 typical quiet Caucasian kid getting ready for class.
Tavis Balkin
My childhood memories: bike rides with friends, sleepover parties, locking the old man in the meat locker in Tomb Raider 2...
The Elite Club
Thakfully today Lara is back!!! (Solid games and mildly amusing movie).
The Real Delphox 616
I never thought I could hear The Nerd say \
Tomas Roberts
I am honestly surprised that you’re doing an episode dedicated to Tomb Raider, one of my favourite gaming franchises. Very unexpected. I like that. You should do a Crash Bandicoot or Spyro episode.
Tony Hernandez
Wayne's World Quote (Garth)😂3:56
I knew about the ZX Spectrum computer, but didn't understand the Nerd's joke about it as it relates to Timex. I had to look it up, and it turns out that Timex and Sinclair worked together to make a computer called the Timex Sinclair 1000. Interesting reference, Nerd.
What Ever Ninja
the part james putting his guns in the backpack got me I laugh.
Whoever's reading this is gay
My Mom: What are you doing?\nMe: *_leave me alone, am busy_*
Yassine Saïdi
The \
Yusuke Urameshi
Love the Wayne's world quote ahaha
That Wayne's World reference spoke to me on a whole other level James.
Zack Reynolds
Lara Croft knows what it’s like asking real life NPC’s questions about what they are doing when CONSTANTLY “protesting”-“Leave me alone! I’m busy!!”.....or the ever popular,”REEEEEEE!”
Zal Animate
Leave me alone. I’m bissy.
Still waiting for that raid 2020 review. Only two more years! :D
You deserve every view you get and more.
aidan cupit
Lets get you to 3 million subs
dark sinister
If you look closely, the dragon isn't real
Got to love them GTA all gun cheats
He should do metal gear solid
george vila
why u shooting guns like your holding revolvers lmao.
After 159 friggin' episodes, he manages to still make funny, inventive, vibrant, relevant AVGN videos. You sir, are a legend.
li rubo
even taking a bazooka in the bag
The death scream at the end made me actually laugh to where it set off an asthma attack. Thanks a lot, Nerd...
this whole episode was amazing. now i have the nerd's death scream stuck in my head ^_^
ralph zoeboy
He become a school shooter at 2:00
It is quite disappointing to see that many players hated TAOD, I loved it.
shadow Shinobi1988
James needs to do an AVGN episode on Duke Nukem Forever thumbs up if you all agree
shadow walker
Review \
Boobs jiggling in a PlayStation game. Hmm reminds me.of the good old days playing \
1:57-2:40.; Why is there a piece of duct tape going across the front of The Angry Video Game Nerd's back-pack?...
walco DE BRUYN
Yes a new AVGN episode!!
The part with the school bag is comedy at its best!
weegee cool
Tomb Raider: Angel of darkness = SONIC 06'