What Makes This Song Great? Ep.46 Periphery

In this episode of "What Makes This Song Great?" we explore the music of the Progressive Metal band Periphery.THE BEATO CLUB → Follow On Twitter - @rickbeato——————————————————————————————Special Thanks to My Supporters:Brett BottomleyChristian AbuanZack KirkorianOrion LetiziAndrew BoydMike VoloshenAshley ThompsonMatt PauleyNickola Pazdericjonathan taylorPeter PillitteriChris DefendorfPeter MooreJeremy HickersonAlex PaclinTravis AhrenholtzSam SlotnickHarry WatsonEric BourassaJohn NullNeil LaHurdMorgan KingSteve GreenbergScott TyburskiChris MitchellKenny JaworskiMichael SeimTodd GeislerCharles BullRoger FrankhamDave HawkeyTerrance BesseyJesse WestEric WaismanCraig SayerMichael AkrakaScott RanceMansel IsmayBlayne BrociousPaul NoonanFrederick HumphreyJP RosatoOtabek SalamovJean BelangerEddie GarciaMayank SanganeriaMaydad MeiriPhilip LobbDennis TomlinsonTerry MorinRay RossettiDan SullivanMarc AlanDavid DodiniDavid HorvathGhostly BeardRyan SullivanPhantomas TrehrJason HendricksRip WinklerAndrew BoydWill Elrics

Peripher... alternative rock hit songs how to write a hit song how to write a song music analysis music theory song analysis what makes this song great?

Please do a Meshuggah song :)
Mark Holcomb. Da beast. I'd bet it's either The bad thing or The way the news goes.
Abuv Entertainment
It would be awesome if you did more prog metal bands!
Ace Bantz
please please please break down \
Alan Cota
PURE PORN ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ thanks rick Love periphery
Alejandro Valdenegro
I see Rick Beato, I see Periphery, I hit like and stop everything I'm doing
Oh and yes more periphery but also check out tesseract
Caleb Bliss
You should do Scarlet or Make Total Destroy by them
Carefree CFC
Cast D Rafa
So so cooooooool! Please some opeth!
Celestial Aeon Project celtic music & epic music
Love these videos of yours and so cool that you focus on djent at times as well! \u003c3 Best wishes from Finland!
Chord TheSeeker
I met Misha Mansoor at a guitar clinic in St. Petersburg, FL. He’s a very humble and straightforward guy. The amazing thing is that he said none of the guys in the band know anything about music theory.
ChrisAngela Swartz
To answer your question from a previous topic, has every song been written...wow, considering the complexity and uniqueness of this song, I'll guess an emphatic no. Thanks for breaking down this very intense song, I'm 58 and I'm confident musicians and the music they create will continue to inspire and amaze me until my final breathe...just wow. I'll toss in a break down request for three of my biggest guitar influences (any song would be fine), Ronnie Montrose, Pat Travers, and Frank Marino. Keep up the great work Rick!
Damjan P
Could you please do Gojira? Any song, really.
Daniel Berry
I think for the first part the harmony is outlining the Eb melodic minor scale, but starting on the 6th degree C, so it’s C D Eb F Gb Ab Bb. It has the flavour of a C half-diminished seventh sound (C Eb Gb Bb) but it also contains the 9th (D), 11th (F) and 13th (Ab) of the chord/scale.\n\nBut what about the G that one of the guitars plays on the first note? That’s not in the scale I mentioned earlier. I’m discounting that note because I’m treating it as the second overtone of the bass guitar’s overtone series for the note C. That’s because it’s an octave and a fifth above the bass, so it’s not acting as colouring the chord, but rather thickening the bass/root sound.\n\nIt’s a really cool mode to use over half-diminished chords. I actually used it in my piano/vocal reharmonisation of Jetpacks Was Yes that can be found on youtube. \n\nI feel like if Misha doesn’t know the names of this stuff, then he must have one of the most developed intuitions out there for jazz harmony/what makes music sound good. I hear a lot of the melodic minor sound in P2 especially, which can be explained by his Allan Holdsworth and Nobuo Uematsu influences. Plus his djenting is top notch, I mean have you heard the riffs in P1, AaL self titled, Wave Of Babies etc? So good.\n\nAnyway, really detailed and informative episode as always Rick!
Daniel Marino-Austin
Can you take a month-long holiday with the family next and stop putting out quality content? Thanks. I'm sure your supporters wouldn't mind if they paid for it. :)\n\nI'm gushing that you've thought of doing a 2nd Periphery vid, using the footage from the interview presumably. I mean this is a series typified by heavyweights in the music scene (to a degree). Would it be overstating that you hold them in as high a regard?
Dean Cameron
How hilarious would it be if they did a copyright takedown of this vid? :)
Please do Have a Blast! Is a killer song!
Dylan \\m/
Next Periphery song you should do, if you decide to have Periphery come back, should be Ragnarok. Just listen to it and you’ll see why. Amazing video as always, Rick!
Email' s
Love it! Pheriphery is always nice althouhgt they are not one of the bands i listen the most.\nAnd my sugestion for a future episode will be Lingus by snarky puppy, i have listened to that song a looooot and even try to transcribe the solo cuz as you said on your virtuoso vid, \
F Picozzi
I think maybe its time for Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd or The Pineapple Thief! :) I love those bands
Fabián Riquelme
You're doing The Way The News Goes, calling it now
Faizan Khan
Awesome video. Djent guys love to hate 4/4 and don't realize it's all over prog metal
Future Of Fallout
Animals As Leaders :Cafo
I wish he did one on their classics like Scarlet, All New Materials or Icarus Lives but still super happy!!
G modollas
Best thing on the internet! I have friends that are not into Periphery and say they are nothing special. Time to show them this.
Rick, this is next-level stuff. GREAT episode. Porcupine Tree soon?? Maybe The Mars Volta? Or maybe some Ultravox for something really different?
Opeth ?maybe?sometime?
Ishaan Kunwar
TesseracT next :)
Jake T
Please do a Mastodon song
James Gillam
If it wasn't for their vocalist I think Periphery would be one of my favorites bands. I love there music so much but absolutely hate the vocals, nothing against the guy or his skill at all of course, I just personally don't like his sound at all.
Jean-Philippe Morin
It is very nice to have Misha through this video... really nice to have his input
John M
Please do more Periphery songs! Maybe do Novelists next?
Joseph Bastidas
Thanks so much Rick, this has been one of my favorite songs by them since its release. \n\nYou should do Tesseract - Of Matter.\nAlso hope you were talking about The Way The News Goes when talking about Mark. Great tune
I am first somehow. Literally YouTube glitched lol
Justin Meyer
Holy crap, Rick.. thank you so much for tackling Periphery. One of my favorite bands. The time and effort you put into these videos is so appreciated and so worth while and your love of music shines in your work.\n\nOh yeah, that second song you were talking about should be Mile Zero! Such an awesome track.
BLUE. OYSTER CULT PLEASE RICK PLEASE\n\ncities on flame with rock and roll or baby ice dog\n\nSomething from the first 3 albums please
Levi Clay
If I knew you were going to put the drum transcription in the video, I'd have done those too man!
Long Trang
Nice any chance we can see megadeth and can we get any info on Avenged sevenfold?
Lucas Chacon
Jeff Buckley-Grace\nPorcupine Tree-Trains\nSteven Wilson-Deform to form a star \n\nPlease 💪
I’m really digging the parts where you got Misha to demonstrate and explain the story behind parts of his songwriting. You ought to incorporate these more often with more artists wherever possible, I think it adds a whole new depth and layer to What Makes This Song Great. Keep it up, Rick!
Mario Nardoni
Awesome video! Thanks a bunch, Periphery is one of my all time favorite bands!
Copyright strike despite original artist participation
Marvin Roggon
Awesome of Misha to help here and give a little bit of insight. Awesome! Great episode
Master Blaster
please do abba. :)
Michał Niewazne
The solar system Has nine planets
Michele Parker
Could you break down a Stevie Ray Vaughan song? Any one you like...\nI'm 59 yrs.old. When I was in 1st grade my school offered music lessons. My mom said we couldn't afford it, so that was that. I don't know half of what you're talking about but when you explain things while playing the song, I get it... I get exactly what you mean, and it gives me a greater understanding of the music I love. Thank you!! Better Late Than Never.0
Misha Mansoor
Hey Rick! This video was really well done and it was a lot of fun chatting with you! Also super interesting to see your detailed and theory based perspective on it.\n\nApologies again for being rough on the parts, haven’t had to play these riffs since we tracked them haha.
Moon Gazer
Type O Negative
Mugon Gaiaphage
I love how cooperative people in metal are. Instead of trying to copyright strike you, they help you out. Awesome video as always Rick!
Nathan Christy
Definitely join The Beato Club! The additional tabs for the videos are amazing! Thank you Rick!!
Nathan Law
No more tears ozzy Osbourne please there's a lot to unpack in it
Nathan Theriault
Who else stopped what they were doing when they got this beautiful notification ? 🙌
Nick Guadagnoli
OMG it's so reassuring to see him needing to go through his own parts a few times to get all the notes. Yes! I'm not the only person who writes music outside his own comfort zone, then beats himself into playing it.
Nicolas Arreola
For the Mark Holcomb song do The Way the News Goes!
Nicolas Chinchurreta
Dude! Do a Between the Buried and Me song!!!
Nolan V
By the way Rick, for the Mark Holcomb song I suggest Scarlet or The Way the News Goes
Nova Wolf
What makes this song great Animals As leaders - Brain Dance
Man, I wish I could just casually call the guitarist of the band when I’m having trouble with a riff.
A gentleman chatting with a djentleman.
Paolo Lobos
Please do some analysis Porcupine tree \
Peter Leventis
This is one of the reasons I love this channel! I didn't know any of Periphery's music, but I'm definitely going to go listen to some more! Rick, thanks again for all the discussion about WMTSG!
Ploughman Studios
Made me appreciate this song a whole lot more! The Periphery guys really know how to milk the most out of the diatonic stuff too, not getting too clashy but such nice colour.
Do Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart
Re delle Mucche
nolly is the puppeteer of periphery. he have a boundless knowledge in the production study field. takes care of every aspect of the registration process in studio
Please do Mastodon!
Rich Music's
Steven Wilson please!!
Ronald E
When the Psychopsilocybin mushrooms kick in, so you decide to pick up the guitar. 5:50
Rover Dover
I'm now a new fan of Periphery. They remind me of Tool and 30 Seconds to Mars. Two groups I never thought about together. I'm going to check them out a lot more !
Saarang Narayan
Tesseract's Of Matter is just the most logical follow up after this!!!!!!!
Sandy Das
plz do one on Dream Theater!!
Shreyas Gune
Crikey Rick. Please do a Karnivool episode. Deadman's raw stems have been out on URM for months now.
Im excited for the second Periphery one as well. Going back through all of your other videos...great stuff!
Awesome! Time for Tesseract now? :)
Squat Well Slavo
Can you do Tool - Vicarious or The Pot for the next What Makes This Song Great
Something from The Contortionist would be really neat!\n\nAmazing video
Sweet T
Any TesseracT song would be so great!
Holy shit Periphery?! I never thought I would see this on here. More prog metal please!
Urbex Johnny
I'm sorry but in this band the singer ruins it all for me. He sounds like a yet another vocalist from 90's commercial rock.
Victor Garcia
You could literally make a WMTSG about the kid song London Bridges falling down and I’d sit and watch.
Victor Lopes
What about 1985 - Haken
Wounded MONK
Absolomb is one of my favourite songs off p3
aidan maloney
Rick. I think you would really like the Scottish Alt Rock band Biffy Clyro. There the biggest band in Scotland and have in my opinion the best back catalogue of songs spanning 7 albums and 6 b-side albums. Definitely worth your attention in my opinion
is anyone else jealous of rick beato's hair?????
What makes this song great: \
Wowwwww this just made my day. The most impressive part so far is how you're able to just call Misha and clarify things as you go along explaining the parts in the song! Thanks Rick, excellent video, Absolomb is my fav track of PIII!
Man that long high vocal note deserves a standing ovation all by itself!
wonder if Rick can just listen to a song, whilst driving or what ever, without trying to dissect the nuances of it..must drive him crazy to just relax and enjoy..the mind of a genius..
This has to be my favorite \
This is my new favorite channel on YT
Миллион лайков вам!! Охерительный разбор песни )
Periphery is one of those bands that you hear the first time and go, \
Really cool analysis, and getting Misha on to discuss the parts was a great surprise.
If you're doing prog metal, do Cynic! I bet a lot of these bands wouldn't exist without them! Traced in Air is an amazing album!
Break down a Snarky Puppy track!
You can see in Rick's face how mesmerized he is in 17:35, just like probably all of us
Wow this song is great I should start listening to these guys again
Александр Норильский
other youtubers: \