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Many have asked for it so here it is. The first 7 commercials specials from the Nostalgia Critic all in one massive video. Enjoy!Go to our Store for Awesome Stuff - The ONLY Official Youtube channel for the Nostalgia Critic and Channel Awesome.New Nostalgia Critic episodes every Wednesday at 5PM CST.New Awesome Comics episodes every Monday at 5PM CST.New Top 5 Best/Worst every Tuesday at 5PM CSTNew Real Thoughts On episodes every Thursday at 5PM CST.New Tamara's Never Seen every Saturday at 5PM CST.Classic Nostalgia Critic episodes are uploaded after they are cleared. TV Show Vlogs are uploaded on an inconsistent schedule, so check the playlists. Same with Doug Reviews, Sibling Rivalry, and Bum Reviews.Thanks for watching! If you're still reading this we'd like to wish you Happy Holidays!

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I want a black couch now.
13:58 Fun Fact: Micromachines is still around technically. With the release of \
Rip Toys r US
77great 77
1:40:19 the official ads on YouTube theme song
Aaron Handy III
52:36 - Jack! Zack! Both are Legomaniacs!
Aaron altringer
you should have named one \
Almighty Kue
For those of you who were wondering. The Green Goblin at the 2:39:00 area of the video is saying \
Andrew Van Beek
1:37:05. Who can top that you ask? How about Robin Williams dressed as George Washington chasing down the British in a Dodge Challenger.
Angel Canaba
2:50:01 devil child: I eat Jesus \nCritic: AHHHHHHHHHH
Becca Hawkins
2:39:44 \n\nThe Green Goblin says, \
Can't wait for part 8 next week!
Holy shit! I forgot there was a Ronald McDonald!!
You're not fully clean unless you're \nZ E S T F U L L Y C L E A N
Cayde-6 hunter forsaken
8:29 has a Point.
Cheeseburger Freedom Man
3 hours? Well, I am not in a rush...
Chino Cocoa
Diet Coke: the official soda of Batman.
All these commercials made me max Out my Bat-Credit Card
Cosmic Sheep
Well, I didn't have any saturday plans anyway
The no this is sexual harassment thing totally should become a meme
I feel a subconscious desire to fund the Dragon's Lair movie for some reason after watching 3 hrs of commercials... Weird when that happens out of nowhere
Darth Fett Pool
1:29 I'm a Dinosaur
1:13:22\nIs that snowman waving?
That moment Ronald McDonald becomes pennywise
I live in Canada but still what the hell are with these commercials
I lost it at his reaction to Little Baby's Ice Cream
Gigi De Onis
I accidentally fell asleep watching this and woke up at the little babies ice cream part and I actually screamed
Well I just watched this for the third time... never gets old
2:28:17 I got really curious about the whole \
Grace Connolly
OJ, Soda, Lean
Gump's Videos
1:37:29 best part ever
Hannah Barker
Matpat is Batman confirmed
Ingrid Moran
your running out of fluid
This is one of the best things this channel ever made, and that's out of a bunch of other good stuff.
Jack Casey
I wonder if this'll avoid a copyright strike long enough for me to finish it.
Jay Burningham
@1:54:00 They said OJ, cola, purple stuff instead.
Joe Berryman
First boy: \
John Bot
1:56:48 that’s Michael bays job
John Rodrigues
2:30:07 \
JurassicHero 3
I love NC commercial reviews.
Kaini Sonya
8:33 \nI will forever resent Nintendo, not for having a cereal, but for not calling it NintendO's.
Karstens Creations
Kelley Bozeman
2:11:04 well at least we know the backstory to Freddy Kruger's brother billy the Kruger the puppy slasher.
Uhhh...I actually didn't do anything bad with the Light-Brite...neither did any of my friends who would play with it when they came over. Maybe it was just a boy thing?
Wait....isn’t Sunny Delight Orange Juice?\nTHEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUSH THE OJ AWAY?!
Lightsaber 203
2:55:10 future more *ANNOYING* Sheldon Cooper\n#BigBearTheory
Lord Wallace
Martin Meers
Peanut Butter AYDS, umm... how uncomfortably delicious sounding.
Mr. Batcar
Milk Lady x Homeless Guy
Nariel Michelle Loubriel Rodriguez
10:55-11:02\nYEAH!\n😡\nMOVE!\n 😤\nGO!\n😬\nBAKE!\n😠\nwhat?\n😕
Ok, got to admit it: The Johnson and wonderboner part got me laughing out loud.
Omar Bautista
with the pop tart comment cant a movie suck so much its great?
PKMN Trainer Mark
1:37:00\nIs he Mark from Tommy's movie?
Pootis 1224
I would watch TMNT if Tommy Wausau was Shredder
Now that Toys R Us is gone, this gave me way more feels than I would have expected.
Rainbow Films Entertainment
1:03:50 AH! It's That doll! 0_0 (I like this part, because it's funny)
Who else watched the whole thing with no regrets?
Rexy Rex
Guess I always won,I ate a lot of chef Bogarde and never threw up once, I don’t eat it anymore
Rod Zimmer
World Problems:\nScientists: global warming \nMe: cookie boredom
Sally Scotland
You are tearing me apart corn pops!!!!!
Saška Prpić
Just one more video mom.\n\n\n\n\nSry this joke is good.
Shaun N Ince
3 hours consisting of the commercial episodes? Challenge accepted.
Sheila Colite
I know this will probably get buried but I have severe anxiety that leads to insomnia cause I can't afford medication. Watching these commercial reviews is really soothing. So thanks Doug!
Steven Galiniak
1:26:27 That's weird, I could clearly see the advances Rachel was making on Malcom and the Critic.\n\nMaybe it's because she totally wants me
Tails64DS NT Channel
2:51:16\nto be precise...\nThe GameBoy had 4 shades of gray, an 8-Bit CPU that could do some simple 16-Bit operations and it was generally more felxible in terms of programming, it had a more advanced sound generator with 2 pulse channels, a programmable wave generator and a white noise generator, the game gear was a shrunk down master system, the screen was washed out and battery life sucked..\nbut of course it's just a gag for the LULZ.. so who cares..
Well excuuuuuuse me, princess!
The Loneliest Rocket
The tootsie roll commercial slays me.
The Marvel And DC Fan
Here before the new special comes out
TheApple Mann
You’re Not Clean Until You’re ZESTFULLY CLEAN
I just skipped a three minute commercial so I could watch commercials for three hours...thanks Doug
Thomas Pastor
Actually, it turns out the real-life Zack did have an unhealthy obsession with Legos, involving shoplifting and numerous therapy sessions. I'm not joking, look it up.
Thomas fan 1945
Canadians : Were uncomfortably weird, from our rape whistles to our face burning grease.
Timothy Kammerer
Tommy Finley
if Doug finishes the series, is the last one going to be \
You your girl and your Johnson
I know it’s not exactly nostalgic, but you guys should cover that JG Wentworth commercial with the opera singers.
There is a way.....IT'S CALLED DEVIANTART
Zachary Dionne
To this day i still tear up at segata's death.......
ah kkaebsong
why were GrapeNuts Cereal ever a thing? not only were they tasteless, shapeless and not even very healthy, but eating made me feel depressed. It was practically hospital food
bill clinternet
I could never jump rope but I was really good at the skip-it. But not too many other kids in the neighborhood could do it.
brian collens
I keep seeing commercials but the skip commercial button is gone, oh wait press 3:10:25 to skip commercial
He thinks he's pathetic? At this point I can't sleep unless I have this video playing in the background, no kidding
herp derp
actually dino ride\nrs exist still the imaginex company made cyborg dinosaur toys
I had a LiteBrite when I was 6 so I didn’t make anything dirty with it
sarah movie reviewer
1:37 I would love to see Mr . Walker ,s DVD collection
wait....i just realized something,in the sunny D comercials,they have orange juice,now this could be me not having sunny d' in a long time,but..... isn't sunny D a type orange juice?! \n\ni'm just saying,why buy sunny D if they still have orange juice? and more importantly,why buy so much of sunny D if you STILL have orange juice?! and most importantly,WHAT IS THAT PURPLE STUFF?!!! \n\nhonestly that's the only thing that i immediately thought of out of this three hour commercial review compilation...that i can think of anyway.
i actually have the slim suit. but i dont just sit around doing nothing in it. i exercise in it. it helps me sweat. i am come from a hot humid country, so i sweat most of the time. but when i came to canada i stopped sweating and it wasn't good for my health. so i had to buy it. its not totally useless.
1:15:06 rest in peace Toys Or Us
1:10:30\nFor the greatest sound ever made.