ASMR 15 TASCAM Triggers for Sleep, Tingles Study (NO TALKING) Ear to Ear Varied Sounds 🎙

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ASMR 15 Tascam Triggers ❤️ Foam Shower Puffs, Cork Sheet Tapping & Scratching, Oil Ear Massage & Gel Pads, Dried Chili Peppers, Silicone Bath Mat, Real Coconuts, Latex Gloves, Crunchy Sounds, Crinkling, Pinecones, Woodwick Candles & More 💤Hello! Tonight I have 15 more Tascam triggers for you, some of which have been requested from previous videos and others that are new :) Most of the videos I’ve made with the Tascam have included a lot of direct mic touching, so this is more of a regular sound assortment although there are some triggers with the odd looking silicone ears as well ;) I hope you enjoy this mixture of sounds and that you find something that makes you feel good! Thank you for watching, as always, I very much appreciate you all being here with me :) Mmmwah 💋😘 xoxo📍Basic timestamps: ❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

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I already know the cork sheet, pinecone, and the burning candle are going to be my favorite.
2 awkward beans
Your videos are always so amazing and have helped me sleep almost every night♥️
AJK The Weirdos
When you want to watch the video, but you also want to sleep 😴
ASMR Darya
Oh,this preview made me sooo excited)) thank you!!
ASMR Steph
Loooove Tascam so much 😍 also - closing in on 500K! Yay!
Hello! 💋\n\nThe Tascam mic is back for 15 or so more triggers :) And I knowww, I’m sorry for two no-talking videos in a row, I don’t usually do that but this was just easier for me to film this week. Plus, I’ve been getting requests for no-talking versions of a lot of the triggers I’ve been doing in whisper videos lately, so I’ve incorporated some of those into this video :) I hope you will enjoy and I’ll see ya soon for some whispers. Thank you for watching~ Magic ✨ xoxo\n\n📸 For updates\n🐦
Ainsley Gibson
Pleeeease please please do a no talking windshield scratching vid!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love your voice! It’s just easier for me to sleep without the whispering, and I LOOOVE your windshield scratching!!
Alexa M
riri!! we need a talking video
Alicia A. Paine
This is perfect. Just what I needed for my tax homework!
Alwaystar 231
I love her so much. She spends so much time on us, Im like a spoiled child. Thank you so much. You truly are magical ⭐️🌟❣️
Alyssa Hernandez
Please do more videos with the corkboard! I never get tingles like the way I do when I hear it, you're the best! 💜
Amber Eckley
Omg I was SO happy to see those foam poufs again! I have a deep obsession with those. I AL so REALLY love that nubby bath mat and I was incredibly happy to see you use a scouring pad! I totally scrunch those every time I'm at the store (much to my husband's embarrassment). They make such a glorious crunch. The pinecone was surprising tingly! It had an almost melodious sound. I loved the delicate crunching of the pink peppercorns also! Even though, I prefer the 3Dio, this was a stellar video! with lots of delicious triggers! Thank you, my dear! 😘
Anna Oliveira
preview amazing i bet the video is even better 💤💤❤
Thank you so much for this! Divine sounds, beautiful nails, and a preview! Love love love. I’d really love it, if it’s not too much trouble, if for variety sound videos you could include the preview so that us difficult people with picky triggers could avoid the ones that don’t work :P \n\nAnyway, you’re magically amazing, thank you and keep being awesome!
Audrey Bdr
Oh my you never fail to amaze me in how gentle you are with your touch, I feel like if I did asmr I would just smack everything so hard hahaha
Blue Yoshi
Ahh, the way the Tascam picks up some of the sounds is so lovely, it almost feels like I can FEEL the sounds in my headphones! Crazy, I know, but the corksheet had just about boggled up my mind with tingles! I always love your little assortments like these, I can't wait to relax to this! ♥ xoxo
Cain Riseam
I watch your videos everynight, can’t explain how much your videos have changed my life :) x
Caitlin Nikol
Me: *scrolls through the comments trying to find a time stamp for mobile users comment*\n\nI never find one but I fall asleep anyway :) \n\nThanks asmrmagic for all your great vids ❤️❤️❤️
Chachou Du 22
Je suis française mais tu es la seule youtubeuse étrangère que je regarde ❤
Charlotte Ball
The struggle when you're excited to hear all the sounds quickly but also don't want the video to end
Cherished moon
My brother thinks I'm weird because i fall asleep to asmr but i don't care people like him will never experience the tingles i get from you 😌
Chloe Kenophobia
Oh my gosh the intro itself relaxed me so much I don't want to have to get up to put my clothes in the dryer. I love the coconuts, such a brilliant idea! Hope you had a lovely weekend, thank you! ❤
Chris Brown
I know what Rhi's theme song sould be.\nA Sunday Kind of Love: by Etta James
Dianela Zárate
U're so talented for this!!!!! I love ittttt! From 🇦🇷
Die Hummel
Omg!!! The Pinecone!!!!! MORE MORE MORE! PLEASE 😥😍
Eric Barney
I’d just like to say thank you for your videos. A few months ago I had to have my gallbladder surgically removed, and your videos were pretty much the only thing that helped tune out the discomfort I was in enough to sleep.\n\nAnd on that note, your videos are even more amazing with opioids.
Erin P.
YouTube says I watched this video, I don’t remember watching it but it must have been good because I probably fell asleep.
Evelyn Aris
I was having a bad day but thank goodness for your video :))
Evelyn Fajardo
Layering this with your trigger words video was pure heaven. I wish I could layer videos on my phone so I could make myself some MAGICal bedtime ASMR cocktails
Fairydust ASMR
Tingles all over my back 😍! Its so nice since there is a thunderstorm in my country right now and i’m so afraid of the thunder 😩
I don't like whisper so THANK YOU for these no talking videos! ❤💖
Gaby Jimenez
Gio Del Cid
Oh lord this video had me DEAD asleep in 5 minutes
Goddamn it, Jess
Yesss! A new video from the Queen! 👑
Gwill Boi
anybody else looking for timestamps lol
Hakan Kaya
I love you and your sense of ASMR .. you my favourite!\n\ngreetings from Germany
Haley McKenzie
I’m glad you show teasers! I personally hate the sound of water so now I know where to avoid it.
Helen Magdalena
Yay, I’m on time today!! I’m already a couple seconds in and all the tingles are starting! This is going to be amazing tonight! Thank you ❤️❤️
I’m an Alien hi
Im cypriot and i never expected you knowing it exists 😱 these pinecones are very usual in the countryside and villages :) the tree it grows is called Pefkos
Jana P
Ah yes, no talking video ❤
Jason Fox
Hey, it was thanks to your videos that I finally got annoyed enough with the hearing in my right ear that I went for a long overdue hearing appointment. I couldn't hear the right side nearly as well and it was taking me out of the experience. I have below normal hearing on that side with some major trouble frequencies, and I've finally found a right side boost balance so that both ears sound the same. I can now comfortably listen to your awesome videos without straining. :D \u003c3
God these gel pads sound good, thank you!
Jullu A
Cork tapping is my favourite ASMR sound, so relaxing!
Jutha Sandholdt Stryhn
You’re amazing ❤️ I love your notification every sunday. Your videos give me strength for a new week 🌸 \nThank you so much ❤️ Hugs from Denmark
I'm studying for exams right now, and gosh, this helps a lot! Thank you so much!!
I get tingles from the title.
Kim Teodosiu
Omg I love love love when you use your tascam!! Probably my favourite microphone of them all ahh😌❤️❤️ every time I click on your videos your nails are slaying gurll 😍✨✨goodnight everyone ✨
This is my drug 😍 always perfect, even if I miss your lovely voice 😇❤ amazing video ! Love from France 😘
2 hours of ASMR Magic, oh yes!
Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your videos. I know it must take a lot of time and effort to make these, and the product of that is a truly amazing video. You are one of the best ASMR channels, and your videos never fail to relax me. Thanks again. 😴 💤 ♥️
Maria P
the cork tapping is pure heaven, I think I almost got tingles!(I'm not a tingles person,never gotten them but I use asmr to relax and sleep)
Mark Monsanto
Magic is one of my favorite Asmrtists because her segments are not too short to the point I want more. And not too long to the point its too much. They're perfectly in the middle!
Martina B
Another non talking video? PERFECT for this ADHD-woman who gets way to distracted by speech when it’s time to go to bed! ❤️
Mia WDW Phan
You and Gibi Asmr are my favorite 💕
Ah yes... the little Tascam that can... the quality sounds you manage to produce with that pint-sized dude never fail to impress!\n\nI was trying to pick a favourite this time around but I really can't say that one stood out because the care and attention you put into choosing your props means they always yield pleasing results.\n\nIt seems your brain has become extremely adept at knowing what kind of stimulating noises can be made from any and all objects.\n\nI imagine when you're out and about your ASMR senses are doing their thing a bit like:\n\n\n\nThank you Magic® for the reliable relaxation...\n\nʃ(٩ ˘ ᵕ ˘)۶一∗ . ◦ ̥° ’⎛╦⎞‛ ◦˚。 ·
Muhammad Irsyad
What I love about tascam is that it has a strong bass, and I usually get tingles from a bassy sounds.
The tapping on the coconut is magic =)
Nathan Sullivan
this will help with all the studying im going to be doing this last week of classes before finals week. Thanks!
You’re the queen of ASMR! Thank you so much for uploading this awesome videos, they help me fall asleep every day ❤️💖💕💐🌹
Negrea Iulia
Nomis Mania
Really good job !
Nonamegirl xoxo
Please more 😍😍 i loooove it!❤❤. Kisses from Austria😘
Nuria Saez
Why are woodwick candles so expensive??😭😭 i need them so bad.. their sound is amazing to study.. i guess i will have to conform myself watching videos of woodwick candles, so sad😂
I just wanted to tell you to ignore all people who dislike your videos and you should know that you’ve done a great job🙂and tbh this is the greatest asmr channel I’ve ever got into❤️
Obsidian Dovahkiin
I was having a really bad day, but I feel so much better now. I want to thank you for all of your content. You always help me to relax and switch off, and you always brighten my day. Thank you so much xxxxxxx
There’s something about your quality that you just can’t find anywhere else, it’s always incredible.
Patates Reiz
The intro was enough though 😂
She is the Best ASMR Youtuber Thx for Nice Videos
Raz Yaacov
I love no talking video (even though i love your whispers)
Red W. Ravelli
*has been napping all day*\nTime to wake up and be productive.\n*realizes you uploaded a video*\nNevermind. It’s sleepy time again.
the only ASMR channel I regularly watch...
Richard Anderson
There's such a quality and technique to the way that you approach ASMR that it's starting to feel like an art form.
Your Channel is blowing up so fast! How do you feel? I’m so happy for you!!
@ASMRMagic glad you're reading comments :)! I have been a long-time viewer, and I was wondering if I might suggest more focused, frequent, and shorter videos (which would be easier for you I imagine) with some more talking involved! I, for one, would love to hear more out of your mouth, and to make more of a connection between the ASMRtist and the viewer. I love your content and really respect all the time and effort you put into your top-of-the-line videos. Really there isn't anyone else who puts as much effort into a single video as you do.
Shayle ASMR
Could you do a video where you clink together nail polish bottles! It’s my absolute favorite but I can’t find anyone who does it really.
Skye D
I was listening to this without earbuds and my dad was behind me, I put in earbuds to get more tingles and my dad was like \
Sweet Sanity
The pinecones were oddly satisfying. Nice video, definitely watching this before bed tonight !
Tim Bo
Physiological electrostatic spasms. Thank you for them mam.
Tryrox -_-
Who ever reads this comment is lucky. I hope you have a great day, and smile on! :)
You are honestly the Queen of ASMR! You are so kind to start telling is where your clothes are from in the description box now 😊 I really wanna send you something as a thank you. I'm in the UK as well so is there a way i can do that? \nHave a lovely week ahead. 🤗❤ Xoxo
Yuno Chan
Cork sheet tapping ❤️😍💞\nI am in loveee 😍❤️😅\nI love your nails, you never have the same color (mayyyyybe soooome times :p).. Usually always different colour/pattern ☺️❤️\nThank You for another perfect ASMR ❤️☺️\nRegards from Polish girl in England 😅
Zentime ASMR [Christine Cole]
Your Asmr videos never fail to deliver beautiful sounds and visuals, as well as being so incredibly relaxing and tingly! I was so excited to see Asmr Zeitgeist's new rain vid as influenced by the ones you did.. I swear you should collab some time, both such awesome talent and tingles!! 😍💖🤗
I fell out with a friend today, and my other friend isn’t going to leave her, and I’m not allowed to be with them if the other is there (complicated) so I have nobody to hang out with tomorrow. I know it seems mediocre and petty but I’m going to be alone for god knows how long. I’m hoping this’ll calm me down in time for sleep xx thanks ASMRMagic
Boring report to read.... gonna take all afternoon... guess who I'm choosing to keep me company ???
bblexi x
please never stop making videos, you are the reason I can fall asleep
I was procrastinating, but seems like it's really time to study now, hahaha. Thanks for the upload as always!
call me tae
I just watched the preview and I already know, that will be my favourite video for a while! ♥
The queen posts a new vid, I run to check it! ❤❤❤
eline Haub
I really love your videos....and I am so quickly tiered😴❤❤❤❤👌🌈😍❤
it’s not a hair don’t worry
The perfect video so much variety 😌♥️👌
the asmr queen is back with my favorite microphone!
Just watching the preview. Looking forward to the coconuts and the crackling candles. \nI listen to your videos every night to help me sleep. I don’t often get to the end of them as they are so relaxing I drift off quite quickly
natu anush akopow
:) I was just thinking about everyone in their PJ'S watching this!!! jajaja!!!!!! I love you Magical Ri.
Nice : D
AAAAAAaaaaaaa!!! What a great video! But I can't sleep now... it's only noon! ;) ♥
TIMESTAMPS! (for people on mobile devices)\n\n00:01 - 01:51 - Preview for most of the sounds\n\n01:52 - 10:54 - Cork sheet scratching, tapping & stroking :P\n\n10:55 - 18:16 - 2 foam shower puffs, crinkly sounds\n\n18:17 - 27:21 - Silicone mat with nubs on, scratching it all around your ears\n\n27:22 - 34:19 - Latex gloves, nice crinkle sounds\n\n34:20 - 40:36 - Crunchy sounds with 2 copper cleaning pads/ scouring pads\n\n40:37 - 46:32 - Scratching on large pinecones (from Cyprus apparently) unusual hollow sounds\n\n46:33 - 53:38 - Bag of pink peppercorns from Brazil! Plastic crinkling, shaking & scrunching sounds, with some loose peppercorn sounds\n\n53:39 - 1:01:49 - 2 real coconuts. Coconut water shaking sounds, bassy scratching and some tapping\n\n1:01:50 - 1:07:14 - Dried Cascabel chillies. Seed shaking & delicate tapping\n\n1:07:15 - 1:15:35 - 2 mini Woodwick candles. Fire crackling sounds around your head\n\n1:15:36 - 1:21:08 - Jojoba oil ear massage\n\n1:21:09 - 1:26:40 - Oil ear massage with gel pads\n\n1:26:41 - 01:33:19 - Textured beeswax candle scratching, tapping & sticky cracking kinda sounds\n\n1:33:20 - 1:38:01 - Textured glass candle scratching \n\n1:38:02 - End - Pandora bracelet bead sounds
time passes.
you always put me right to sleep and clear my mind, thank you so much ❤️ lots of love from canada 🇨🇦 hope you are having a good week!
I thought 15+ was a recommended age.
What time is? oooh is time for sleep Zzz...