Generation Zap fait des compilations de vidéos récentes et vous propose des zapping du meilleur du web. Les vidéos sont principalement des vidéos drôles,extraordinaires, des situations WTF ou des animaux qui nous font bien rire.Il y aura aussi des fails, des épique wins ou "like a boss", des séquences étonnantes par leur situation ou simplement des moment fort en émotion.-- S'abonner (oui c'est la base) :

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Imagine what she can do with that tongue 😛
A.J Ley
0:20 & 10:27 Who are these hotties?...
Alan Jones
Good video!!
Aluneth Master
12:38 ryugawakatekiwokurou!
Andreas Loft
6:54 how can they NOT freak the FUUCK OUT!?! 😱😱😱
András Balikó
cosplayers at 4:53 - 5:00 ?
Arsen Altuncu
Watched the whole thing. I have no life.
10:47 silly stuborn lil kiddd lookat u..
Bryan and Sarah Milam
12:34 😲
CC-8827-125 Crait 212th
la fin de semaine dernière, j'ai vue le même véhicule et le même gars en batman lors de mon voyage vers Wasaga Beach Ontario, ses drôle de le voir se faire embarquer par l'OPP.
Carl carl
Sad but the dog @3:00 ..the cat @12:50 ...and the dog @21:19 were dead.
That gurl playin the game with her tongue...anyone got her number?😂😂
Contre bandier
Trop fort le ptit elephant a 14:57
Costan Catalin-Rares
soundtrack at 10:27 please? :)
Dan Luckins
quick question. wtf is generation zap?
Darkness Nighthingale
As we make our way to heaven. Through the nazis linnnnnnnnes. Primo Victoria!
5:50 Evanescence \u003c3
David Lamb
I hope that cop got fired for stopping Batman,What was she thinking.
20:29 never seen tht b4, clever awesome sexy funny lol
Dimitris Mouzakis
girl with the huge speakers karina_tarakanova
Donny T
Wtf Wolkswagen 😱
1:53 super !!!
Nice video! Well-edited and interesting compilation.
Edwin D
poor guy at 14:36 was enjoying his miserable life for a change lmao
Elijah Buscho
This was the best video I've ever seen
Eric Cravero
12:36 Soning please
Farouq Rydhwan
2:51 this dance clip was from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah...IMAGO Shopping Mall 😂
Francisco du Vietnam
Ca déchire trop !!!! 😂🖒 +1 abo en direct du Vietnam 🤗🍚
Where are all the long versions of these videos ennit
Fridouille 91
copie de cocain
The Lawnmower at 8:00 is just running on two stroke mix and since it's a four stroke engine it makes a lot of smoke, won't hurt the engine and once he refills with normal fuel it will stop smoking quite quickly. No up blowing or anything drastic like the person says in that clip.
Grumpy ol' Boot
Holy shit, the flight @ 10:03 is sensational ! :D
Gustav Zetch
17:24 I love when people takes those situations with humor
20:30 who is that babe?. \n21:00 bully fish.
I wouldn't mind seeing her without that pan and ball swinging.. xD
13:10 - Young man learned a valuable lesson and he doesn't even know it yet! LMAO
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that first guy noticing the camera🤣🤣🤣🤣
22:26 lmfao that one hilarious
Who are those cosplayers at 4:56? Exspecially the Widow and Tracer?
Jiggly McSugertits
6:29 , I have to say that's not the first time I let a couple cows lick on me. :-)
Joker 01
2:38 training to get a girlfriend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jonathan Porter
Sad times we live in when the police be pulling over Batman.
Juan Calderón
el final lo vale jajaja
Lnadie Cnadie
4:58 pasen link perros
Mad Panger
Who is that guy on 5:02 he is soooooooo familiar to me, where did i see this guy? He is famous for sure!
Maddox Tolliver
*anyone know **_WHADAFUC_** was happening at **20:55**?*
Mars Cariocecus
I can't stop laughing at mr. bubs or wathever the dog name is at 16:50
Marvin G.
22:20 that's why Batman should only drive at night so the cops won't see him
Maxime Badet
zap de meilleur qualité que la plus part des autres zap. ésperons que la qualité reste au rendez-vous.
7:00 They're laughing....this must happen a lot in Russia?
Mike Johnson
...and 20:28. Omg
6:11 Dab for the haters
i hope u know rooster fighting is illegal
Song at 8:10 is '' Me & My Toothbrush - Living For The Moment (Croatia Squad Remix) ''
20:30 Sveta Bilyalova from Russia
Paulo Gonzalez
7:36 meanwhile in neptune.....
Paulo Henrique
20:48 Why they are so mean! rsrs
I lost my shit at 13:12
Rafeek Ameer
13:35 Guy is actually smart and saving rinse water
Ralesid TParrot
13:00 is the cutest though
Rendey Lly
The last one really funny wahahahaha...
Rick Boss
Genial le signe Volkswagen 👍
Romeo W
7:00 Translated: \
the thing about the man cleaning his car in the rain is this, he is soaping it up and rain wash it off so he saves on the water
Sir Leviatan Doom
13:34 don't waste water and wash the car in the rain, genius!
Smash With Mee
Bruh wen they called the goat inside thinking it was there dog had me weak ASF😭😭😭
Star Bluebolt
generation fap??
Stephen Freiter
18:36 🤣🤣🤣💀
Stu H
18:14 me in the rally car, messin with the competition in Hill Climb Racing 2 😎
Men, actually doing something.\n\nWomen, showing some skin.
Tramp Trade
Ha ha, the kid pulling off the Mom's hair had me cracking up pretty good! Priceless!
Tzeff NL
4:52 Reasons to Wolf-Whistle! \u003c3\nFunny = 16:47 18:35
Uriken 76
arrêtez-vous de tous mettre les mêmes vidéo!!!!
Victor Poulin
At 1:42 so many will not see the funny. It reminded me of a couple elephants getting it on hehehe.
Wyatt Demarco
That dog in the automatic door made me so sad
The song at 8:11 is - living for the moment croatia squad remix thumbs up so people see it \u003c3
Yona Garnica
Que es generacion Zap¿¿
alejandro ortiz
minuto 10:28 que video es
Boy, that shit @ 7:00 is damn sure something you don't wanna see....!
diego garcia
13:00 woooow she’s really beautiful
YOu can see that it's not the real Zap, this is amateurish. Also, 5:32 is CGI
Oddly, 6:53 , screaming in terror in russian sounds just like regular talking...
20:30 Gorgeous girl and very funny!
hard Scoper
song 10:00 ??
16:17, reason on why you need a helmet when skateboarding.
john ervin capul
2:37 wtf
kashif online
Super le jeux a bull avec les cannette !
Batman is getting pulled over by the cops.
leonardo david
Soning 10:28 please man
noodle knight
22:15 A fishing story with proof.
4:52 10:27 you're welcome
sir Clogg
this is the funniest compilation I've seen sofar
0:55 ooooohhhh, you won $11 worth of toys.
17:23 hilarious
Dont give that kid a gun cause he might kill himself since he didnt learn from first time
2:40\nI'll bet she has a very happy girlfriend.
Азъ Есмь
2:40 я завидую телефону!!!!\nI envy the phone
Алексей Бериев
Ребята подскажите пожалуйста что за трек играет с 4:34 по 4:42 заранее огромное спасибо.
Джон Константин
7:00 только русские могут снимать на видео как горит их самолет и ржать при этом