Sony PS3 Slim 320GB: Unboxing

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Better late than never!Unboxing of the Sony PS3. By popular request from followers on Facebook/Twitter/Google+.Picked up from Amazon for $249. Link:

320GB Blu-ray PS3 Slim Sony bluetooth tour unboxing

Getting it\n
AHMAD Hassan
ps3 is the best plastation
Abdur Raheem
Me In 2017
Abu Khuzaifah
my dad give me a chance what i want ps4 or xbox 1 i decide to chose ps4 while my brother choose xbox one ..we get a fight i punch my brother \nafter that my dad buy a ps2 from homeless beside the road...this world is so ....
Agent Lolz
I'm Gonna Say This Is Better Than PS4 Because It Is Free Online And PS4 is Pay To Online
Alexander Neff
if your watching in 2017 like this
Amir playz
I want a offline play station
Baconface McGee
I’m using the 160 Gig Slim Model.
Bass Legion
I will buy a ps3 or a 360 this year. I save 50$ at now , so i need only 25 more to buy a superslim ps3 or Xbox 360 E.
Bea Bagtas
Can I play gta v on it?
Carolina Deganis
I love play stations so I love this video
Cenas Gamer Br
slc esse ps3 muito bonito de mais ta de parabéns lindo esse ps3😉
Chxp_Gxd oneshot
i dont have it so its ok vivek 65522
DJ Khaled
Lol, why tf does it look silver in the thumbnail
DJtheboss 2009
Who's watching this in 2017 if you did like this
Dagrim Reaper
I am thinking of buying a PS3.
Damari Jackson
I have the same one and color
Daniel Hailu
Buy the last of us\n
David Augustin
Wtf i's a buy Playstation 3??
David Johnson
I'll have my PS3 this Tuesday, and matbe I guess if I should buy the Slim or the fat one
Deniskamenov Kamenov
My 1000gb
My dad said he will buy me a PS4 but he said I can't get live. But he said he will buy me new games for my PS3
Drake B.
Sadly I only have the analog cables on my BOX tv😢. Let's just say my dad has it when he was in high school... Can't see any words on GTA 5 or Watch Dogs😭😭😭
Anyone have a ps3??
buuuuu ps3
Is it too late to buy ps3 in 2018
Feroza Saleem
go for assasin's creed
I buy it one week ago 😁
im going to get it because I can play online for free
Google User
but mines dirty it needs cleaned
I would rather have the PS3 slim mainly cause I want to play my PS2 games the only games I really enjoyed was the PS2 games so I would buy it mainly cause it's backwards compatible for PS2 games so yeah I would buy it if I could
IRISHARTZ I мσтισи ∂єѕιgи
Haha he cant jailbreak
I have a PS4 and a PS3
Im patrick and i like bologne
i ordered a ps3 today. in 2017... i cant afford a ps4. but at least i can play some games
ItsATide Ad
Some good games are god of war, killzone1,2 and 3 uncharted, need for speed and red dead redemption
Jam Funes
I'm thinking about buying it soon since u can play online free and even tho I have a ps4 but my ps3 the fat 60gb model doesn't work the hdmi won't work the av port doesn't boring works so I planning to buy this so I can play online free
Jason Heavens
Battlefield 4 dragons teeth
Jesse V
Where can i by one. Any one knows . please let me know.
Jesus Christ
Ps3 is dead
Juan Angel Deleon
Buy gta 5
I still have my Fat PS3
I plan to buy another PS3. I upgraded to the PS4 but now I miss playing my PS3 games. And refurbs are so cheap right now, might as well.
Kevin Shields
One of the best unboxings
Kira Linian
My ps3’s coming Friday!! So excited
Kyndall X
Im going to be late to the ps3 party. Im getting one in 2016 lol
Legendary Joshu-clash royale and more
Liezel Jimenez
I have a ps3 but only 4 games
They don't provide HDMI at the time? Wow. No wonder my HDMI cable are different brand. My brother brought PS3 for me in December 2012. I was 13 at the time.
Lindsey Lopez
Who wants to buy a playstation 3???
Lucas Fernandes
Mim da seu ps3 🤗
Luciano Araxab
I hope my dad bought me a ps3 slim
I'm glad I bought this version. still have it.
Mat 2007tv
Play station free
Michael Ezell
I'm watching in 2017 still one of the best systems today Blue ray, HDMI, download movies and music, still a ton of fun much more games free internet Wi-Fi, get the slim version you'll be happy you did oh don't forget downloadable content for free ☺
Moayad Guenouna
How much ps3
Papa Rotzi
and I have a 360 I'm bout to get a ps4 doe
Philly's Finest Productions
I have a ps4 but I really want to get a ps3 for some reason too so I will be selling my 360 to get a ps3
2018 Still rocks on my PS3 Slim \u003c3
Raoul Raphael
i miss playing ps3😭😭😭😭😭
Reggie Holder
You can get 'em cheap now.
Romie Rome
This was the most innovative system ever. Changed the game..miss the good ole ps3 era.
Ryandeng Deng
Wtf it cost same amount as a ps4
I won my PS3 a couple years ago with a drawing :P still using it :)
Samuel J. Pitchay
Watched it years ago...but I think it was already unboxed before he recorded it
Seif Alian
Who's watching in 2017
Shehroz Khalil
Can we install games in ps 3
Sir Midee bling
Which one should I get a PS3 or a dsi xl? I have to decide really quickly (in the next 2-3 hours) because that's when I'm going to get the console
Slight Design ツ
love it but ps4 better but ps3 was the good old days I still play it
Smoke Gaming Channel
This is the most beautiful version for me fat was heavy super slim is cheap
I got a ps3 when I became 10 years old this year lol
Nobody will ever forget the classic PS3
Teddy Isbell
i love mine
why bother buy lastest consle im buying ps3 at least you can play offline
Tenzin Loedoe
TheGamer Aadi
+DetroitBORG Why Didn't You Did The xbox 360
Tyler Price
Gta 5
Who's watching in 2017????
X1 Falcon Gaming
I love this thing back when it came out I bought it!
Youssef. A
I have ps3 and ps4. watching this video to remember old days😂
Zhafran Rama Azmi
you should play uncharted 3
abudi ÃT⧧í
Guys plz tell me should i buy a jailbroken ps3? Or i will get bored from it?\n
algerian games network
I need ps3 you can send me one
bader hamdyGT
i am buying ps3 in 2016 omggggg
fairuz ain
Can you give me the ps3
gossa g.s. oda
Im buying ps3 in2017
junvic feria
I got a ps3
i'll be back again in 2019
manu TYAGI
i also have a ps3 500 gb
marble boy Muthsami
GTA u must get
I got it on the same day you uploaded it I'm giving it to my sister for Christmas and I'm getting a PS4 Slim Uncharted bundle
one boy tube
rishi gupta
Guys I am telling the truth ps3 and ps4 graphics are pretty the same ps3 graphics are not too bad and a little difference only guys buy ps4 only for few games that are not available on ps3 ps3 is a good and cheap buy but very good
sagar khatri
do a ps4 pro unboxing
slainz XGamer
Who watching in 2018
tayvion lee
little did he know that the ps4 would come out 1 year later
I dont have money to buy this, so I often come here just to watch the unboxing, it makes me feel Happy
Please Unbox the PlayStation 4 Slim ?
أخبار الألعاب وألإصدارات 2017
Who's watching in 2017