ASMR Turkish Barber Face,Head and Body Massage 173

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Hey Guys. Here is a new asmr massage video for you. This video comes from Izmir. You will see a really great upper body massage and back massage. Also the young talent Taskin is a really dedicated person who tries to learn art of Barbers after his school. We are really appericiate that. I hope you guys this young fellas talent. The main star in this video is him. I hope you like our videos. We try to give you guys our best so if you love our work dont forget to share,like,comment and subscribe to our channel.If you guys would like us to make more and good quality videos. We need your support. There are some ways to support which i will explain here1-Subscribe to our channel if you still havent! (That will makes us grow and would get sponsors) The Link is: Proraso After Shave BalmMerhaba arkadaşlar,yeni bir masaj videosu ile karşınızdayız. Bu videoda İzmir'den Saloon Stil'i sizlere sunuyoruz. Videoda son derece güzel bir masaj hizmetini sizlerle paylaşıyoruz. Emekçi kardeşimiz Taşkın da gerçekten son derece kaliteli bir biçimde bu işin hakkını vererek yapıyor. Boş zamanlarını çalışarak ve berberliği öğrenerek geçiren bu kardeşimizin de yaptığını takdir ediyoruz. Masaj konusunda da gerçekten iyi bir yeteneği olduğunu düşünüyoruz. Sizler de çevrenizde yer alan berberleri bize önerebilir ve çekimlerimizde yer alabilirsiniz. Bunun için yapmanız gereken tek şey sosyal medya üzerinden bize ulaşmak. Yaptığımız videoları seviyorsanız lütfen beğenmeyi,paylaşmayı,abone olmayı ve yorum yapmayı unutmayın. Address/Adres:Mithatpaşa Cad. 1168/A Güzelyalı Konak İzmir (Göztepe Kulup Binası Yanı)Tel:0549 587 19 25

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what Richard Gere was do barbershop? (14:30)
Oh wow! I wish I could go get a massage from them. They are pros
I’m always wondering what the barbers are looking at out the window 🤔 lol
Ailton Fonseca
Excelente, muito satisfatório assistir esse vídeo , 🇧🇷🇧🇷 Brazil.
Ali Uras
Çocuğa helal olsun. Yılların berberiymiş gibi konuya hakim.
Alicantrophis A
el chico que recibe el masaje es el mismo en todos los videos. su trabajo es recibir masajes?
Alisson Markes
Promising two young boys... hope they still go to school though\nWish the first one finish the entire massage without the other two lol though the second lad is good too\nVery satisfying
Asky Pratama
Just look at his eyes, this kid loves his job. Amazing
B - K
I love how he is working with his heart and not with his brain
Bella Telles
Pra tu vê como no Brasil não tem quase nada que preste . 🤦🏻\u200d♀️
Some barbers a really good and he did a really good job in imho
This video was so relaxing I just watched someone else get a full massage, damn.
D4nilin 4k
Dá sono só de olhar 😪😴
Davi Lucas
Se os barbeiros, aqui no Brasil, fossem assim, seria maravilhoso!
These boys are good! I wish I had a boyfriend like them so I could get a massage everyday! 😂
Dori B
Cute barber and he did an amazing job
Edgar Moon
Paco el de las empanadas ahora es barbero
Elliot Rodriquez
SKILLS.... Awesome video!
Eugene Orogo
He's learning very quickly.
Fabio Benito
Oh and now I know where David De Gea goes to Barber
Fatima Ahmed
Idk why I feel sooo relaxed when I watch ur vids
Grand respect à ce garçon
Flow Show
Главное массаж делают ему а кайфую я
Respect for this little guy :) he really loves his job!
Gloria George
I need this massage... 😍 little man awesome 😘
Gna Make up artist ช่างแต่งหน้าทําผมมืออาชีพ
The boy massage is lovely
Grace Santi
Es un jovencito muy bien preparado
Graziela Mendes
Com certeza esse rapaz nao paga as massagens! Por isso sai em todo vídeo. Ele já pode escolher entre todos barbeiros qual o melhor\nKkkk \n#Brasil
Gyu Stereo
Más que relajación esté vídeo me termina causando ternura ¡¡¡¡ pd: que bueno es el pibe q recibe los masajes !! Jaja\nSaludos desde Argentina!
Hot Sauce
I bet this man has the guiness world record of being the most relaxed person in the world.
Hotrod Boy
This boy’s hands are magical, clearly he has a future in this. Good job champ 😎😎👏👏
Noooo let the guy do his thing. He was doing phenomenal without the help 😔
Ian Campos Corvinnus
Porque siento.ese.pequeño relajacion en mi cabeza ...☝😊
J De
I can't tell who's more attractive ... the customer or the barbers. :)
Yo bro I watching this video in Korea \nThank you for making this video!\nI have been subscribing you for few months before ! Have a nice day
JMichael Patrick
I would love to sit in Taskin’s chair, he looks dedicated and amazing. I wish we could see more from Taskin
Jason Flynn
A three-man massage; that's what I call service! Also, this boy is amazing, he has magic fingers :)
Jason Vote RED
That boy is a star ⭐️ great skills 👌👍
Jolli ***
Ой как парень старается молодец.
João Marcos
That’s better than ASMR’ videos , unfortunately there is no massage treatment in barbershop here in Brazil, or , I need to search even more to find..... btw the little boy at beginning got talent , passionate to work with this incredible job, just do it ...
Juan Medellin
Good job I really need this massage
Junior Sá
...mas é um barbeiro ou um massagista?!😂😂😂
Kai Schmidt
Kids got talent...good luck to him!
KiD 504#
Stop with the ads in the middle of the Videos.
Peep them chairs they look like ice cream sandwiches
LeRoy M
I’ve been a hairstylist for 15 years and this kid has a lot of passion for what he does. Well done!🙏
Lyle L
I want to see the guy in the chair get a total body massage.....Total
Matheus Luttero
1:44 So cute
Melanie Edwardscarter
Wow they did a great job in this shop! Lots of great team work
Microchip E
Taskin Super. !!!!! Браво.
Miquel Salvador
You could seriously think in hiring him, if possible 👍
Miriane Carine
The guy that receives the massage must be the most relaxed guy in the world. He’s in the majority of the videos 😂 p.s: such a crush ❤️
Miss C
Very young, very eager. Are you still alive? 😁
damn the massaged guy's arm muscles are non-existent
6:46 thank you 🙏
Nixon Rodriguez
I love it!!! Great job \nWhere is the barber Shop? Definitely I wanna visit
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Precious McNeil
You can tell he's very focused. I couldn't help, but smile for most of the vid. 😊
Plottwist the kid is really 30
Racho Solís
Excelente vídeo. Muy profesional, muy relajante. ¡Excelente!
Que ódio dessas propagandas que mete um som alto do caramba no meio do vídeo....TNC! SFD
Ruairí Magorrian
Have to say, excellent as usual. Greetings from Ireland
Selim A.
I live in Germany Turkish Barbiers are Amazing 👍🏼
Selim Sayma
Çırak ustayı geçmezse meslek gelişmezmiş.
That kid really knows what he's doing! Pure talent
Shema 27
That young boy i see a young future barber in him
A massagem demorou tanto q o mlk saiu criança e voltou a adulto
That guy mitch
Fun fact: the more and more often an advertisement interrupts me watching a video, the less and less likely I’m going to buy that product.
The Guv'nor
Great work Taskin....\nSuch enthusiasm and dedication to his work was a pure pleasure to watch. If I'm ever in Izmir I would certainly be happy to visit this barbers.
Nothing like getting an ad for “the possession of Hannah grace” in the middle of the video lol
Tiago Carvalho
O bicho é ligeiro demais kkkkkkkk muito bom.
Where do you get all these sexy guys to practise on?
Twelve Skill
I would love to do this on a saturday/sunday or when i have free time to earn a little extra pocket money as a kid, damn i could buy all them vbucks lol jk
The Grand Budapest Hotel? O_o
Vitor Florentino Machado
O garoto é bom nisso 👏 parabéns
Wataru Peter Kitagawa
Wow he’s so young. He will be an amazing barber before long!
X 2
Aslan parçasına bak ya helal olsun ilerinin ustasi şimdiden bile olmuş
When these young boys are most likely a better barber then what we guys have.
少年(?)だけど、プロの仕事しててすごい( ᐛ )و
Idk why everytime I see the kid's face I remember Mkhitaryan
Put the barber in more videos. He’s cute and passionate
amanda rucker
Omg I need a massage from him !!!! Geez ! Get it little dude !
bay area415
I like the ice cream sandwich chairs.
Makes me love watching it the way he loves his job doing it from his heart and passion to it 🙌
ps. your image is looking amazing, guys, but the sounds are very low. it's barely sound asmr now, just visuals... maybe you should get a lavalier microphone again, or a portable recorder (like a tascam or a zoom)?
the sound is very low on this video.
luis duking
Es el canal del pito
Little man doing good!
mic *
This kid is really passionate about his job👍🏽😊💈💆🏻\u200d♂️
He did a good job
Taskin looks like he doesn't breath lol Take a moment, relax a little haha\nHe must had a lot of fun... The model probably look like a western actor or band group member to him lol\nI know it's cultural but... I'm a little concern about these boys working at such a young age...
hi,very good job with the young barber,he has to learn the massage this relaxing massage with handsome Deniz.thank you.
That boy is a pure talent!
So the typical ASMR videos with the whisper voice overs and the manufactured sounds actually piss me off and make my skin crawl. However, these massage videos like this or the full body ones are the ones that have the effect on me that ASMR is supposed to have. I am not even getting a massage and I feel relaxed and kind of like an urge to actually go get a real deep tissue massage.
عبدالاله ناصر
الي ما يدري وين الغنم سارحه لايك