Rona by Samir Shukri, Israeli song


Rona Samir Shukri hebrew

Albert Caruzo
how do you deal with copyright restrictions
Claudiu Poanca
Rona Abdullah
uh myyy naame ^_^\n but what its mean in hebru ?
Sarah Fitoussi
Yes ! Yes ! Yes !!!!!!!! que de souvenirs.
Sharon F
RONA \n\nRona my Rona\nRona I love you\nDaddy will come back to you\nmissing you in my heart \n\nI'm leaving here - Rona\nComing back from there - Rona\nFrom there to here - Rona\nRona, you are my Rona\n\nMy watch says three o'clock\nWhen oh when will it be eight o'clock?\nI want to see you\nI want to hear your voice.\n\nYour voice calls to me\nI'm making a mistake somewhere\nYour voice calls to me\nI'm making a mistake somewhere.
Virginie Beautrix
dommage que la choregraphie ne figure pas sur cette delicieuse musique resonnant dans mon esprit
bernadette ngoko
wow memories
blondu blondu
is just for my heart thank you samir shukri for this song..........