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Please note the duration of this video and pay attention to the intro.I encountered these hackers on a ranked 24/7 Golmud Railway server with no admins online. Fairfight managed to ban only one of these hackers. I purposely did not go into spectator because I wanted to mess with them. I have to say, some of the hacks were so extreme, I could not even approach them to kill them. I have encountered Johnny-Sins_xD before, and another Johnny-Sins. Another was exposed on AKA-ART's channel. I can only assume it is the same person that has just been banned several times.Here are the links to the hacker's Battlelogs:12inchasshair:

Battlefield Gaming JimmyWap Montage against cheater gef... gtx hack hackers hackers exposed hacks killing knifing playing ravic spectator titan

lol i like the team work. really awesome. meeting your enemy team and you dont shoot at each other. lol
BF4 Hackers Exposed & more // zocker
hackers everywhere.. on like every 3rd game
Baxter Schlong
Joined to go trolling so basically do what the hackers where doing to you but without the hacks .... you just got a taste of your own intended medicine
IMO, hackers in-game are those are being bullied in real life and needs to do somehting about it but they cannot, so they tend to do hacking in games to be superior... but yeah... have played a bunch of hackers from bf3 to bf1....
Braincube 013
More crybabies don’t play the game then kid.
Brandyn Buxton
lol pics up sniper gets rail gun
Brian Weiss
Reason I only play COD zombies
Bull Gaming
In England we call these guys tosses
Callum Boothroyd
dont refer to these script kiddies as hackers..
Carlos Rodríguez
Yo también puedo hacer eso; pero despues de siempre hacerlo me di cuenta que el juego se vuelve aburrido y preferí jugar como todos y lo volvía a hacer solo para matar a gente que no cumplía las reglas del servidor como por ejemplo solo pistolas o sin escopetas y después hkeaba las cuentas de los infractores y las borraba para que después se creen otra cuenta jajjajajajaja
Chaos Wolf Gaming
I came across a hacker on operation locker. He was inside the rocks on the outside of the map. I tried shooting and throwing grenades but they all just bounced of the rock. I have a screenshot just don't know how to send to it dice or a support team or something. I left very so in afterwards.
If Dice gave a shit there wouldn't be many hackers...but they don't so they leave the peons to deal with it. Still some hackers in BF4 even nowadays.
Comment Section Preacher
Bless you for this video
Someone should rip off the balls of this hackers. Wait... they have no balls.
Dawsyn Carr
We should span these hackers
Der Wolf Varg
Hacker are Bastards and have no live
Devon Cauthon
Dirt Naked
Great video! What server was that? Must have been late night.
How do they hack? Lol
I like how hackers in a game are not even hackers or smart, they are just dumb and they just bought a mod pack or something...
We need the anti hacker RAVIC WE NEED YOU\n\nEdit: wow highlighted
Farhan Ishraq
Wtf! This Johny_Sins dude has been hacking since 01. No joke.
This video seemed like a murder documentary lmao
And the kings fall from their thrones of lies
Garry Bragg
We were killed in Trump wall server by a level 1 100 times with a sniper he had best sniper in the game
Gianni Van emmerick
Jimmy wip your doing a great thing killing these hackers
Gigsro Uiy
It's fun hunting down cheaters, that's the byproduct of the cultural Marxist agenda happening to Western Nations that are transitioning us towards communism and how this is reflected in the video game industry? Is that for so long now they've been told that their shit doesn't stink all the way from elementary school in to University and that there's nothing that they need to work on that they are born perfect, and then when they engage in the real world and cannot compete on an equal Level Playing Field they have to resort to cheating because after all they were told that they are equal to everybody else and they're just as good as everybody else and so cheating is just a little minor technical detail for them, in fact their whole ideology for the ideal government requires the theft of Labor of 100% comical word manipulation threats of violence and any Edge they can use against you to make sure that you remain a slave from generation to generation, there is no tinfoil-hat required to prove this just look at the nature of your debt based Fiat monetary system do some serious research it's time to grow up, also compare and contrast free market principles ladies ladies and gentlemen the agenda is widespread and affects every facet of social life geo-political and the financial institutions time to wake up babies
Glick top
Plz if you are an admin plz banned this people
Granger Brown
Thank goodness its impossible to hack on console haha that a perk us console players have! You can mod on console though but only on private servers
Hunter Films
At the end of the explanation, another hacker damnit
I can’t pick A fucking name
Don’t give these kids the feeling of being called a hacker, they’re just kids who can run a simple script. I’m not experienced in hacking or cheating, but they’re just kids.
Jakub Hulla
Great video bro! :)
How do you kill with ammo boxes
To carry on playing when you know they are script kiddies is just encouraging them to do it. You are giving them something to amuse themselves with. Think about it ffs. If everyone left the server, there would be no one to use their cheats on and they would go to another server. If the next server doesn't have an admin on to ban them either then everyone leave there too. These guys only get amusement because morons keep entertaining them.\nTelling them to \
Just A Bee
Johnny sins was in Ravics video!
Just Livin
10 bucks they're either 500lbs with no life and scrawny and ugly with no life. \n\nNotice how i said with no life so if you do happen to be 500lbs you still cool as long as you don't hack and same if you're scrawny. But you can be scrawny and good lookin ;)
Kao Lee
Must be really bad to need to hack.
Kenny Childers
why the law and order svu intro man 😂
Kevin N
Looks like you are the hackers............dork
Kipentfa Ak
i like how he makes this so dramatic
Leo _8711
Umm when a was level 1 i was a killer in the game i was killing level 100 guys now im in level 91 and level 1-10 kill me evertime
Mario Passendorf
Do not call them Hackers ,to be a hacker someone needs a hundreds / thousends hours of learning , They are common cheaters buying cheats for 10-15 USD then they call themselvs highly Skilled
Why even waste 2 sec on such loosers? Cheaters/hackers deserves empty servers!
1 2 i n c h a s s h a i r
5 cheaters 1 server (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)
This another reason I don’t play online pc games. Way more cheaters
This man really said he got on bf4 to go you have literally nothing else to do with your life? lmao sad
My name is not Rick
That's why I stop playing it... 😞
Najeeb Akbar
Other one is GKmanymods on xbox360, watch out
Nathanael Wilson
get them in a chat and you can get there ip addresses from there you can find out where they live and u can speed up there wifi what will make them lag so much and they won't be able to play also u can get there credit card details if it is linked to there computer
Nerfed Gamer
Bruh its all skill. Getting multi kills with ammo box is ez
Nicolas Arnold
Playing Battlefield Hardline means no hackers. The game is so unpopular that no one bothers to hack it!!!!!!!!!!
No Name
Im sure they cant even hit the enemies in the tests camp hahahaha noooobs
Obsidian Rose
These people need to be tracked down and have the shit kicked out of them.
Patricia Gil Pinto
Did the other ones got banned ? I hope so it would be the best if they were not able to play for ever in their shity life
Priyabrata Halder
These are not hacks these are gods and satans trying to disprove each other on the servers. Shut up atheists.
Only on pc
Rapid [GD]
*They just have good gaming chairs.*
PC masterrace!!!
Revenge Zakye
holy jesus u updated that video when i was turning 14
Roblox Reports
lol yall are a bunch of ragers.
Sean Miller
This is like an episode of Law and Order.
Serge SHB
Is it possible to have a tournement based on 100% hackers players 😂😂😂
Sheryl Crusco
Hackers don’t deserve to play games if all they do is cheat
You guys really thought your killing hacker methods through huh
I hope cheaters die in real life soon without friends\nThey don't even deserve a family
Something edgy
That's not a hacker, it's a closet colonel.
Southern Gamers
Being level 6 , he a hacker lol. No, it's people restarting there stats and starting fresh. Quit crying. I restarted my stats and up to 8 now, you gonna call me a hacker lol
Speedbreaker the Street Racer
me for about 5 seconds at 2:20\nWhy is the other dude not getting out?\n*Then I realized that it was his mate.*
Standalp SkyrimLP
I joined to server And enemy don't see me and i killed him with knife And boom He killed me with my own knife 😀\nLol
This is y I don’t do pc gaming
12inchasshair is actually pretty funny not going to lie
The Sorrow
pc cheaters race
TheAura Knight
Introducing an even bigger virgin than fortnite players\nTheir name? Hackers in any game
Thirty Thirty
this game is dead! extreme much cheater inside.. spend no money for it
Tim Sch
Maybe u should team up with Ravic
TrEVILlyan 95
Pc is trash
Virgil Walker
hold, hacking and using software that cheats is totally different things lol. a real hacker, you ain't gonna catch'em. just saying. people who use software to cheat aren't hackers.
It frustrates me when people hack. Old and fun games. It just feels ruined.
Second guy is obviously not hacking, he said so i the chat...
Maybe it was a Hackers only Server ?
they're not hackers, they googled bf4 cheats and bought the hacks with their (parents?) credit card
chrysanthemum tea
I don't support hacker or any other cheats , but your reaction like 13 years old kid\nWUoWWW , Oh My GaWD !!! , wooow\nand yes I can see you cry
crnlsnts 4
I hope this hackers get arrested because once you hack any device they will find you
dave baxter
lowlife hackers hack because there unskilled lowlifes who only buy games to hack if there did not hack there would not get. one kill
Console 4 life bro
eric wright
hackers are trash.. they have no life.. no skills.. and hopefully their little consoles or their computers blow up in front of them 😂
hooe y
He's just using a gaming chair
hugoonex ok
Stop calling them hackers...hacking takes skill ...they just low life no skill cheaters
omaga cat
Y is it that in almost every shooting game some people have to say racist things ?
Never indulge or engage with losers, leave the lobby.
Brüh the just got good gaming socks and very much rgb
The fact that you went into this match knowing that you where going to tag team with someone else on the other team before even knowing there where hackers is just as bad as hacking.
x75th TYR4NTx
Gta is far worse then battlefield in the hacker/modder category each server i went into there was one
yingming xu
Fking bitch hackers
Granted this was funny, but the only real effective way to deal with hackers is to stop spawning (blocking them from playing on that server), or leave the server immediately. I.e. don't even give them the chance for one second to do what they want to do. Unfortunately 99% of the time people don't have the discipline to do this, which is sad. I was once in a server where I was able to convince people to stop spawning after 2 hackers started blatantly taking the piss. No new unsuspecting victims could join the server as it was full and we all weren't spawning (effectively blocking the server). So all they got was to run around in empty space and shoot at nothing. And guess what?....they left in under 2 minutes!
аниме кон
Oh no...anything but racist language....