Dexter Season 7: Episode 9 Clip - Leverage

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Dexter comes to Debra after he learns about Hannah's kidnapping.

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Debra is still a homicide detective, even if Dexter was out of the picture it's still her job to stop someone from murdering Hannah.
He's angry because Deb fell in love with him. He's just being a jerk like a regular man sometimes. I hope he starts thinking clear and changes his mind.
Ben Kelley
murder is illegal, I checked.
Titus Pullo needs to survive
David Corey
hanna must survive
Emir Ali ÇOK
This is episode.Isaak or Hannah if somebody will die that would be happen in the season finale.I'm waiting to much blood in the final for this year.
Hannah is pregnant
Henrique Tien
I think Sirko will kill her and Dexter will get even more pumped for the next season, where he will probably flee from Miami Metro after Laguerta starts chasing him, IF Dexter doesn't manage to murder her in this season.
She's hot but I really hope she dies.
Joe Lazarus
Hannah and Isaak will kill each other like you said, Quinn gets killed or arrested AND Laguarta finds out about Dexter as a cliffhanger for the next and last season.
L. G.
I want Hannah dead, BUT I don't want Dexter to be with Deb either. That's tooooo wiiiiiierd!
Why do I get the feeling Hannah's going to take care of Jurg herself. Hang on to this one, Dex. She makes a refreshing change from all the weepy, nagging, needy women in your life.
Laura L
Do you think that Hanna and Dex will continue being in a relationship next season ?
Lexo Cee
Nah. Deb is going to kill Laguerta.
I completely disagree! Hannah is the only one that understands Dexter and why he kills people!
Mehul Jain
amazing season!!!
They usually don't let anyone close to Dexter remain there for him.. except if they're his kids or Deb.
I think the way it will end will be that Isakk kills Hannah but Hannah poisoned Isakk right before she dies, so Hannah is taken from Dexter, and Dexters kill is also taken from him. OR Laguarta discovers Dexters secret and Hannah kills Laguarta to protect Dexter and then Isakk kills Hannah and Debra kills Isakk just in time to save Dexter. OOOOOOR, Hannah kills Laguarta with a knife first like when she was 15 and Debra kills Hannah, Dexter kills Isakk. Or Quinn kills Isakk and dies for Dexter.
Michael Myers Gaming
For not liking season 6 all that much, I actually am liking season 7 so far.
So Debra doesn't love Dexter anymore?
Rain Hallikas
how about censoring sex scenes?\nI dare you showtime... make it happen hahaha
Ryan Batty
Dexter always has a way out. ALWAYS!
Simone Lim
each episode jst gets more and more interesting
I think Dex and Deb should be together.
Spencer West
But she doesnt even love him for who he is. When she found out the secret It completely changed how she felt about him. Besides a love interest with your foster sister is just to wierd.
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Who is her dad?
Vinnie Moran
It's weird seeing Deb not reacting to Dex openly saying that he'll kill Isaak. Amazing season.
Your incorrect use of the word \
I agree I think he knows about Dexter because him and Harry were best friends I am sure of it that he knows....maybe in the end he is going to protect Dexter
It's so weird watching Deb get bleeped out
i dont want dexter with hannah but i dont want him with debra either
So Dexter is selfish because he doesn't wanna fuck his sister??
no this is a preview from next weeks episode dont worry u didnt miss anything :)
elva disa
Debra is so going to be the one to kill Hannah. \n
Yvonne is the only good thing about this season.
ohhh poor debra .. you are helping your crush
Where did you hear that Hannah will be around into season 8?
And i ask again: Debra should give a shit why?!?!?!\nOhh.. Dexter is soo Fucking selfish this year! He doesnt care about his son and Debra at all.. He always says i am a good father, i have to protect my family, blah blah, blah... This is not like a good father should be, and Debra dont deserve to be treaten like that!
Why do people want Hannah to die? She's the only one who truely understands and accepts Dexter for what he is. Plus I would rather see him hook up with another killer then his own sister :S
That'd be an interesting take on Matthews character as I want to him to fuck over Laputa.
Is this from the last episode? \nOh god I did miss it? wtf