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Akin Turhan
You can stun the people with the cane but you have to jump and hit them in the right place on their heads off by one pixle and no nothing.
Alex Serana
I was waitin for Contra's Flame gun.... Then I realized Fester's gun is the same shit or even worse
I dunno if I could consider it an item but Raph and Mikey are damn near useless in the first TMNT game on NES. Hell if they would just give me 4 Donatello's then the game might be a slight bit easier to deal with
Fester's gun, i my opinion, is an okay weapon overall. The cannonball upgrade IS pretty shitty for the most part, though. BUT, if you calculate the correct trajectory, you will be able to hit enemies.
Thumbs up if you already knew what No. 1 was gonna 'bee' :)
Army of Ninjas
I had a friend that actually liked Fester's Quest lol. I traded him for Metal Gear. Joke was on both of us...
was there any doubt about it that the cane would be number 1?
you have no confidence in this sword
Brad Hozuki
Stop with the terrible cash-in videos. Post original content.
Everyone else came here for the cane. I came here for the flame from Ghosts N Goblins
Brittney Love
I knew Fester would make an appearance!
With all of these top 10 (and forgive me if I don't know because I've seen no videos saying he has or not an I'm a new fan) I hope the AVGN isn't finish reviewing games yet because he is an entertaining reviewer
6:17 Not the bees, not the bees! XD
Burt Rusfield
Mine are the rocket and grenade launchers in the Call of Duty zombies mode.
Anyone who saw his Ghost N Goblins episode could predict the top 2
Champ Styles
Does anyone know where I can find the AVGN theme version at 0:43?
Da Boss
ANy1 have link to longer version of music in 0:25s?
Dallas Dickkicker
I love these top 10's.
Damian Bielecki
I love cane in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ITS SO BAD! :D
Dee Bellwether
the ghost food is Cap'n Crunch mixed with Pez and Pop Rocks mixed with RC Root Beer. you'd fly away after looking at it too.
bee discrimination right there.
These lists always seem to end with Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
I'm watching Number 10, and I'm thinking, \
Emma Starr
Suprised that the flame was higher up in the list than the Ghost Food...sure, the flame replaces the knife, but it still does something...
Will we ever get real AVGN videos again?!
What about the stones from Dark Castle? I totally expected them to be mentioned here...
#1 was obvious. It so wasn't in or mentioned in the AVGN theme song.
Is that Bee supposed to represent Christopher Bee, one of the creators of Castlevania?
HaxAras Royal
If the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde weapon isn't #1 or even in this list I'll eat my hat.
Top 10 Fred Fuchs references
I seriously want James (either as himself or as the AVGN) do an interview with the developers of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!  :D
E.T. the game \u003e jekyll and mr hyde
Jason Ault
Dr Jekyll Vs Candyman.
Jeffery Buckles
To anyone complaining that James is only putting out these top ten lists now, I know how you feel, I wish there was an unlimited amount of AVGN episodes too. However, James is working on a feature length movie, releasing a few avgn episodes here and there, going to conventions, and all while helping his wife raise their daughter. I guarantee he is working harder than the majority of people on here. He is very fortunate to have a friend like Mike who can manage the channel and keep making videos that are entertaining and tide us over until the next episode. I actually really enjoy these clip collections and the James & Mike Lets Plays. Keep up the good work guys 
Jimmy Dean
Hey Avgn, there's this new game coming out called shovel knights. It's a nes style side scroller. I had the chance to play it at minecon, and it was amazing. \n
Jonny Jonville Jonathan
ok, a game that you NEED TO REVIEW is Beethoven's second for snes. It is horrible!
Pro Tip: Usually number one on these lists has something to do with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Makes them kind of predictable. 
dr jekyll's cane #1? just guessing...
Kawaii Girl
What about Power Stone from Mega Man 5?
Kennedy Del Rosario
we all knew that AVGN was a limited series but he will always be the first innovator in game streaming...
Los Jugadores FT
I've not seen the whole video yet. But I foresee Dr. Jekyll's cane for the big prize.
Lucario Robert
I can't remember the name f the sorry excuse for a platformer game (probably best I forgot), but I think the rock was worse in that game where you had to actually aim the rock and your swing. That game were every few steps you get dizzy and fall down or even fall down the stairs.
who else guessed that the cane in dr jekyll and mr hyde was going to be number one
Where's Marios fireball?
Michael Meloche
Michael Paliden
video games are just math tests how's that for depression\ntiming and angels
Jesus James, has your creativity run dry?
Mika Rose
So many NES games with weapons that arch over the enemies or circle around them. I dont understand how they failed so bad at this. 
Dr Jekyl seems to be on every list here lol
Otto Eulert
Goodbye AVGN…\n\nHello top 10s…*sigh*
Papa Brandon
President Snow
When I saw the title to this video, the torch from Ghosts N' Goblins instantly came to my mind.
I wonder what kind of drugs the makers of Little Red Hood were using when they made that game
Seriously? It's come to this? Clip shows?
Thumbs up if you all saw nr. 1 coming from far away.
Sammy Lane
If James here rages out like this on games,I wanna hear him rage out when someone snakes away a parking space right in front of him,hehe!!
Sanic Hegehog
I'm pretty sure a lot of us predicted the last one.
Scott Stewart
This channel is starting to suck. Top tens and j&m Monday shows aren't cutting it James.
Shind Varniss
Stephen Chase
What about Link's sword?
I actually just got an old Nintendo for Christmas. I got games like Donkey Kong, Hockey, and only one LJN game. 'Who framed Roger Rabbit?'
I'll be honest, number one was kinda predictable  ;)
The Flashmaster
We all knew the cane would be number one
someone find james more shitty games to play.back in the day he uploaded avgn reviews much more frequently.
Thomas Jenkins
easiest number 1 in top ten history.  if you don't know what it is, this has to be your first avgn video.
Torkel S H
Top 10 worst graphics, worst sounds and best running jokes
Can't wait until James reviews Google+!
From that Deadly Towers game, I noticed something very similar in Fire Emblem Awakening.  If you use Ragnell or Amatsu for indirect combat, you throw the sword.  Throw it.  That's just not right, but it is funny as hell.  
Undisclosed Username
My six year old son asked me what James was doing in the beginning to that TV. When I said changing the channel via knob to the right AV channel and he replied he should've just used his remote to switch it, I officially felt old.
Seems that Jekyll and Hyde always ends up as #1. Most of these could all be put on the same list as: Most Poorly Designed Games
Number 1 - called it! And I like how James edited out number 2 so that the cane WOULDN'T be mentioned until number 1. The edited line being \
Yep, I knew that the Cane from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is #1! :D
Van Morey
Hello SIR JAMES & Fellow Gamers! I am a devoted  AVGN fan and have been for quite some time now. I openly admit I love your twisted reviews/commentaries as always in this newer stuff, but sometimes when I'm reliving my favorite and much loved/hated early console games of the late 1980's & 90's, I find myself wondering why you don't give a little recognition to some of the most fun and worth-while games of the Sega Genesis Console...I may be wrong, but I would love it of you did a little expose on the awesomest and my MOST FAVORITE SEGA GENESIS GAME EVER MADE&PLAYED..... Shinobi III. Its a fantastic ride of a game, It even includes a shuriken Cheat Code WITHIN THE GAME itself so you never-ever run out of projectiles to throw. Its a bit of a 'bitch move' (if you suck that bad), but the programmers wouldn't have put it in there if it wasn't worth it...right? Also, the levels are smooth and sound, the soundtrack itself is memorable, awesome and worth learning to play on metal guitar. Oh, and you get to fight GODZILLA as A MECHA BOSS!!!!! Whats not to love?? If you would do an homage to this game it would make my day! I remain ever faithful to your awesomeness and bid you a very fond goodnight Sir James!!!! Props to your production team as well!!!! I'm Lovin it!!!!! (NOT McDonalds).....PS....its poison. DON'T EAT that shit........ RANDOM!!!!! \n\nVan Morey
Who knew the Cane from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde would be #1 before the video even started?
why not let the channel die?
I think we all knew what number 1 was gonna be. lol
The swords were coming out of his crotch lol!
The Cane is not able
I hope he started reviewed PS or gamecube game, I believe there are tons of bad games on that console
i notices bible games, little red hood, and jeckyl and hyde are in every one of these episodes
dark castle ?!?!?!?!?
Damn, this game is always on the top!
I think I know what number one will be
great video but i want a new Nerd episode.
I knew it.
Please review The Punisher by LJN.
I can't believe. We paid 49.99 for these games lol\n
Seriously?  Channel 3?  You gotta go channel 4, man.
Maya the Bee is dead!
nolan damico
Long live avgn!
pc zombie
took away mario ,zelda and metroid and what nes got after
Commenting before I watch it: Let me guess, the stick from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is #1? 
That last one was hard to bee-leave.
Was he drinking whiskey in the end? LOL