Found GAME MASTER Top Secret LABORATORY! (Using Spy Gadgets to Recreate Lie Detector Potion)

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Watch - Spying on GAME MASTER TOP SECRET Meeting! (Details of GM Network Underground Tunnel and Riddles) -

24 hour chad wild c... found game master in real life iphone laboratory lie detector potion recreate spy gadgets stephen sharer top secret treasure

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Love your vids Rebecca \n😜😝😋😝😛😛😝😜😋😛🤑🤑😛😝😝😜😋
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1. OMG! Maybe PP works for the GM and GM just wants to see if he is not betraying him...\n\n2. Nope...\n\n3. Maybe codes to put on the clues that you get, to open things.\n\n4. Half?
Aaron Kirabo
It has to be one of them but it seems the Game Master has hazel eyes, or blue , or green
Aaron Williams
Be careful finger prints they can c who u r x
Abbie Seath
It’s going to work
I am liking my own comment because no one else will. 😢
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I really hate the Game Master and the pumkin patch 1like 1🤜🏼 punch in the game masters face and pumkin patch face🤜🏼👺🎃
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I love you Matt and Rebecca
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The Dobre twins are not the game master but go ahead use the truth serem you'll see for your self and pluse I love your channel
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The 6th camera is the attic kinda of thing in ur cabin when u were finding ur next clue which was up in ur cabin
Asael Santos
Your face is round😅
Ava Jones
The codes in the lab kinda look like hieroglyphics?!? XD I don't know... Just a guess. Lol
Ava Stegenga
Have Tebet saw the ship
Beth Gilmer
Anyone else wondering what Code 10 means?
Beth Hardin
That ship looks like the one that Papa Jake went to.
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One like saves Rebecca and matt
Briana’s fun Chanel
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Sorry I'm watching this on NOV.10 😔
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😍😍 I’m so early! Who else is here before 50k views?\n\nEdit OMG I hope u guys are ok 😭😭
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More staged then porn
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Who is the cameramen like if you want to know
Cruztheboss2011 Get rekt
The thing you put your hands in and pelted the key out
Cynthia Aguirre
The key to my heart!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😊😂
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Zorgo diffuse 18:51
Danye Dancer
You guys are amazing and smart 😍😻
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Wowwwww, different potions!!!!\nThat’s true!!
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Rabecca the game master took matt you need to find him.......hurry.......😯😢😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😢😢
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I love your vids
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who is the camera man!!!????is this your question please give a like(nobody liked my comment so I liked it my own)
Eram Hanif
Game master is Stephen sharer!!
Erica DeJesus
Erin Cross
Erin McDonald
north north east south west north
Eva 343
That boat seems familiar to me! When Rebecca spent 24 hours in the attic, she found a picture of a boat. This boat and the boat on the picture Rebecca found it's the same! Like this comment so we can help Rebecca and Matt💞
Finlay Tooze
If I was chasing someone I would get my bff and my brother because they are very fast
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NOOOO 1 like = 1 prayer\n🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿
Galaxy Wolf005
Rebecca When You Open That Tiny Box It Was Like The 3 Times Table Because Look : 3 6 9 That Was Also The Code For The Tiny Box And Maybe It’s Also Something About The 3 Times Table Aswell
I pick Mommy Hurd
You guys Chad wild Clay is working for the game master and I know who's gay Master is what he said there's a lot more riddles and a lot more clues to find and he said that he's not I mean he's not stopping go to go on YouTube and search up Rebecca G master and you might find him it says the game master revealing his face
Jane Arthur
I have one of those black light pens except it's pink
John Smith
I love the way you editor your video on YouTube and you make an amazing video on YouTube and I love watching your video on YouTube all of your video is amazing and the game master took your hubby
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Theres proberly gonna be something behind the clocks
Kim’s Room
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I think there are numbers on the back of the clock
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Every time someone likes I will give them a🍧\n🍧
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I think the game master is mad at pumpkin patch because he lost the camera thing
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Wait.... Wait wait wait,I think PROJECT ZORGO is working with the game master
Libby Allison
Lilly Maietta
Every like every time the game master gets beat up
Louise Thomas
My basement just flooded
Mark lowry
Where is the camera that Rebecca and matt were recording of themselves
Mikaela Gomez
whos watching this video after schoool☝3:00
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That boat is the boat that's on the picture in your attic video
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Noodle TheQueen
Omg this is so intense and I can’t believe all of this is happening
Papa Jake
This lab looks similar to project Zorgo! Could they be linked? :O
Poppy H
You would see something
Rachel Ward
13:05 the yellow liquid looks like urine!😂
First time watching this show
Code 10
Robert Pearson
Why when he snapped his fingers you got a right but every time I called 10 or not but he's the only one that when he snapped his fingers you got out of it
Game Master Network Activated :D
Sahaana Raj
Samz YT
Umm... This is weird but... Outside my class (5c)it says something and in the end\n\n\n\n\n\nZEN!!!
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I hope Matt and Rebecca are ok \nI like = 1 punch on the GM's face 👊\n\nEdit: Thank you all Soo much for the likes, I've never gotten Soo many likes
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noooo GAME MASTER I AM SO MAD AT YOU! RETURN MATT AND REBECCA!!!!!! RIGHT NOW! THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!!! let them live! please, whatever you do please don't do something wrong with them... I hope Matt and Rebecca stay safe!!!!!!\nedit: guys who liked this and replied to this comment... let's give the game master what he deserves and let's show matt and Rebecca how much we love them! :) #zamfam GO ZAMFAM GO ZAMfAM! \nEDIT:IVE NEVER GOT SO MANY LIKES!!!!! GO ZAMFAM GO ZAM FAM GO ZAMFAM
Shaunae Coombes
When is this going to end I want blogs and running vids again please and challenges not including game master please no hate but I'm sick of it now I feel like it's set up
Shuchi Bhadoria
Sonia Mireille
The pickcur of the ship is from papa jake's video
Stephen Sharer
Rebecca that top secret camera is spying on my backyard pond!! 😱
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!!!!!! Everybody Like👍👍!!!!!!!! Rebecca your last video has been deleted the gamemaster deleted it I think.
Trinity Scott My Life
Who is watching this after school \n\nLike if you are
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Game master this not a game return Matt and Rebeca
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da ma mastr jas camras ender jemes wahingiu
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Roses are red \nViolets are blue \nWhy is the game master so mean to you? \n\nGive me a thumbs up if you don’t like the game master
aisha salman
Am i the only one who thinks the camera man might be the gamemaster.Cuz i mean he never helps them , and remember when rebecca was in jail with stevenshare , the camera man could have helped them get the key from out side and when matt was chasing pumkin patch he just stode their even when he could have gotten if you agree!🤔
aneeka Matadar
Sry Rebecca but now I'm getting a little suspective even the camera man was there y didn't he faint\nAnd how did u know the exact correct order of the alphabet from the reality camera
anika shori
I think it is stephen sharer and grace sharer
ayah elbejane
i would search for the game master\n replay papa jake stephen sharer and chad wild clay if you agree
buddy :3
10 things i know about you\n1. you know who rebecca zamolo is\n2. you know matt is NOT the game master\n3. you are reading this\n4. you know matt has glasses\n5. you are still reading this\n6. you wish you were famous\n7. you didn’t realize i skipped 5\n8. you just looked at 5\n9. you realized that i was lying i didn’t miss 5\n10. you aren’t actually laughing you are just breathing out of your nose\n\ndid i get you? like and comment if yes 😃
cecilia valencia
when will you ever find out who is the game master
charles tutt
That Really makes no sense to him to do that when they are talking to each other about what they do and how
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Put the blacklight in the back of the clock
Who else hates the game master at like if you do 😡
issa_qxeen_ Kayla
I will add a♥every time I get a like\n♥
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I see something with a black light
project zorgo is on the toilet
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Becaus they hate each other
summer vibes GM
Sorry I'm so sorry I'm so nervous I really am trying to talk size but it's BTS tech talk with 3 Aces