Found GAME MASTER Top Secret LABORATORY! (Using Spy Gadgets to Recreate Lie Detector Potion)

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We created a mysterious mixture by solving abandoned riddles.▶ Help Rebecca Zamolo and Matt solve clues!

24 hour chad wild c... found game master in real life iphone laboratory lie detector potion recreate spy gadgets stephen sharer top secret treasure

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Love your vids Rebecca \n😜😝😋😝😛😛😝😜😋😛🤑🤑😛😝😝😜😋
Abbie Seath
It’s going to work
Addyson Czerwinski
For the direction lock
Adriana Quintana
I really hate the Game Master and the pumkin patch 1like 1🤜🏼 punch in the game masters face and pumkin patch face🤜🏼👺🎃
Alecea A
I think there will be something on the back of the clock
AllAroundHaley x
Guys you should Catch the game master!! ❤️Btw be safe!! ❤️
Aylin Montiel
Yes and that's 24 hours in your attic the Gamemaster was there whatever you did Tik tok his face was everywhere not everywhere but he was coming in your video but I think you already knew that which I already saw the video well you better watch out with the game master because he I don't know if he's good or not
Battlemage xy2000
What are the liquids? Water, sodium pentothal, other weird chemicals?!
Bcassidy 0401
Blanca Rincon
One like saves Rebecca and matt
Britain Griffin
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😍😍 I’m so early! Who else is here before 50k views?\n\nEdit OMG I hope u guys are ok 😭😭
Carmela Gallardo
Nooo game master is mean
Chloe Cunnings
Who is the cameramen like if you want to know
Christopher Johnson
They left the iPad there
Christy Stafford
The drino will
Claire Garnett
they didnt notice the flashing light?! there was a box that said in the backround get the f**** out uhhhhh
Connor van Heerden
Hope they are save!
Cruztheboss2011 Get rekt
The thing you put your hands in and pelted the key out
Cynthia Aguirre
The key to my heart!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😊😂
Denny Webb
Roki is punkin pach
Diane Cindy
Rocky is pumpkin patch
Dylan S
I love your vids
Ed Caban
I'm scared of the Gamemaster captures you
Eileen Li
Ella Paganoni
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Emiliano Guzman
Enayet Rana
who is the camera man!!!????is this your question please give a like(nobody liked my comment so I liked it my own)
Eva 343
That boat seems familiar to me! When Rebecca spent 24 hours in the attic, she found a picture of a boat. This boat and the boat on the picture Rebecca found it's the same! Like this comment so we can help Rebecca and Matt💞
Fahmida mowree
Gmethe yothevedotheisfepetzaheda
Foofi Foofington
You are good at math
Gracie & Ellie
Rocky is punkin patch ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Hamza gaming
it is the same bumpkin patche i recitenis it in the last video
Hayden COUCH
Isabella Kafrouni
Ismael Zavala
I think theres a number
Jaanai Hernández
I will ad a for every like
Jane Arthur
I have one of those black light pens except it's pink
Joni Nosek Teachman
those weird pictures on the ground was on the glass you two were getting the keys from
Kattie Browning
I think the letters are for the arrow lock cuz north south east west
Kim’s Room
Krystal Annable
I know who the game master is
Lauren Gordon
Every time someone likes I will give them a🍧\n🍧
Lauren Pancic
Have you guys ever thought that the game master is watching you even though you have the monitor cause how else would he know when to cue things opening
Libby Allison
LifeOf Lee
Attic phote boat
Light gacha girl Briana Jimenez Perez!
Louise Thomas
My basement just flooded
Maria Herlinda Sanchez
Yes Drano
Maryam Barakat
There is a camera watching you Rebecca and Matt
Maxine Gonzalez
You got this
Mia Caranza
There is something behind the clock
Mia Marines
There is going to be something with the black light
Mikaela Gomez
whos watching this video after schoool☝3:00
Natalia Clowney
Natasha Hayes
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Nikki B
I think pumpkin patch is working with the game master
Noodle TheQueen
Omg this is so intense and I can’t believe all of this is happening
Pam Loves Carter
Papa Jake
This lab looks similar to project Zorgo! Could they be linked? :O
Pat Jeal
Pumpkin patch is Rocky your friend who has a YouTube channel
Puiu Soos
Random life
NNESWN = North North East South West North
Remi Whitham
The ship is called the cutie sark and its in london
Richard Diamond
I did
Samantha Sparks
Sanya Sethi
I hope Matt and Rebecca are ok \nI like = 1 punch on the GM's face 👊\n\nEdit: Thank you all Soo much for the likes, I've never gotten Soo many likes
Sarah Barrera
noooo GAME MASTER I AM SO MAD AT YOU! RETURN MATT AND REBECCA!!!!!! RIGHT NOW! THIS IS SERIOUS!!!!!! let them live! please, whatever you do please don't do something wrong with them... I hope Matt and Rebecca stay safe!!!!!!\nedit: guys who liked this and replied to this comment... let's give the game master what he deserves and let's show matt and Rebecca how much we love them! :) #zamfam GO ZAMFAM GO ZAMfAM! \nEDIT:IVE NEVER GOT SO MANY LIKES!!!!! GO ZAMFAM GO ZAM FAM GO ZAMFAM
Sonya Williams
That ship 🚢 is from when you tried to get a clue box 📦 out of the water 💦 and out had to jump in and un tie it
Stephen Sharer
Rebecca that top secret camera is spying on my backyard pond!! 😱
Tatiana Olivares
Team Noelle
Tracy Saponara
yes that is the same place as PumpkinPatch's hide out
Trinity and the family My Life
Who is watching this after school \n\nLike if you are
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Vickie Phillips
that is the boat when u jumped into the water and I saw it so u think I am right
Youtube Girlz
Roses are red \nViolets are blue \nWhy is the game master so mean to you? \n\nGive me a thumbs up if you don’t like the game master
Zoya Nazir
N= North E=East S=South W=West
ayah elbejane
i would search for the game master\n replay papa jake stephen sharer and chad wild clay if you agree
buddy :3
10 things i know about you\n1. you know who rebecca zamolo is\n2. you know matt is NOT the game master\n3. you are reading this\n4. you know matt has glasses\n5. you are still reading this\n6. you wish you were famous\n7. you didn’t realize i skipped 5\n8. you just looked at 5\n9. you realized that i was lying i didn’t miss 5\n10. you aren’t actually laughing you are just breathing out of your nose\n\ndid i get you? like and comment if yes 😃
cg squad
We learn thos words in block 4 like for they can see this
charles tutt
That Really makes no sense to him to do that when they are talking to each other about what they do and how
cstreem gaming
Who else hates the game master at like if you do 😡
karl Aikey
I saw cameras in the lab
Use the black light on the back of the 🕰
miss krafty katelyn
Smthing on the back of the clock
naomi santiago
Becaus they hate each other
pilar perez
Í hate you game Master
summer vibes GM
Sorry I'm so sorry I'm so nervous I really am trying to talk size but it's BTS tech talk with 3 Aces
How does she know the exact places of matts letters???