WTF? - Vines Compilation February/2017 Updated

200mph / 321.8kmhMy life in a vineHappy valentine's day :)))Me Every Monday Morning.WeekendHappy MondayMy life in 6 secondsWeekend!Really wtf ?Baldness treatment failAmanda CernyWhen your crush texts you firsttsunamiOmg! !!Opss!!What's the purpose?What?The best place to relax is on a mother’s faceDo you trust your friend?People in Amsterdam be likeThis is what i want to do in traffic jamSurpriseDon't trust boys whenever...When i sing foreign language songsWe are best friends forever...That's why nobody likes teachersf*ckJust an ordinary day in RussiaHi honeyWho wants to try this?I'm okHow to get rid of traffic jamLet's do it togetherWhen i'm at home alone and someone knocks on the doorFearless daddyIt's okFirst rule of being a dancer: - go to toilet before dance!I love my workWould you like to try?Because i'm so hungry...OmgRelatableUnidentified Flying Object!This girl is on fire...Is this real or fake?wtf too long, isn't it?Because we are best friendsHuman bowlingHappy endingfunny cowsBest way to give up smokingAll we need is relaxation...Don't forget to close your windowsAmazing footballAmazing pool trickSomeone is late to a meetingSo cooolI want this girl☝Is this real or fakewtf Mom smells lovelyThank God, friday at last!I love my brother sooo muchNice trickwtf I love sportsScare camwtf omg!wtf Come On And Dancewtf i'm gonewtf Who would like to try thishaha

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26:30 👇
Airsoft Randomness
6:34 well that was lucky :D
Ajdo Halil
28:56, that literally got stuck in my head for the rest of the day in school. Thanks so much. 😑
Alise Meirane
20:50 me at 2am walking to the toilet
13:51 sick
Music 2:47?
Anna Nimmous
8:05 it's so wierd how dogs look SO much bigger than they actually are because of their fur.
Astizi Ruz
5:48 oh my god, hahaha
Awesome Riders
2:05 I can't stop replaying I'm pissed off
Aιѕнι Vαи Yυмιкσ
Can I get the video and music at 26:11?
BRO The Fabulous
14:38 ur welcome
Benedita Barrozo
1:25 Br kkkkkkkk e ainda eh biba kkk
Bing Tran
It's so funny
2:17 If anyone's wondering, that's fake. You can see the man reeling the snake toy with a fishing pole in the shadow
Chi Chi Paige
Woooohhhh that turtle or tortes gave me a heat attach I fell of my bed!!!
Crazy Slime Dude
11:04 I feel so bad for that kid
Cuteness is my Middle Name
FREE REPLAYS lol I wanna fit in \n\n00:01\n00:01\n00:01\n00:01
5:40 what's name the movie
Da Wae
Nevermind the ads\nNevermind the buffer\nBut when the ads buffer\n\nI suffer
Dakimakura Stile
0:59 plz what song? I don't remember :(
Danielle Lucy
So funny what is wrong with that cat
00:00 - 28:45 *WTF*?
Demir Pantolon
24:52 \
Donna Moscato
2:17 is fake hey hooked it to a fishing role
Duncan Price
4:03,25:00 i got scared too much :D
Elizabeth Smith
26:04 I fricking shat my pants
Felix Karlzen
24:20 this is what I think my roommate does when he steals ma food.
7:31 when you realize it’s Friday
Fãs da Moonkase
Br? 2018?
Gabriel Alves
Song please 10:16
Gail Fisher
🌸 was that a prank with flying shit from arse in elevator......couldn’t stop laughing my arse off 😂\n\nLady with cat who caught a mouse, gosh can kitty did that once we all ran out screaming 😳\n\nOk that poor kid with skate and bond fire.....can’t watch any more 🤮
Grizzly Paws Lps /Scar
My mom when someone takes he parking spot 2:24
GökTürk Mapper [Timur] [Silah] [MKG]
1:36 de Gta 50 Çikarsa almaya giderken ben
Infinity Wolf
If you pause the video and go to 10:45 and then wait until the boy jumps and right before he hits the bed skip ten seconds back!
3:35 Lol this is perfect to watch when Halloween is near, like if u agree!
Jesse Infante
3:36 when I pop a zit
Joey Joe
8:05 the dog!!! so fluffy
John Taylor
27:13 what the hell is happening here 😂
Jonathan Canas vlogs
3:04 is so funny like if u agree
Julissey Martinez
2:16 fake very fake\nEdit: focus on the shadows
Julius Jr. Labastida
9:39 when I see the test results of my exam and I got a failing score
Kamiel Ceulemans
7:10 when you feed 1 cat
Karla 13
Kat TheFox
Kawaii Kodomo Kun :3
This one is so cute 🌸🎀❤️❤️ 4:23
Keyri JuarezDiaz
thats me 9:14
Kodaa_ AJ
When my mom wakes me up then I try to stand 4:30\nI also died at 7:51 😂😂😂
Kokoro’s Best Girl
I wish I could wake up to 10 cats meowing at my door
Kyle Hunter
Kỵ sĩ Bóng đêm
22:21 savage level 99999!
Lafaye Bell
The wrong
Livai Ackerman
11:06 😂😂😂
Marija Anna Skutele
7:08 AWWWWW I WANT THEM TK BE MINE !! How much money for all of them? MAN THOSE CAT VINES ARE SO CUTEE😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😻😻😻😘😘😍😍😻😻😘😘😍😍
Martha Osorio
like por la música electrónica🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍
10:23 this is a different type of porno
Nahalie Cakes
Mad cat
Nhox Winx03
26:09 what is that, is this real?
4:29 Me trying to do math in the morning XD
Oh !WOW!
Olamide Kuku da Silva Ogunbanjo
Pepe Arizal
Siempre quise una amiga como Kelly... (22:44)
Raya TB
the dog taking a selfie was like: \n\
18:48 un-stopable
Rufan Naghiyev
1:01 song name please
Sarocha Yuwphrm
8:14 😆😆😆😆
Seba gameplay
Vines are dead it time to stop just stop
ShoelessSundae ShubWub
20:31 me when i saw that left over pizza in the fridge
Mas oq kkk
TheREal CErtified G
2:13 when you play too much assassin's Creed
Theresa T
why the hell would someone post someone getting hit by a car as a Vine.
Tina Ned
Tm Ss
26:17 i can do that to u know
TrustMe I HaveNoName
13:04...tell me what you hear.\nDogs...\nCats...\nMah the faa kar....😂😂😂
Tv Jumana # #
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل فيكم يا فاسقين
Vg Addict
13:03 3rd question\n*CORRECT*
Yan Lucas
Song 1:42?
a person
12:16 yeah because having a seizure is funny.... Oh and animals getting hurt. Hilarious... Oh don't even get me started of the ones where people get lit on fire, SOOO funny
ahmed bejaoui
what is the name of the song in 1:02
broken solar panel
22:07 mythbusters truck wedge.
ii Smilezzz
its age restricted😂 i cant watch it
invisble couch
8:39 that red block annoys me like if you agree
kat cat Destruction
5:49 logic
krzysztof wywrot
8.56 is very god
What's the song at 1:00
na ní
17:17 No
nova 6
Every kid now days 20:44
pica pica Aggcr
sunshine n lollipops
That champaign( don't know the right spelling) was the definition of unlucky
uncle sasha
2й канал ◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️◀️
Ó filósofo Maluco
0:19 Song?
Μαριαλένα Παπαϊωάννου
8:16 for some reason I can't stop laughing!
Алексей Малышко
26:01 ЧТО ЭТО НА ХУЙ ЗА ДИЧЬ ТАКАЯ?!?!?!?!?!?!? WTF!?!?!?!?
Динара Кузьмина
Бляять... чё за хрень 😂
أميرة نفسيات
2:47 عربي يازينا في كل مكان العرب لايك😂😙😙