PS3 Super Slim Vs PS3 Slim 2018

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23 RED RATS - Dawid Ozdoba
PS3 win
Abraheem Abraheem
the ps3 slim is perfect and ps3 super slim is more perfect but the ps3 slim is very good too and the best game is Mortal Kombat and wwe 2k17 and tekken tag turnament 2 and god of war 3 and resident evil 5 and hukotu no ken and asissan,s creed . thank you everyone WE ARE THE A-R-M
Acix TV
Ps3 slim 500gb good.
I still use my ps3 slim. Mine came with modern warfare 3.
André Schwabe
The Phat and Slim Version are much better in my opinion. The Super Slim feels and looks cheap.
Anish pariyar
Ps3 slim best
Arthur Rodrigues
Big TomatoHead Pizza
I have the slim
Black Nightbot
2018 Omg 7u7
Blue Strike
I prefer the Slim, it's more sexy
Boss Siamang8784
Super slim
Brex Pratama
Bryce Barnette
I'll never buy another PS3 that can't play PS2 games.
Cevdet Karakaplan
Ya benim ps3 de 18 tane oyunum var hayırdır
Comedy James
I can’t connect the ps3. Controller to the console ....!!!!
I like your African American accent bro also this video is more helpful and you gave me some info about ps3 super slim but ps3 super slim have 500gb storage right ?
Daljit Singh
ps 3 slim is better
David Jordan
Ps3 super slim
David Poirier
You hope you made the decision for me. I hope otherwise. But in the end this information was still helpful. Thank you.
Dequan Wilder
PS3 slim super is more awsome then PS3 slim my ungle have the PS3 slim and it's totally mess up so.....ya but PS3 slim. Super more better I been having for 2 yrs and still good to go but I'm waiting on the ps5 now that wat I wanted to see uwu
Dionis Krasniqi
Dj Ruush
Drakul Gudoldayz
Boom shakalakaaa.....
does it matter which console is lighter, smaller, shorter how shiny it is or where the freaking console it placed? who gives a f...? what matters is one more reliable and durable than the other? is one more easily maintained as far as cleaning the interior or keeping the laser clean? All the other talk is a waist of time
Elking ali
l have a ps3 slim ch2××× \nThis good?
Eren Engin
Super slim❤
Boom shakalaka \n\n\n\n\n\n\nAmerican version of russia hacker
super slim
Glitch boy12 vlog
The name is not ps3 slim 2 is ps3 super slim
Green_boy 01
I have a file or Ted and when it’s don’t it goes black restarts and says it again
Ice Phoenix
I vote for the one whi named ps3
Jean Santiago
PS3 FAT CECHA01 is the best PS2 compatibility.
Jeronim XD
PS3 super slim my console
Joe Lawrence
nice video man
John Ducket
Nice video man,thanks making this.Noe i got a better idea on which one to get my nephew
Joseph Aporeigah
Josh Mcnair
Good video bro
Jyoti Prasad Das
I have PS3 super silm it is very good
Que inglés tan raro jajaja
Karnati Harish
Who is watching in 2018✋✋
Karon Steve
Ps3 super slim is best in world
I prefer the super slim
Krome Taylor
Awesome vid .. bro
M Yasin
My ps3 slim worked very slow in tekken tag 2 then i bought super slim it has the same problem what should I do?
Matthew Ross
The PS3 Slim 2 has an eject button on the front, close to the middle of the system. You press the button and the door opens. I'm sure just grabbing the door and sliding it open will eventually cause it to break.
Messaoudi Mehamed
Michel Baldeh
yay just fine by me
Milo TV
And Boom shakalaka🤷🏾\u200d♂️😅
Nemanja Tomić
Boom shaka laka there we go
Nesty LeBoss
The super slip don't look like quality...
Nicolas Maravilha
ps3 slim
Olga Snow
Nice Material Finish? TF is That?
Orlando Cabrera
I just recently found a ps3 slim brand new with box and all from a garage sale .\nThese old couple had it for years and rarely use it! Only when grandkids would come and that wasn’t many times. \n30 bucks no scratches brand new!
Peter McJackass
Idk I got the ps3 slim2 from last years Black Friday sale, but I preferred the 1st just cause there's much more accessories available for it
Randomthingz2show Randomthingz2show
Prefer the slim isn't rushed to the point till it's cheap and unreliable.same thing if your looking for an Xbox 360 to get,get slim version.same with ps4 the slim version has proven to be better in everyway than the base.same goes for xbox one,slim model is smaller,faster,4k streaming and quieter.\n\nSlim model of any console is best.
Recces Puffs
I love the original PS3 slim the one with the LED lights for both eject and power button love the style love the look \nPS3 Super Slim \nToo Loud \nI don't like the way it looks \nIt feels cheap
Retro Brain
2018 and was posted on 2013? Lol anyway nice video!
Rupert Garcellano
You didn'nt disscus the wattage of the ps3 slim and super slim\nThe slim consume 170~200 watts coz its 110~125 v.\nThe super slim consume less wattage 75 ~100watts 220v \nAnd its not right that you did not press the eject button of the superslim you just slide it \nit will cause to break \nIt is design to press the button of the cd cover to open it
Rury Enriquez
I like the ps3 slim better, one thing I didn’t like about the super slim is the sliding part
Saad ცouabid
So can you play the same games on both ps3
PS3 Slim is still the best designed PS so far.
Sameer Md
ps3 slim is best lookig
Scott Darby
Super slim is a horrible console! Look at the state of it
Give the slim any day. Over the cheap super slim.
Shifa Subidha
How much memory does the both contains??..
Ps3 60GB is like Ps4 500GB
Snorre -
I dont Care about the 80% you say
StarM20 Da Gamer
Ps3 super slim is terrible because it’s made out of cheap material
Sulochana Jagannath
Ps3slim is better
Susan Ti
I love you ps3
Ps3 super slim
Tara Gonzalez
I have the newest ps3
Tawhid Ibrahim
I prefer ps3 super slim is better
Tech 24/7
good choic....
Titan games
Tom Tabletop
The Super Slim is basically the same but slimmer, and cheaper. Not gonna lie, I used to have a regular ps3 slim but I think that if I had that now I wouldnt be able to fit it anywhere. The super slim is better for me, despite feeling cheap because it is also easier to swap discs which I like.
Why are u saying 2018 if u uploaded this video in 2013?!?!
Victor Laguna
Great info., thanks for making this video. 👍🏼
Wasiq afnan ansari
Can i play ps2 games on ps3 slim 160 gb
Zarrar Khan
Best console ever excellent then the Xbox luv the PS3
arie pramudia
demas bro tv
Шоя тут забыл
everythingplaystation 34
the best playstation is slim is faster than all
gta harcos
Ps3 slim
joe ham
what about ps3 super pig ?
jpointhfighter fighter
I love the video more and review 😄😊
juanita taylor
kaan 5100 player
İ like PS3 slim = jailtbreak ps3 ultra slim no jailtbreak
nafis gaming 852
like ke 135 komentar ke 45
o o
I have an ps3 slim 1 so I choose it
rami said
ronald henson
the phat ps3 and the ps3 slim get ylod the ps3 super slim is more reliable
WTF is this video? A recognize things show for adults? I thought blue from blue’s clues was about to pop out! Cech2501 fo life!
waqar nasir
Who is the best please tell me
yasser-ab -gamer
pS3 slim like
Boom chakalaka !!! 😂😂 nice.
Ömer Faruk Öztaş
Slim giid nice