The Game Master! SuperHeroKids the Mystery Box! Box Fort Teleport Pt 2

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The Game Master is still after the kids and this time they need extra help! This time the kids receive a mystery box! The kids teleport in their box fort to the SuperHeroKids and enlist their help in solving the clues and the mystery. The kids embark on another fun adventure to gather the clues to unlock the mystery box. This time, they travel to Halloween Town! Watch as they solve the puzzles and find the clues, but they have to be really careful not to wake up any of the inhabitants of the town!The SuperHero Kids were so fun to work with in this collab, team up video. They are the nicest people in the world and we are so grateful for this awesome opportunity to film with them. Thanks so much SuperHeroKids!Check out all of the other awesome videos by SuperHeroKids here:

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The pad lock to the chest is halloween
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It was so fun to do this video with SuperHeroKids! They are the coolest and nicest people in the world! Hope you enjoy this fun video!
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