Escape the Game Master! SuperHero Kids Searching Abandoned Town Clue! Mysterious Project Zorgo!

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Escape the Game Master! SuperHero Kids & Searching Abandoned Town Clue! Mysterious Project Zorgo! The Game Master is still after the kids and this time they need extra help! This time the kids receive a mystery box and a clue! The kids teleport in their box fort to the SuperHero Kids (SHK or Super Hero Kids) and enlist their help in solving the clues and the mystery. The kids embark on another fun adventure to gather the clues to unlock the mystery box. This time, they travel to Halloween Town! Watch as they solve the puzzles, riddles and find the clues. They have to be really careful not to wake up any of those that live in the abandoned town!The Game Master is at it again! The Kids Fun TV kids and their fun squad love solving each mystery the Game Master gives to them! The Game Master and Project Zorgo are always leaving lots of mysterious clues in hidden places! The kids love exploring abandoned places like the Game Masters mansion any of his other secret places. To solve the mystery of the Project Zorgo, the kids must solve the riddles and find each clue to find their way out of each escape room. The Game Master has lots of top secret gadgets and even a new camera to spy on everyone. Are the kids able to escape the game? Only if they can use their awesome ninja skills! While searching, the kids find lots of spy gadgets, which they think are owned by the gamemaster from his safe house. The escape rooms are fun to watch and see if the kids can solve each of the clues and puzzles. The Game Master is very sneaky, but the kids can usually figure out how to escape the room.The kids love the adventure of searching for the next Game Master gadget, mystery box, safe or house. Could the Game Master be the spy in real life (IRL) that the kids found while exploring abandoned places? The kids do love to explore all of the clues left behind by the Game Master (GM). Keep an eye out for the hidden Zorgo security camera!Keep an eye out to see if the kids can unmask the Game Master (for an awesome face reveal) and end Project Zorgo once and for all!These 2019 videos for kids are a lot of fun and pg. The Kids Fun TV kids love to have family fun with these fun videos for children. The boys and girls (and the Fun Squad twins) collaborate together like ninjas to chase the Game Master and to try to solve his clues and riddles. These Game Master videos are a lot of fun and are family friendly. The funny kids love the games and other challenges the Game Master gives to them to solve his mysteries. The videos are funny skits for the family. Children and adults will all like the fun mysteries and adventures these funny kids embark on.Keep a close eye out for some of the other fun YouTube channels that have kids in our Game Master videos. We have done some fun collabs with Superhero Kids (SHK or Superherokids or Super Hero Kids) and also Ninja Kidz TV (Ninja Kidz or Ninja Kids). The Game Master tries sometimes to distract the kids with a toy, but watch to see if the kids fall for his tactics with the toys.Whether its an escape room, or puzzles, or riddles, or hidden clues, or mysteries, the Kids Fun TV kids are ready to solve the mystery and save the day from the sneaky Game Master!The SuperHero Kids were so fun to work with in this collab, team up video. They are the nicest people in the world and we are so grateful for this awesome opportunity to film with them. Thanks so much SuperHero Kids for the fun collaboration!Check out all of the other awesome videos by SuperHeroKids here:

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