Nerf War: Smashers 2

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Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this videoNerf War: Smashers 2 is brought to you by Twin Toys.In this episode of Twin Toys, Eli and Liam are playing with their series 1 smashers until Dad brings in the new series 2 set and now the smasher party has really begun. Everything is going fine until Mommy gets home holding a mystery bag. Dad finds out what was in the mystery bag but it was too late since he is now trying to crawl over to the twins telling them to suit up since Mommy just go him. After the kids suit up, they run into the living room to see mommy protecting all of her smashers series 2 collectibles with an upgraded rhino fire blaster. Will the kids be able to avenge Dad and show mom that everyone can share and play together? Who will win in yet another action packed PBT Nerf war?Smashers Series 2 will be in Target and Walmart in the US at the end of October! Smash the ball, and collect them all! There are over 100 gross Smashers to collect including super rares, glow in the dark characters, and slime surprises.)

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Aaron Paul Salarda
All that for a smasher
Abel Berhe
The war will return
Aida Sakr
oh no
Akwardpro AP
Amadeus Davis
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Amy Chapman
i think that is the gloa smasher
Antoine Allen
Hope they come out with a big place of Smashers this video was unbelievable love you 😎💜😘🎧🎮📦🏀👾🍘
Asma Patel
Twins tous I like your videos veru much 😇🤗☺😍😍😎 i have some question about you how money 💲💰did you spend on all this nerf gun
Nice you guys 12 to comment
These videos that sponsor toys make me want to collect them.
Brenda Eichsteadt
Oh yeah that person in the picture isn't me I'm a boy.
Brett's riddell
YOU GUYS ARE SO AWSOME ELI LIAM AND DAD AND MUM IVE BEEN A FAN FOR 6 years please can I have a shout out from Blake
Butter God
Since when is dad good and mom bad?
Camron Show
Captain Sharky
Why did you eat that elm
Chee the frog
Who else has seen some people on musicly ruin some Vida lol no wonder they sold it wasn't worth their time 😂😂👌👌
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Cristian Morales
Hi Eli and leam
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Ur the best
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Love the videos!!!!!
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Twin toys your funny and awesome 😎
Fatou Kane
But my cousin stole it
Flower Twins
Are you friends with Ethan Coley ninja kids
Harlem Randle
Hayden Bierbaum
When are you guys going to do another new Nerf war video on fortnight if you don't clean up your room and you and you eat too much cookies and said cookies just plain she would
Henry Tong
This is not the end but the beginning
Herman Thornell
HiHaHe Nerf War
good video
Hutch Tube
Man ist so cool
Wow great detail I love it ;D I subbed
Jake Plays Games
How did you guys even clean this up like 10 minutes or so like if you agree
Jeramiah Dabney
Subcribed and notifacasin squad
Jessica Lomax
Can you do a new video
Jimenez Andres
Do nerf war chuckle vs the other clowns
Jose Vargas
can you guys can do a 4 part of smashers
Kay Gray
I❤️❤️ your videos
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Kyle Etchison
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Great Video
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lol funny
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Messias Neto
Twin toy legedary
Michguy5 GD
1like on this comment=1 smasher ball saved
Mr. Doge _
This was great a twist of roleplays now u guys have to get ur mom and not ur dad what a twist
Mylan Brown
I always watch your videos everyday after school
I wish you made the vids like those 1 and 2 years ago
Nathan Aderman
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Like to this very nice video
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I really like your videos
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That is so funny that you do
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you guys are funny
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Amazing video once again 👍👍👍👍🤑🤑
Priscilla Cavazos
You should make more videos about zombie with make but if you don't have to go that's fine make more videos about Star Wars and zombies again you got Star Wars gun guns then I'll give you life then I'll give you like Liam and Eli bye
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Ran Yanovich
Can I get 2 likes please
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I am new to the channel
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Roblox Playz 2019
Bosses\n1) Liam \n2)mommy
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How much wood would a wood chop chop if the wood chop could chop wood?
Sam Hunter
Hi I am Sam it was good
Sarwar667 gaming
Good video
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Stop Lego
1:45 i wonder who this vid is sponsered by
Tania Parent
Do smashers 3\nPlease!!!!
The Network
Wait but they are f ing Nerf darts not fing smashers
Thomas Harris
do another smasher video and If you could give me a strife nerf gun with attachments that would be awesome. I'm becoming a nerf youtuber and it would help so much. If so thanks
Timothy and Luke vlogs
1 like =1 prayer for there mum
Tristen gms
Why don't you say PBT all the way anymore
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Nice videos
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cool like if you agree
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Do more nerf time mail time mayhem
XtremeXD Gaming
Wow I’m pretty old to watch this but I love these videos
Xx Space xX
When u get caught watching some porn lmaoooooo 1:31 (kids don’t search porn it is adult stuff lmao)
Zaena Studivant
Nice guys more SMASHERS☺😃😄
evan kathol
gaming-with drew
Gameing-with drew
jeffrey dempster
I love your video
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0:23 he farted
hi. gis I am. a. fan
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Hi guys
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You guys make the best videos and this is from Montezes and I think you guys make the best videos in the world
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You guys are the best I love your videos
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Hey twin toys your videos are cool 😎😎😎😎
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Sis am your biggest fan
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Do a prison escape video pls also I liked your video