Nerf War: Smashers 2

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Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this videoNerf War: Smashers 2 is brought to you by Twin Toys.In this episode of Twin Toys, Eli and Liam are playing with their series 1 smashers until Dad brings in the new series 2 set and now the smasher party has really begun. Everything is going fine until Mommy gets home holding a mystery bag. Dad finds out what was in the mystery bag but it was too late since he is now trying to crawl over to the twins telling them to suit up since Mommy just go him. After the kids suit up, they run into the living room to see mommy protecting all of her smashers series 2 collectibles with an upgraded rhino fire blaster. Will the kids be able to avenge Dad and show mom that everyone can share and play together? Who will win in yet another action packed PBT Nerf war?Smashers Series 2 will be in Target and Walmart in the US at the end of October! Smash the ball, and collect them all! There are over 100 gross Smashers to collect including super rares, glow in the dark characters, and slime surprises.)

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I love your vids, keep up babysitter and boys vs girls
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The war will return
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Do you actually like smashers
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Hope they come out with a big place of Smashers this video was unbelievable love you 😎💜😘🎧🎮📦🏀👾🍘
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This video is awesome 👏 great job guys
These videos that sponsor toys make me want to collect them.
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You are the best
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Since when is dad good and mom bad?
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Hello eli and Liam
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that was CRAZY and that look'd fun i wish i was you guy
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How did you guys even clean this up like 10 minutes or so like if you agree
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This was great a twist of roleplays now u guys have to get ur mom and not ur dad what a twist
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I always watch your videos everyday after school
I wish you made the vids like those 1 and 2 years ago
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They to make really large guns that mix many of the shooting options all together.
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U copy extreme toys lol
Are you friends with Ethan Coley ninja kids
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Wait but they are f ing Nerf darts not fing smashers
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