Godsmack- Love-Hate-Sex-Pain (Off of the Oracle!)

Godsmack's newest song, "Love-Hate-Sex-Pain" off of their upcoming album "The Oracle" out May 4th. Get pumped up! This song was released on April 6.100k views July, 9th

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Anna Scott
I love this song😊
BaDKarma 14
HEAVY kick a$$ song!
Bailey Goldman
I love godsmack
Benjie Fields
When you mad at each other make up and have mad passionate sex
Billie Shanks
Love this fucking song!
Black Puma
Blake Smith
This used to play on the radio in 2010 or 2011 i was 9 at the time and I love this song now at 14
Brandon Davidson
love hate sex pain its underestimated life and i wonder lol
Camille Jordan
love Godsmack!
Candace Allen
My all time favorite band. Love Sully's voice.
Cassandra Wardrop
I love get f--ked to loud music with good ads beats n this song does it hands down
Chang Bai
Love it
Chico G Peneaux
Still playing in 2019
Christopher Love
That opening was pure epic when i was little \n...well still is ;-;
Colton Allen
just found that my ex girl is more than just a hoe
Corina Castaneda
God damn it's fukin hot
Crystal Jackson
I like having sex to this song it's great
Crystal Nicodemus
I dount like you like you stop like ing me and go look that Mary Flynn become I. Dount like that. Go. Cary a tow Mary not me I dount like you you. That.
David Thomits
great song
Debbie Wright
This ios my favorite, three words that go hand in hand...dont you think?
Dee Chargualaf
This is what I totally love about you .\nEsa michelle Mullins.Ps this is someone else's phone and e mail
Even more badass in 1.25 speed
Eduardo McGhaney
My favorite song from Godsmack!!!
El Barto
Любовь, ненависть, секс, боль...великолепно!
Fergus Johnston
I grew up to this but I forgot about until today I was watching songs and I came across this and I was like holy shit I remember this from when I was 6
Gail Eaton
Sully Sexy as Hell
Gary Olson
GodSmack.....love this song.....
AIC influence is exceptionally strong with this one
Greg Zavala
This was the order of my relationships before I got married. It was great but wouldn't go back, keeping track of all the lies was the worst part....
Heidi Guitreau
yep,love, hate,SEX...does complicate everything!!thank God!!
Ichigo Rainn
Godsmack sounds like Metallica meets Alice in chains
I love this shit! I groov on the lyrics but the way the band plays just takes me away !!
Jackie Kennedy
one of my favorite Godsmack songs. planning on getting a tattoo it's going to be that emblem right there on this album
Jay Birch
Seen these live - one of the best bands I've seen, absolutely immense
Jesus is the only Savior
his voice is unbelievable! haunting. . awesome!
Jodi Roberts
love godsmack
Kelly Foley
I could listen to this song all day long
Kevin Byard Fan #31
great song
Laurie Whittaker
Fucking love this song!!!!!
Lisa Lohnes
I love GODSMACK, love ,hate ,sex,and pain ... I could listen to it over and over again.
Lisa Swainson
Love hate sex pain.... confussion in every aspect of life.
Logan Creed
Sully sounds like a wolf howling at the end of the song. 🐺
Louis DiCenso
Martin Bachleda
its all meant to be, thats what the chicks say!
Memphie Minnie
This sounds like it should be on Dirt by AIC
Michael Lamb
Shannon Larkin excellent drummer!!
Michael Sanderd
am die harder for Godsmack
Michelle Mullins
Right ! \n ( \
Miltinho Sanches
my favorite song from Godsmack, Tem brazuca nessa porra? \n\n2019 anyone?
Mr. DontGiveAFuck
1:55-2:55 should have had vocal projection like that through all the verses
Niceshel Mullins
Hell ya I totally forgot about this song.Dame good ruffnes song hell ya .good buddy's/Friends Handel it.hell ya he put you on a diet and came got me cause he had to try it.then I sent him on his pretty little way .sharen is Caren peace
Nicole Moss
love this man
Niezależny Polska
Zajebista kapela !
Nino Falletta
Godsmack rocks.
QV BuckenFitch
OOHHH..Geez ,Sully-I SO wanna be ur future ex GF....!! \u003c3
Rachel Martinez
LOVED THEM @ RIVER CITY ROCKFEST \\💋/\n#LadyMetal210 \n#TheBeardedClamShow
Reddog 86
I love this song!!!! lol I love,love,love this song
Rob Schmidt
Had the urge to search for some music that I haven't heard in awhile and godsmack came to mind!
Ronnie Milner
I Love my Little Bro real Cracker SHIT
Roy Mandeville
I love this song awesome
Russell Nasheim
Bangin your girl to this song still in 2016.
Ryan Drew
did anyone think that the guy on the far right in the beginning look like Nicolas cage?
My phone can no go loud enough!
Sarah Hogan
Yah - I needed this song today. Probably put it on repeat with the headphones until I'm deaf.....
Shan L
Rj and Shannon for avr motherfuker bud
Shayla Campbell
Today is just a godsmack day
Sidney Garcia
yep still standing behind sully and the boys
I really like godsmack always have. One of the best live shows I've seen. But I just can't stand that they ripped alice in chains off. And even now sully still denies it
Stuffology TV
Yeah! I love this song!
Sullivan Klahr
i always listen to godsmack i sometimes listen to ffdp, korn, chimaira, guns n roses, avenged sevenfold, and rage against the machine. and i'm a kid but i love metal.
Summer Time
love this song
Tammy Galindo
Not Shannon larkin in the orriginal pic!!!!!!!! That's the original drummer!!!
Tim Cook
cats taste good
Tonia Snyder
love love love them! truth how close love and hate can be plus its good fucking music to make up to
Vicky Franco
this song...😍
Whiskeygal k
I Love him!!!! He's got some pipes!!
William Moyer
just like every day life
Wilton King
What I love about Godsmack is that I can both workout and drink to it. It delivers drive and energy to feed my testosterone, but it delivers an awesome amount of emotion and a sense of 90s nostalgia that you can't find in many rock bands of today.
Wyatt Loftus
Please make this video available on mobile, would be appreciated
Zahari Stoyanov
Oh wow, they really sound quite like Alice In Chains :O
Zhassulan Alip
Кто от Бэда, лайк :D
alan betts
Not a fan, this song is pretty good though.
amber louise
I like his songs as well
anna blue
I love the bass and guitar
blaine wiggins
I believe his friends and family should stage an intervention for Sully for his addiction to Layne Staley or they should get Jerry Cantrell to replace Willie Duvall with Sully, one or the other though....
chris adams
I just watched AIC's \
dave piercy
great tune
dirty b
this is the song about life. rock on sully
feshion giogiai
Epic song... I love it !!! 
Please don't OD. Tired of great singers dying. Chris Cornell, Layne Staley- Alice in Chains, etc. I miss them all.
kelly estep
Love Hate Sex Pain.........That about sums it up!
lesleigh morris
Omg...Sullys voice freaking amazing....sexy and scary all at once
good song, some parts remind me a bit of alice in chains.
snakeyes 168
I love godsmack always have
tom lashbrook
Excellent tribute to Layne Staley of Alice in Chains.\nGreat Song.\n\nEspecially the last part...\
Николай Александрович Штемплюк
One of my favorite song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!