Sam Raimis Spider-Man Trilogy - Worse Than You Remember

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So is the reviewer conclusion that Sam Raimi is a comic genius, or just another failed director? He seems to have found a lot of opportunities to direct or to make films. And these are comic book plots.
i feel like all the raimi fans are just like \
I love the Tom Holland spider man. The Toby McGuire one is just eh.
Aaron Steventon
25:27 sandman got caught in Thanos’ snap!
Aaronoticle Gaming
The ring scene kept the audience\n\n\n\n\nENGAGED
Aidan S
Your next video should be \
Ali Miri
Tobey maguire is best spiderman of all time
AllThings Creepy
Why oxygen isn’t as good as you think
I think you mean better
Amanda Watkins
I love how stupid this video is that I have to watch it
7:19 Me:....oh that's my Q *me acting like I'm scared* aaah omg he's going to kill me aah help me Spiderman...that was not scary at all my lil sister is scary than that
Anime Reviews
the raimi movies have the best character arc but not the best spiderman\n\nthe Garfield movies have the best romance arc but not the best character arc\n \nthe holland movie has the best character accuracy but not the best romance. lol feels more like iron man 4
Arboza liyan
They are old not bad.
Aymen NM
I really loved the video and it made laugh so hard. But I still disliked it, bEcAuSe RaImI's TrIlOgY wIlL aLwAyS bE tHe BeSt
This is of the worst reviews of some movies I have ever seen. It's kinda...amazing. Nitpicks don't make a movie a bad. If the only thing you can do for any movie is nitpick it, then it can't be terrible, because that means you have no legitimate criticisms for it.
The reason why people think homecoming is lame, is because they promised it wouldn't be an origin story, and it was. They just didn't show you him getting bit. The morals and story were mediocre at best. Visuals, composition, action were awesome. The main issue is, tom holland only relates to highschoolers. He is the total opposite of who peter parker is. Homecoming spiderman feels like a really cocky tony stark jr, more than peter parker. \n\nThe reason why Sam Raimi's Spiderman is praised, is because he uses a unique style of writing, that helps you relate with the character, no matter the age. His morals, and his life are easier understood and relate able. (By relate able, I mean you can relate with Peter Parker, via him being late on rent, trying to figure out his professional career, whether he wants to be a scientist or a photographer, relationship and friendship problems, and mostly time management issues.) The main thing that attracts people to sam raimi's spiderman, is the fact that Peter Parker is just an above average guy. He isn't the modern day spiderman genius (where his is just epic at everything, no matter what, as sam raimis Peter has limits), he is an introvert, he makes mistakes, socially awkward, yet finds the courage to press forward. When he gets angry, it means something. He kills the guy who killed his uncle ben, then slowly realizes this inst the person he wanted to be. People can relate with giving others a taste of there own medicine type situation. It's mostly the character development, and the moral of the whole story that makes Sam Raimi's spiderman superior.
say what you want but i rewatched spider-man (2002) yesterday and it was BETTER than i remembered and spider-man 2 is still my favorite superhero film of all time sorry we all can't be intellectuals
Bernardo Sales
\u003eDepressive alcoholic college students\n\nHey that's me!
Bobby Meyer
I watched them again and I can confirm they are as great as you remember
Brandon Holtz
This guy is judging a movie with a mindset that wasn’t made for its time.
Captain Cutlass
“YOU LOVED HIM”\n\n\n\n\n\n-Aunt May, Best quote of 2002
- doesn't like Aunt May\n- thinks Uncle Ben's advice is thrown to the wayside\n\nJUST
Chaos Galaxy
*Hits head and forgets the entire first two movies*\n\nLucky him
Diego Mahoudeau
Dragoi Carmina
Andon1 going In every Coment Saying How His opinion is fact and that Tom holland is horrible 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dragutin Todosijevic
It's actually excellent I wish they made a fourth movie
Duke KC
I love how butthurt everyone is here
Epic Games Tournaments
Bro this YouTuber is so hilarious.
Esferas do Dragão
You're wrong.
Five finger Death punch
0:00 his eyes when she sings!!!
GigaMarc 2
*Nitpicks Amazing Spiderman trilogy*\nRaimi fans: Yeah that’s fine and acceptable\n*Nitpick Raimi series*\nRaimi fans: *T R I G G E R E D*
Gio Noniashvili
People should watch this video till the end instead of jumping straight to the comments, this video states many good points so it might hopefully help blind raimi fans to look at these movies without nostalgia factor kicking in them and maybe they'll be able to understand why these movies are bad.
Gordon Fucking Ramsay
Can you do a better job though?
Gregory Frowendown
you nit pick so hard with barely any critique. a lot of the comedy was intentional, and the acting still holds up considering the characters' motivations.
how dear you…
Hank Hill
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HiTop Films
I respect your opinion, and know how annoying it is to have thousands of fanboys disagree with you. I made a video on Spider-Man: Homecoming, trust me I get it. But I am a Raimi fanboy and need to comment on this video for my sanity. \n\nYour argument is mostly based around nit-picks and personal preferences for how characters are represented. Which is perfectly fine, but calling them FILMS that don't hold up is completely ridiculous to me. The camera movements, the perfection of swinging/flying scenes (that still haven't been topped), the clear vision and direction as a whole. They are revolutionary genre films that inspired dozens of other Superhero flicks. \n\nWithout Raimi's Spider-Man there would be no MCU. The tone balancing, the focus on character, and the fun cheese element was pretty much dead at that time of Spider-Man's release. We had the phase of black leather with Blade, X-Men, etc. But Raimi brought back the Donner Superman's color, camp and charm. Watch Spider-Man 2, it's perfected Bathos that never takes away from the flow of the film. A lot of the MCU films aim for the humor of the trilogy, but fall short. \n\nYou can not like that version of Spider-Man, but calling Tobey's performance bad for being awkward is missing the point. Raimi is pretty much solely (minus Sony forcing Venom) adapting Ditko and Romita Spidey. Peter Parker in those is a complete awkward mess with bursts of confidence, especially in Ditko's run. Tobey had to play a sensitive weird high schooler, that's no easy job. He also had to be an icon to an entire generation of kids. \n\nThey are not perfect films, Mary Jane is a horribly written character and Franco's acting ranges from pretty good to terrible. But they are fantastically shot, edited and directed films that revived a genre that was losing what it made special.
I too have memorized the why only fools are heroes speech, as well as the first we attack his heart back and forth between Osborn and Goblin\n\nI think the reason why these movies are so great is because they are so cheesy and don't take themselves seriously so you can't not have a good time watching them. And I really like Spider-Man 3. Despite what anyone says, I think the Venom design was actually pretty good. In the comics the symbiote mimics Spider-Man's suit and continues to do so even when it bonds to Eddie and that's exactly what it does in the movie. The only difference being, in the movie, you can actually see the web design and Venom doesn't have the tongue and big white spider.
0:40 wait dude ????? YOU'RE BLACK😲😱
Ian Nicol
Sam Raimi isn't a good director. He makes some good movies and is best when making something campy and insane.\n\nYou didn't mention how each movie has an insane Bruce Campbell cameo as well as a scene where Spider-Man dramatically runs past a GIGANTIC slowly flapping poorly rendered CG American Flag. It's a well aged cheese that's for sure.
Icy Frost
Why YouTube rewind is the best video
Im Just Cringy
everyone who hates homecoming and likes these movies are so hypocritical.\n\nTHESE MOVIES ARE GREAT! HOMECOMING IS GREAT!\n\neveryone has the same reasoning applying it to different movies. he literally says he loves it, and hates it. its called something that exists. people hate it and love it. life happens. everyone on the internet is right.
Inshal U
Up next, Beethoven actually sucked
Jcfrosty Cheesebugga
Spider man Spider Man does whatever the writer says
Joseph McCormack
You completely missed the point at 5:46, Norman is more proud of Peter, his Son's friend than he is of his own son. Harry is turning away in disappointment and shame.
Joshua Hodges
Well this video sucked. Good job man. Can’t wait to dislike your next video.
Julius Caesar
*the deafening screeches of a thousand spider man fans spread through the comment section I tern to you and whisper* dear god what have you done
Justin Y.
KaKa SenSei
50k dislikes?? Softies
Kayaana Greenup
We all know Tobey is the best Spider-Man. Y'all are just in denial.
Leo Howarth
In my opinion, homecoming is better than all these 3 movies combined\n\nEDIT: Ok I just watched the 2nd movie again and I forgot how good it was. The 2nd movie was good but I still think homecoming is better, and definitely ALOT better than the 1st and 3rd movies. Don't even get me started on the Toby McGuire movies.
*Warning: Long boring paragraph ahead! Proceed?*\n\n\n\nYou're half right. People do need to stop worshipping these films just because they're \
The train scene is the single best \
Marvel Motions
You forgot the best part in the trilogy, PIZZA TIME
Max Himbigger
Next up:\n-Shakespeare is actually overrated\n-How Batman TAS is a colossal failure\n-Dark Souls isn't even that hard\n-The earth is flat
Max Marriner
Okay, so I'mma take one thing you say, make a big deal out of it, and use it to illustrate why this video is... interesting... as a whole. I'm sure you're familiar with the process, Marcus 😉\n\nAt 2:25, you ask why Harry would introduce his dad to Peter by his full name - \
Mick Nik
*Oh yeah How about you make a movie*
Mister King
Lol and The Godfather is the worst movie ever produced in cinema history
Nardo43 Nardo43
Sand man dies whan Thanos snaps his fingers 25:25
Nathan Zed
*reads title* BRO CHILL OUT
Niall Macdonald
This guy sounds like a bitter, depressed college student...movies are old now
Nine Lives
*I'm literally the only one who completely agrees with this dude*
Tobey McGuire’s cousin was a substitute teacher at my school
Onyx 7ven10en
why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?
Radical Streams
I wonder how many of the people commenting just read the title and decided to comment
RedGamer ThePvPG
50k dislikes\nFrom the tobey maguire superfans
Ricardo Almaguer
Came here, disliked, left.
Riu Melgarejo
But, I like the Sam Raimi's trilogy
Ryan Peterson
I love ya Cosmonaut, but this is by far your worst take. Sorry
Satchel Harding
I agree with most of your points about the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies but you have to take into Consideration that this was in a time When comic book movies were taken as seriously as they are now, just saying
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy MADE comic movies what they are today. They were the stepping stone for all successful comic films to come about with. Keep in mind what did you have before? Goofy green painted wrestlers playing The Hulk with perms and guys in clunky armor and 100 pounds of fur playing Thor. Not very good comics adaptations. \n\nWhile movie 3 was bad, and Sam has gone on record stating it was the STUDIO that made it bad, not his choices, it doesn't change the fact that they are the best films to date. They dont have many unnecessary plots or bad writing like the Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland versions. Yea I said it. Not to mention spawned a generation of memes and funny moments remembered over a decade later with care by many fans.\n\nI'd rather take Pizza Time Peter Parker over \
Shea Doesn't get it
Fake news this video was made by J. Jonah Jameson
Sicario Frank
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy - Better Than You Remember
*What's next, the Mona Lisa isn't art?*
Sketchy Madness
Well.... you are wrong about this! You can have an opinion about these movies. But... this isn't a true statement.
Spider-Lama Spider-nite
Kinda random but its weird the new actor for spider tom holland aka tom h and the new actor for venom tom hardy aka tom h their both toms and have the same initals
i just realized that uncle ben was actually saying you shouldn't fight the bully/bad guy just cause you can then peter decides to go beat up the bad guy's for the \
4:27 This scene scared the sh*t out of me.
Terrible Content
Lmfao they were great and I know this is your opinion but it sucks IN MY OPINION like they were the best when I WAS A CHILD lmao.\n\nBut good video.
The Fat Guy who Won't Die
Have fun dealing with the Cult of Raimi.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 does suck tho.
Tony Soprano
Wow you consider damn a swear word
Tony Toons
Yeah maybe sometimes it's cheesy\n\nBut you can't have *pizza time* without the good cheese first
Trym Øye
So I went to the comments to see if there was any solid points, because this video did’t have any. There was a few, Mostly just opinions without anything backing them up, just like this video.\n\nI also watched the other video, and I think you did a better job with the statements, but also much nitpicking aswell.\n\nI get that this is older than the other video, so you would perhaps like to improve it, and that dissing on a praised series gains hella lots of views, so you would’t bother putting that much work into it.\n\nIn the end you say that the movie acts like a comedy, and you also say that you love it because of its comedy. I also like it as a funny movie. And Raimi didn’t think this was serious either. So isn’t a comical superheromovie that is good in its own way, by being what it was supposed to be?\n\nI just don’t get this video.
VideoGameNerd 101
But when is it pizza time
William & Madelyn
This Spider Man was more like, well, Spider Man.
Macho man let him win to build his character, no mention of spidermans true mentor.
draco malfoy
*just clicked to dislike*
Omg, this is so true. I haven't seen these movies in ages and your commentary is fantastic
flamy the fire champion
Next why spider-man homecoming is bad
Stubborn fanboys not accepting the FACTS without bias all in the comment section. These 3 movies were outstanding and fantastic in our minds FOR THEIR TIME......but anyone saying these 3 are better than homecoming is no longer credible and shows nostalgia bias. Adapt, be humble, accept that these movies are cheesy and poorly acted!
mikey g
Basically the marvel version is spideronman .. the Sony trilogy atleast had him use his mind and own powers and not just a suped up suit
We don’t think it’s actually good we just love the memes
I know a lot of you people in the comments will hate me, but I loved Spider-man 3. I grew up watching that movie
In my opinion Tobey McGuire is the best spider-man.