Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy - Worse Than You Remember

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- DVMakesDo
you forgot...why does MJ even go along with Harry's plan? All he does is vaguely threaten to harm Peter and she's willing to dump him and never see him again wtf.
007 films X
How could you say something so controversial yet so brave?
ALDO Nueve
Aidan S
Your next video should be \
Alfonso Chen
jajaja no
Ali Miri
Tobey maguire is best spiderman of all time
AllThings Creepy
Why oxygen isn’t as good as you think
I think you mean better
This is of the worst reviews of some movies I have ever seen. It's kinda...amazing. Nitpicks don't make a movie a bad. If the only thing you can do for any movie is nitpick it, then it can't be terrible, because that means you have no legitimate criticisms for it.
20:35 I died
say what you want but i rewatched spider-man (2002) yesterday and it was BETTER than i remembered and spider-man 2 is still my favorite superhero film of all time sorry we all can't be intellectuals
I bet you he likes the trilogy.
I really think you're grasping at straws here.
Chad Silver
Best part of the video is at 26:30\n Thank me later
Charles Gagnon
Hey man I really liked your review. I may not argued with all your points but it was still really good
Charlie Rose
Green Goblin was let's face it AWESOME. But I feel like if Tom Holland was a few years older and got to play the role then and NOT Toby... well we wouldn't have 2 reboots to the SpiderMan franchise and just 1...
Cole Takahashi
His uncle just died.
Connor Rae
Geek revisionist history. MCU fanboys be like \
David De Lucio
Ok, but why aunt may? She’s fricken awesome man!
Detective Dragon001
He complains about aliens in this film. Has he seen the arrowverse it has Time Travel, a WHOLE bunch of aliens, a guy which travels REALLY fast, a drug which makes people like the Hulk and Wolverine (regeneration and senses wise), The MULTIVERSE, Aliens from another Earth, a guy who survived on an island for 5 years who 6 years after his return people actually found out he wasn't on the island for 5 years because of a PHOTO anyone could've had that picture at any time, people didn't make a connection between Kapot (Oliver in Russia during his fifth year being presumed dead) and the frigin' hood (THEY LOOK THE SAME THEY HAVE THE SAME HOOD)
Dizzy The Great
I always found that scene with the arguing between Peter and Uncle Ben to be very forced and nonsense. Uncle Ben was just trying to help. Peter was being a jerk for no reason whatsoever. Very out of character.
Dragonlordfrodo TV
You didn't even mention the Bruce Campbell cameo in Spider Man 3 where he plays a waiter.
Duke KC
I love how butthurt everyone is here
Easy Grin
The first 2 are quite good but every spiderman movie has issue's. Like its said its Tobey has never had any character development. Dont really like how Mary Jane is portrait much either. Green goblin suit looks superdumb. Part 2 has the annoying overused plot of a superhero losing his powers. Part 3 has too many obvious things. But the best things for me... JJ. Doc Oc and the Sandman. I was going to make a point against the statement of Sam Raime's trilogy isnt as good untill i actually watched the video and was like wtf he is right.... these movies are shit 🤣
I liked you until 25:28
THIS.... ain't it chief
Eric Jankowski
Evil Hutdug
I actually like it\nBut for some reason I dont like amazing spoderman
Fierce Pierce
I didn’t like the new spider man movie because it completely changed the story, and it made me insanely mad, I liked the amazing spider man, but peter Parker was acting more like your older brother that you’ve always wanted, along with other stuff, and i agree with what you said for the original trilogy, so all spider man movies will have major flaws no matter what you do...
Tom Holland's Spider-Man fails as a Spider-Man movie where the Sam Raimi trilogy excelled: portraying Spider-Man. Homecoming is a good movie, for the MCU. It does not work as a stand alone film simply because it exists as an introduction into furthering Peter as a character, but it fails at that when we have constant references to the greater MCU with cameos from Iron Man and Captain America. Even the main villain, Vulture, is only really bad because he couldn't get his hands on something of the Chitauri that was only there due to Avengers. I love the MCU, but there are few films that work as stand alone films, and Homecoming is one of them. When we have films like Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy (one and two), any of the Captain America films, Thor: Ragnarok, and many others, it's hard to enjoy a movie by itself like Homecoming whereas the Raimi trilogy works solely because it focuses on Peter Parker and the Spider-Man. Homecoming just feels like a random comic in a line of bigger, better things. It feels like a throwaway adventure that is enjoyable, but ultimately inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Homecoming adds nothing to the MCU like the other solo flicks do, but it does take a lot away. There are no consequences for Peter's actions in the film. Tobey MacGuire at least had consequences. And yes, these movies still hold up today. That's like saying Empire Strikes Back doesn't hold up because it uses a nearly obsolete form of special effects in practical effects over CGI in the modern films, like Last Jedi or Solo.
Gregory Frowendown
you nit pick so hard with barely any critique. a lot of the comedy was intentional, and the acting still holds up considering the characters' motivations.
Hax Lazor
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the Raimi Spiderman movies. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewers head. There's also Peter's pizza time outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about .23 electron volts. As a consequence people who dislike the Raimi Spiderman movies truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Mr. Ditkovic's existential catchphrase \
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HiTop Films
I respect your opinion, and know how annoying it is to have thousands of fanboys disagree with you. I made a video on Spider-Man: Homecoming, trust me I get it. But I am a Raimi fanboy and need to comment on this video for my sanity. \n\nYour argument is mostly based around nit-picks and personal preferences for how characters are represented. Which is perfectly fine, but calling them FILMS that don't hold up is completely ridiculous to me. The camera movements, the perfection of swinging/flying scenes (that still haven't been topped), the clear vision and direction as a whole. They are revolutionary genre films that inspired dozens of other Superhero flicks. \n\nWithout Raimi's Spider-Man there would be no MCU. The tone balancing, the focus on character, and the fun cheese element was pretty much dead at that time of Spider-Man's release. We had the phase of black leather with Blade, X-Men, etc. But Raimi brought back the Donner Superman's color, camp and charm. Watch Spider-Man 2, it's perfected Bathos that never takes away from the flow of the film. A lot of the MCU films aim for the humor of the trilogy, but fall short. \n\nYou can not like that version of Spider-Man, but calling Tobey's performance bad for being awkward is missing the point. Raimi is pretty much solely (minus Sony forcing Venom) adapting Ditko and Romita Spidey. Peter Parker in those is a complete awkward mess with bursts of confidence, especially in Ditko's run. Tobey had to play a sensitive weird high schooler, that's no easy job. He also had to be an icon to an entire generation of kids. \n\nThey are not perfect films, Mary Jane is a horribly written character and Franco's acting ranges from pretty good to terrible. But they are fantastically shot, edited and directed films that revived a genre that was losing what it made special.
IM A THOT XD XxpoopypantsxX pls kys
I respect you being all serious and all but I really love these movies.Not because of the nostalgia or good acting.Because like you stated, it is really goofy and that is why I like the trilogy, so many memes created and ridiculous scenes.People who don’t like it are people who probably like things serious instead of the more relaxed goofy stuff and I respect that.Just throwing that out.But the amounts of sodium chloride is so much you could make a sea out of fresh water and then the salt or melt all the ice in Antarctica.ALSO HERE IS\nMY EDIT THE SPIDER-MAN SAM RAIMI TRILOGY BUT BETTER THEN WHAT YOU THINK
Ivan Škaro
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy - BETTER Than You Remember
Jcfrosty Cheesebugga
Spider man Spider Man does whatever the writer says
Julia Cortez
In the third one, Peter becomes an edgy jerk =^)
Justin Y.
Kaiser Etherington
Could you pay me in advance?
Lawbringer Prestige 30
“Unintentional comedy gold” do... do you not know who Sam Raimi is?
The train scene is the single best \
Tobey Maguire is amazing, and this trilogy was far better than the homecoming film that has so many things wrong from the comics. To mention such, the flash is just rich nerd. Mj isnt even Mj....., aunt may becomes young, he just whines about wanting to be an avenger
Excuse my ignorance as I don't really know anything about you and this video was just suggested to me by YouTube for some reason so I thought I would try and see what you had to say, but could it be that went to watch these movies when you were already obviously biased against them ? Personally I watched them when I was a kid so I have the nostalgia factor and my opinion on them can't really be neutral (I'm with the side that liked them)\n\nEdit: ok I wrote that comment half-way through the video and now that finished it: Holy shit I need to make sure YouTube doesn't suggest me any more of your videos. It's like you're trying to be edgy and get some attention.
Bullshit, I rewatched all 3 of these and they AGE EVEN BETTER\n\nevery character is just gold
Mat Turner
Remember everyone, it's only criticism unless it's something (overrated) you like! Then, it's just nit-picking ;)\n\nK, we all liked these movies when we were like 10. It doesn't mean they're actually good films.
Matthew Kelly
Already 2 mins in \
Max Himbigger
Next up:\n-Shakespeare is actually overrated\n-How Batman TAS is a colossal failure\n-Dark Souls isn't even that hard\n-The earth is flat
Max Marriner
Okay, so I'mma take one thing you say, make a big deal out of it, and use it to illustrate why this video is... interesting... as a whole. I'm sure you're familiar with the process, Marcus 😉\n\nAt 2:25, you ask why Harry would introduce his dad to Peter by his full name - \
Max Moore
*Pizza time*
Michael Laidley
The spiderman trilogy for what its worth was a spiritual successor to the cartoon show that everyone loved at the time. Like many things that age, everything won't age well.
Mong Cao
Mumkey Jones
the gay joke wasn't spiderman being homophobic, he was trying to piss off the wrestler and it worked\n\nthe wrestler was homophobic and spiderman used it against him to make him mad\n\npeter did nothing wrong
Nathan Zed
*reads title* BRO CHILL OUT
Neuman asare
Tobey is a legend
Panagiotis Z
Things as they grow older and depending on how old they are they either become better or worse. For its time it had very good visuals and that's why people appreciate these movies. Not just for the plot, or the characters. Just because they were performed so well for its times.
Pikaev #876
Pizza time
Holy shit! Is Justin Long narrating this?
Raul Gutierrez
This clown complaining about little things
Renato Rodrigues
Dude, despite the Raimi's Trilogy beeing bad it still Works as a entertaining movie, when i was a child i've watched it like a Thousand times and i knew it was terrible, but i still enjoy'd, the problems of the movie sometimes makes them even better, in this case it did, at least for me, keep up the good work!
Rivere Fotografía
I pressed the dislike button, not because of the opinion itself, but OMG 26:26 MINUTES WTF!!! I watched 7:48 minutes and got bored so I can't even begin to imagine how boring are the 18:38 minutes left. I MEAN, I DON'T HAVE A LIFE AND I FEEL LIKE IT'S A WASTE OF TIME!!!
James Franco in 2 is like Hayden Christensen in episode 2
Still better than any superhero movie up to that point. This trilogy paved the way for more recent movies.
Russell Waddel
I think you mean (at around 5:00), when you are talking about Uncle Ben's speech, is that when he HAS that \
11:52 Why am I only now realising how much the Green Goblin sounds like George Carlin?!
Sarah C
Recently rewatched Spider-Man 3 and it’s probably been more than 6 years since I watched the older Spider-Man movies but I still was entertained! Haha sure Toby was cringy/extra with his expression but I still would say I love these movies haha
Scott Cramer
The comedic timing of the bleep at 23:29 was absolutely brilliant
Sicario Frank
Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy - Better Than You Remember
*What's next, the Mona Lisa isn't art?*
Some Guy
010-0:20\nBasically the comment section for this video
Someone Somewhere
To be real, how many super hero movies are actually good vs being good because of our memories of youth?\n\nReally, think about many are ACTUALLY good?
Soul May Cry
I personally think there are a lot of unfair nitpicks in this critique. I still find this video quite entertaining though, Cosmonaut is quickly becoming one of my favorite youtubers. \nAlso, you guys, Spider-Man 3 isn’t THAT bad tbh. The first Spider-Man movie is and always will be my favorite comic book movie ever. It’s sad that we’ll probably not get an Uncle Ben death scene as great and emotional as it was in the first Spider-Man, anytime soon. Spider-Man 2 is honestly a bit overrated to me but it’s still a fantastic movie. Honestly, with Spider-Man 3, people just love to bring up those Peter Parker dancing bits and say the movie is garbage because of it. That’s dumb. If anything, I feel as if Spider-Man 3’s worst flaw is a weak final act, everything else is absolutely enjoyable and honestly quite good. Just as Cosmonaut says, at their worst, these movies are still enjoyable and fun to watch. Toby Maguire is the best Peter Parker. I’m sorry, it’s true, Tom Holland is pretty good but he’s no loser like Toby Maguire. Tom Holland is just a nerd who’s kinda socially awkward but from what we’ve seen, he’s not really disliked or bullied too much. Indian Flash Thompson isn’t a bully, he’s kinda just a dickhead who could sorta be considered an acquaintance. Like, Peter and Flash in Homecoming had a sorta “yeah I’m gonna get on your ass and mess with you a fuck ton but we’re still pretty cool” type of dynamic(or atleast flash was acting that way), it never once felt like they ACTUALLY hated each other. Toby Maguire was a fail at life though. As bad as it sounds, that’s the point, Peter Parker is a human, he’s just like all of us with a pretty tough life but when he’s Spider-Man, you’re supposed to feel like things can and will get better. As much as I will fight that Toby Maguire is the goat Peter Parker, I will however say that Tom Holland is as of right now THE definitive Spider-Man(if you don’t count Yuri Lowenthal’s performance as Spider-Man in SMPS4, cuz frankly, that’s the best Spider-Man in modern day media imo). Simple. I will never debate that Toby Maguire is a better Spider-Man. Peter Parker? For sure he’s the goat. Spider-Man? Nah, Tom has got that one locked down for right now.
Sugar Gabe Vikelund
This channel is worse than I remember
I keep getting recommend the Spiderman vids from ur channel, I watched them over 20 times ;( I got no life
Tahnvi Singh
Shut up bro stop being such a crtic
The edgy scout main
pizza time.
In my opinion tom Holland is the best spider-man. Yeah succle my big toe
Thish ish that Chrishhh
Sam Raimi stole my *P I Z Z A S*
Timothy Scott
Have fun dealing with the Cult of Raimi.
Tj Tito
I bet you would say Mr Jameson sucked to huh. Lol you over think situations man. Who’s really complaining on how Harry introduces his father. I can agree on some of things you point out but I just think your judgment is a bit clouded in this episode. Tom Holland is great Spider-Man and homecoming was great as well. But this is the first original Spider-Man to come out and they nailed it for its time. You’re talking about a movie that came out over a decade ago, of course movies change over time. It also took marvel 2 movies later to give us Homecoming which is favorited as much as Toby maguires in its time with the help of tony stark showing up. Raimi had no Spider-Man movies to reference off of, he started from scratch and he broke the ice. Don’t take that away from him because you liked homecoming better. There is a reason why Spider-Man is so famous today and that’s because of him. Stay open minded please 👍
Winking Walrus
Homecoming WAS good, but Toby Maguire was just a better Spiderman.
Lol the first 2 minutes is the whole reason why actualy *For You* and not for me,I love Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker..for that reason alone i find the first 3 movies better than whatever the recent one.
Ya Boi
Tread carefully young cosmonaut\nYou are walking on holy ground for many people\nYou bring new and different ideas that scare many a mortal man
Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man
X-Men 2, Spiderman 2 (Raimi), The Dark Knight , and Guardians of the Gallaxy 2 are my all time favorite superhero movies. \nYeas, all of them are the second entries in their sagas, i know.
Young Dab-A-Roosa
Idc what nobody says the first 3 Spiderman movies for the era that it came out were really good superhero films. What other superhero films were competing with it? Xmen and Fantastic Four movies which I also like were pretty good for the era that they came out. If Marvel had rights to those films in the early 2000s I don't see the films being too much different
burger tickler
Holy shit that guy was supposed to be the teacher!
I can't watch any of that trilogy. It's painful. I liked a lot more the bilogy with Garfield, because the portrait of Parker was much accurate than Maguire's, and because I preferred Gwen's actress instead of MJ's Dunst... But the problem with Garfield's bilogy is that they made him lose the most (among the Spideys' renditions) personally, losing Gwen's father and later herself. Thankfully, MCU found then the perfect guy who made the best personification of Parker of them all and they skipped coming back to the same ol' origins' story, and considered him for the big leagues.
lil boof
👎 just for you
IMHO. Even though 3 could have been better in no way does the Raimi trilogy suck! Part 2 was a million times better than Homecoming and it's pc casting of the support cast. Part 2 is one of the best superhero movies ever. And Part 1 was a great origin movie. Ranks up there with Superman The Movie and Iron Man for origins. 3 had a lot of good parts to it. Others should have been cut or not filmed in the first place. No Venom needed. Even still I would watch this trilogy over AMZ 1 and 2 or Homecoming any day of the week. Life long Spider-Man fan since I was 5 and I'm 50 now. Oh yeah, and I didn't waste time on the video. Your dumb title says it all for me. And it should be \
rubberbans fou svn
andrew garfield was always the best one
that one channel thats just a channel
Raimi made the best movies tom holland is good maguire is better
trevor reed
When he said u will get your rent when u fix this damn door was funny asf😂😂😂