Time To Give Up! (When Idiots Play Games #89)

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Puts CS:GO in the thumbnail\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCS:GO is not even in the video
3:34 and that’s how roads are made
Here before justin Y.
It's sad how BCC took over by just spamming Fortnite -_-
Adasek Admenowski
6:10 same map is in modern warfare 2 as easter egg (in duo mission: Chernobyl) you have to do some parkour on cars and jump over the edge
Adrian Rivera
No time to explain, hurry click this --------------\u003e 6:20
Adro 900
Polacy za 3 . 2 . 1 ↓ ! ;)
Aj Callantine
Just a heads up for anyone, just watch the first minute of these videos. It's the only good ones. They get lazy after that
Aldo Guloy
Haha surgeon simulator though
Alif Ali
Alimuddin Rahmat
Killed by dogs
Anele Ace
6:26 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Felice di vedere clip italiane ogni tanto.
Benedykt Jałowiczor
0:28, 948 km/h at the moment of impact; D nice:P
Black Ops 4 WTF
Cool, I made a new video, too!
In all games the trains are trolls jajaja
Bread with salt
2:28 ooo tam jsou Češi!! Kdo je taky Čech ?
4:31 How is Pokémon Go still a thing?
Cash X
Charbel Younes
6:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Churro Sauceyy
1 year later of me submitting my video and always check see but it's never there
6:23 When i'm outside at 5 A.M In my Neighbor hood
Daniel Silva
6:01 I can't believe that guy is playing like that wtf
Daniele Degni
2:00 c**zo è successo Bobbo!? 😂
i need subs pls give me a like to more people see it pls 🙏
Dhruv Baljotra
Man 6:13 😂😂😂😂
Dhruv G
3:36 Farmers should use Lamborghini for faster harvesting 😂😂😂
DoVahGeeK 115
Ah! Le bâtard !!!
2:01 XD
E. D.M.
Quel italiano faceva troppo ridere😂😂
è bellissimo sentire un italiano in questi video ahahhaha
Ender Cy
Freaking an ad of a episode of a anime came up and at the end the told the viewer to subscribe freaky! Side note for anyone curious it's called \
When \n Idiots\n Play\n\nRead more
Like per l'italiano
Furqan Khan
I really miss my PC after watching this channel videos. 😞😞😥😥😩
First like
GameingKnight 23
My favorites are the battlefield ones cause i grew up with battlefield
Guillermo Blanco
Remember guys, Red Dead Redemption comes out in 6 days. Time to lose our jobs and girlfriends.
2:56- Toby would have stopped the train
0:27 That car shot off at about mach 1. Based on the speedometer.
Hqql 07
6:15 are idiot
Ian Dwinnells
Quick question Is sea of thieves any good
Interesting Stuff
Loved the guy who climbed up the ladder.
Jan Morabito
I love it! It so funny👌👍😂😂😂😂😁
0:28 Интересно так поезд по шпалам едет)
How are some of these when idiots play games more like game fails but oh well
Jorge Moreira
Nice Vídeo hahaha😂😂😂
The best and only channel that dint switched to fortnite only 😍
Jörg Schäfer
Hallo zusammen, was geht ab
Knedlik 88
Nice video
*WHATAFUKER MOTHERFUKER PORNFUKER, hablo español y no se inglés xd*
3:28 mmmm Sparta, this is
O melhor canal no YouTube do mundo!
Malakovec HD
1:10 I thinked no one is recording Chivalry.
2:30 Zdravím do česka :D 🇨🇿
Matheus Bunn
Morfeas Rellas
6:26 dog war to the killer
Nine People
Did anyone else see the notification at 4:31
Paqueca .!
For each like i will add a joystick.\n(1hart=100 🕹️)\nStarting now 😜\n🕹️🕹️🕹️
Parab Gourav
Waited for sooo long....... Where have you been?😭😭😭😭😭😭 I missed your videos ... A day without your video seems empty\n....
Poop Emoji
Everyone in the comment is talking about Justin Y\nWhat is Justin y?
This was a best Funniest Video 😂🤣
Surgeon simulator is the best
Roman EweNt
Gamers are awesome please mate!... :)
RuStY_ FoX
Rubeus Chiroptera
I was about expressing about how much I love it when karma can turn against some lil shit but the surgeon simulator was the death of me here.
that surgeon simulater xD he look like about to cook meth
Epic Moments Battlefield 4?
SeeU Hikari
0:09 Grenade !! .. Ah le bâtard ~!! Boum ! ... J'ai adoré ce passage x)
ShadowDemon 2416
Surgeon simulator tho wtf lol 😂😂
Shatabda Chakraborty
6:22 now that's what you get for killing doge boy. BEST KARMA EVER.
Seeing a Chivalry: Medieval Warfare clip in 2018 made me pretty happy.
1:13 wait what, that game is still alive?? though it's dead because some dumb changes in some classes, not to mention failure of Mirage MW
Spethman Jones
TenWith CornyWrestling.
The Ghost Records
3:44 For Honor \u003c3
Tommaso Coli
Bella pe Edoardo
Tringaas 96
Ma chi è l'italiano ahahhahaha
Ur Mom
3:00 that one
Did war thunder just copy rocket league?
Vivaldi Ale zeni
Ada org indonesia njir
Woogie Harrelson
5:46 worst.. survival skills.. ever!
yo when was this all put together? war thunder tank soccer was summer event XD
Zaj lord
Zert Thunder
Noooooo Bob !!! \nMa che cazzo
_ TyragR _
0:28 If anyone know the song...
hip hop
Ti tolgo sti occhi da stronzo
imnotcreative 22
This is funny stuff. Love the video.
king slayer
big fan but 50 views and 63 likes
4:50 rocket league is looking pretty fun these days
louis papoi
In mw2 i thought i had to kill the dog so I somehow killed those dogs and progreced
shit man
2:05 ahhhhhhhhhh...
super gogeta 2018
Where is Justin.Y\nWho is Justin.Y (I know him)\nWhy Justin.Y
sypo x
4:35 if u thought that facebook notification was from u then u got trolled
Алексей Иноземцев
3:25 Веро порнушка полис
I’m early, time to think of an achievement:\n\n\n\n\n\nbeing earlier than Justin. Y
Oh my clip is in the video ! JEY ! :)
7:03 lol