Top 5 CD Projekt Red Cinematic Trailers of All Time (Full HD)

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Top 5 CD Projekt Red Cinematic Trailers of Video Games from The Witcher and Cyberpunk universe. Over 800 Awards. Game of the Year! Masterpiece.Playlist,

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Adlei De Leon
I hope CD Projekt Red make The Witcher 4!!!
Adrian Blania
So much feelings. I almost cried at the end....
Damn... The last video... Those feels
Bas Waaijer
You guys should make CGI movies, I'd totally watch it. Every clip had such realness to it (not just good graphics, but also the atmosphere... wow...)\n\nKudos!
Last video... Polish version is better;d
Wow... that last part with all the guys there... It was touching, especially when geralt turned to direct the viewer. Where can I find the standalone version?
Polska KURWA!!!!
Branden apexo
Who's back here from Blood and Wine DLC?
Brent Delong
Witcher 3 is the best game I've ever played. I love the Witcher-verse in all it's mediums. I always wanted to play as a customized Witcher. Maybe a prequel that takes place shortly after The Conjunction. It would be an interesting time period and makes more sense than leveling up Geralt every game when he's supposed to be one of the baddest SOB's in the world.
Can't wait until 2077 for cyberpunk
Connor Jack
Perfect art.
Cult Gaming
Polisch studio epic trailers
Cyrus Ep-Pie
[SPOILER] What makes the last video worst is that I only just bought this game this week and spent that whole week playing this incredible game. But I dont have the privilege to say I finished this game as 44 hours almost seems to little as it bites me in the ass giving me an ending where its deemed to be the \
Dan Guy
*no the witcher trailer which is basically a short movie*\nAh, I see, you are another newfag
Daniel Every-Clayton
Is 2077 when its coming out?
David Krahl
Impossible. To. Beat. Wiedźmin \u003c3
Holy shit how have I not seen that Gwent trailer before? So good!
In the last Trailer there is no vesemir :( , He also died in game , RIP also that is detailing :)
14:14 What city is he riding to? Doesn't look like novigrad or oxenfurt
Surprised to see so many witcher trailers since there's so many other games cd projekt red have produced :p lol
Free High 5
Aww man that ending... Miss you too Geralt.
Gamer Forever
Geralt Of Rivia
Killing monsters... daaamn
CD PROJEKT RED is a good, so so good team
Last video was in-game engine. Not cinematic.
I Dianictus
in Cyberpunk trailer the man who hold the gun close to the head of woman robot looks like some cableman.
I'm Tyfyh
well, Dragon Age and Witcher are 2 last standing towers of the modern RPG. Nothing comes even close to them
Ifti Awan
Witcher 3 is better then even gta 5
I would like the voice of geralt to be on the witcher movie
Jade Obsession
the Witcher games look badass!
James Sardina
didn't you guys know? 2077 is the release date, duh!
Jerzy Oblicki
Rozumiem ze 2077 to planowana data wydania.......
Johannes Schneider
We’ll never go back to Geralt ever again
Screw doing a live action Witcher series, they should make the entire series like these CG trailers... They are absolutely amazing...
Kyle Szymocha
There all amazing, They have raised the bar so high in terms of rpg, No one may ever touch them, witcher 3, and their exps Are so perfect im not sure any will cone mear it even in 10 years
Les Hernandez
Blizzard and CD needs to do some projects together
Saving the gaming industry, one trailer at a time.
Mande Loo
I love fighting Bruxae you nail them with a moonduster and it’s literally a beautiful fight
Mantis Toboggan
Why were the nilfgaardians trying to kill Ciri?
Mark Stone
Too bad TW 3 is not as good as its trailers. Especially disappointing given that TW 2 was.
yeahhh I'm gonna go play it now
5:42 I love the level of detail, when the sword hits the table :-)
I love the ending. \u003c3
And that's because my country makes games with hearth
I loved the last cinematic.. Holyshit the goosebumps!
Obi Wan Kenobi
W dniu, w którym wyjdzie Cyberpunk 2077 , GTA V będzie tylko wspomnieniem, a Wiedźmin? Wiedźmin pozostanie wiedźminem, tyle.
Rainer Brehovsky
Top 5 Cinematic Trailers out of - 6... or 7?? Wow, nice, great job...
Red Riding Reaper MVs
Can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to be released.
Rein Sadrak
not just the trailers thay made awsome, but also the games...thay put all their heart into it....the best developers the world ever known...CD red Project...
feel the slavic..
The Witcher propably only game nowdays that doesn't have lootboxes, microtransactions and Season Passes, you pay for a game you get the game not some kind of incomplete skeleton
Aaaaaaaaaaa Voice Geralt AAAAAAAAAAA
Sai Ganesh
Please.... Start working on witcher 4
Shovah Salvaje
The outside-engine game trailers were made by Platige Image ;D
That bonus \u003c3
Cyberpunk 2077
16:18 I'm fine! thanks!
Cyberpunk 2077.
Hard to beat the Witcher trailers.
Tymoteusz Gancarz
why not witcher 1 trailer ?
Xander Prime
Comming: When Its ready\n\n\ngets me every time
Zhengkang Vijaya
wait technically witcher and cyberpunk did a crossover right?
come on now... they are great trailers but this is like the best witcher 3 trailers not cd project..
cant wait for this game the last one just can't cyberpunk
projekt red should be in charge of making a witcher movie/series, not netflix, netflix shows suck.
enric cabeza
cdproject you are the best!
gooder 1916
Wiedźmin najlepszy jeśli ktoś nie rozumie l AM from poland
uhm as the cybnerpunk trailer was released cd projekt red had nothing to do with it. that was many years ago
lord damianos
love poland
nathan s
We all know this will be a masterpiece too cause it's from CD Projekt Red but the crowd roars for the witcher 4
pablo just pablo
I'm gonna get cyber punk just because CD projekt red made it honestly
puanaina hanun
geralt cant use knife, this video lie
Poland can into space ! ;)
slave trader
Loot boxes coming for next CD Progekt game. Mark my words.
ahhh Letho z Guletty awesome
Poland isn't that bad
love red.