Halloween (Movie series review)

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Halloween (Movie series review)Originally posted on Halloween, 2011, as part of Monster Madness: Sequel-athon. See the entire Son of Monster Madness marathon with this playlist

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I never realized that was Paul Rudd in Halloween 6....
Arbin Nunez
The avgn does great movie reviews
Beaver Chicken
I'm 17 now and I still haven't seen Halloween , well maybe I have when I was 5,but I don't remember shit. Many times I have seen parts of it and its sequels, never actually seen one fully( MAYBE when I was 5) Heard good and bad things about it. Think I. actually have it on vhs. An old friends mom gave me and my dad a shit load of vhs movies and I still have a few of them. Halloween was one of them, so I may decide to watch it because of this video
I love Halloween III, so atmospheric and creepy.
I understand why a lot of people don’t like the remake, but it is better than most of the Sequels. At least it showcases Michael as who he really is.
Halloween 3 scared the living shiz out of me as a kid. I still get that tv music stuck in my head when I'm slightly stressed.
Chelsie Simeone
rob zombie should have left halloween alone!! it was terrible!!
Man Halloween is freaking great! Only thing is remember everyone Halloween Resurrection is bs and he did die in 20Yrs later👌 Also I treat the other movies except 3 as just an alternate timeline so yeah!
Coconut Chriss
When I look out the window, I will see people walking with smartphones.\nI don't live in the 70's-80's, so looking out the window won't help anything.
DJ Arnold
Damn......H4 Michael has such a straight hairline
Dallas Kroyer
Honest opinion. The only way 6 could have been good is if they connected season of the witch to the curse of the thorn and have Cochran as the mastermind behind Michael
They have to get the mask right for the 2018 film. Get as close as possible to the Shatner mask as they can get.
DooM Guy 83
I'll slightly disagree with these vids a bit. When you say they do show Myers' face you say it's too generic. I can agree on a level. But if you take the time period, people were way more religious. They had a deeper fear of satan and God. I'm saying people were more religious in the past. Hear me out. The bible says that Jesus, if it weren't for his supernatural powers, no one would have recognized him as anything but any other man. The same is true with Micheal Myers. He would be just any other serial killer, but there is something different about him. He is immortal and can kill again and again. He IS evil incarnate. Back to the Jesus ideal; Jesus was just a normal \
Duerst The Wuerst
Part of me wants to say part 2 was scarier. There is something extremely unsettling about a dark, abandoned hospital that can't be denied.
Man, \
Flood Forums
Watched the original last night. I reccomend watching this in a setting where you can give it 100% of your attention if you haven't seen it before. It hasn't aged well, especially in an era where we expect our heroes to do smart things, so you need to constantly keep your head in a late 70's \
Galactem TPG
Wepp, Link shoots with a sword...
I was always disturbed by the kid dressed up as Myers in part 2 who got driven over by a car
Hassan Karimi
Have you reviewed the Chucky movies?
Hidan Rituals
Does he shoot people with a knife😂😂🤣🤣
Hiro Pisku
Happy Halloween James and to everyone else!
Hodgepodge Buhgodge
Hey Cinemassacre, do you like \
This franchise is beyond repair.
Humberto Duran
There's 2 types of horror films, the horror films before Halloween and the horror films after Halloween.
Rob Zombie needs to remake Season of the Witch. No limit on the onscreen child bodycount.
Ice Fire
Wow ant man vs Michael myers
John Carpernter, love his movies, soooo good. That new series, Stranger Things has a very Carpenter feel imo. Love the old Halloween movies, except the one about the masks, thats weird.
I'm glad Jamie Lee Curtis is coming back in the next one.
Iroquois Pliskin
The Rob Zombie films are hot garbage, but make no mistake, this series was ruined years before.
Joey JoJo
Halloween 3 is extremely underrated . I wish the series was an anthology like Carpenter wanted
John Crum
What is it about young guys named Tommy getting to murder previously-unkillable killers?
John Morrison
That was excellent! I was gripped and interested the whole video. Didn’t want it to end
Jon Murphy
I just realized, this was Ant-Man vs Michael Myers back in 95' !!! LOL
K Trigs
Halloween H20 in 1998.\nNow, it's 2018.\nHalloween H40?
Lee Perkins
Halloween 7: The Trail of Michael Myers.
Lord Gwyn
He edited the movie clips out if you guys wanna see the original look it up on cinemasacre
Major Mo
For some reason, Michael's mask in 4 reminds me of Data from Star Trek TNG!
Martin Tedder
You said that the \
I just recently watched H20 and I thought it was great. It should’ve ended the series. It was a great callback to the original. I’m sad James didn’t mention the very subtle and powerful moments where Michael and Laurie come face to face. It’s silent, but says more than any words could. Jamie Lee Curtis is fantastic. I went into the movie not expecting anything, and came out really impressed. The ending caught me totally off guard too. It’s number 2 on my list.
I agree. I enjoyed the Rob Zombie remake. But part 2 of Rob Zombies movie...ugh.....\n\nAt least we have a great Halloween 2018 now!
Max Turner
anyone esle watching this in 2018 and can't wait for the new halloween movie
Mick Araya
Happy Halloween, Cinemassacre team!
Mister Who
So they turned the Myer's house into a chiropractor house? Similar to that farmhouse in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre where it's now a restaurant
Mr. Capone From Honduras
I liked the remake. One of the few reboots/restarts/etc in the genre that really worked for me.
Mr. Polaski
Why haven't you done a series review on the Child's Play franchise?
Ms Sports
So Micheal Myers and the doctor got blown up and burnt they survive but Laurie dies
1. Halloween\n2. Halloween II\n3. Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers\n4. Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers\n5. Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers Producers Cut\n6. H20: Halloween Twenty Years Later\n7. Halloween (2006)\n8. Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers\n9. Halloween: Resurrection\n10. Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch\n11. Halloween II (2008)\n\nIt has been tough choosing between Halloween 3 & Rob Zombies Halloween II. I want to say Halloween 3 is worse, because lt ruins Halloween, as opposed to Halloween II just ruining Michael Myers. But ultimately, Halloween 3 is more entertaining. Because of Halloween II, we haven't gotten a new Halloween release in 7 years now, the longest interval without a Halloween movie. At least Halloween 3 pays some tribute to Halloween. Halloween II turned the Shape into a talking, delusional, maskless hobo. However, It Follows makes a better Halloween movie than both of them; & lt isn't even a real Halloween movie. Hopefully, the new one kicks ass. We need the real Michael Myers back.
NickJohnson videoss
Michael always gets me all horned up ! 🙌Whooo TCU GO Frogs!
Norrin Radd
I like all the times Michael is just lurking in the shadows in the background in part one. You miss them sometimes, but it's always creepy knowing he could be back there watching you...
I think it would be funny if in Zombies version they were watching the 1982 remake of The Thing.
Obscure Media
Draw your anti-Micheal circle in the sand
Pan D. Monium
How did Jamie Lee Curtis get labeled the scream queen when she hardly ever screams? Maybe once? Isn't it just that one scene James shows in this review?
Patrick D
I have the Theatrical version DVD of Rob Zombie's Halloween II and the ending for that version is odd since its more gorier than the Unrated version where Myers stabs Loomis in the gut in the Directors Unrated version. In the regular Theatrical version, Micheal stabs Loomis in the face and its pretty graphic.
Patrick Lange
Halloween III was very underrated!
Professor Fuzzymuffins
I didn't care for the Michael Myers character until he starred in the Austin Powers movies.
Punisher Sans
I wonder what James opinion is about the 2018 Halloween.
Actually, in Halloween 3, there is a Witch. The guy who owns Silver Shamrock is one. He states the killing of the kids is for or was for, their \
Raven House Mystery
What better way to celebrate Halloween then to watch the Monster Madness series on Halloween. It was great to see the movie reviews individually, but to put them all together in one complete series video is just awesome. Thank James for sharing your thoughts and insights on this iconic horror series.
You know what the most hilarious moment in Halloween 4 is? The moment in the school where the hair on Michael Myers’ mask magically turns white for a scene. I guess he was doing a brief shoutout to Ben Tramer there heh.
Raymond Bostaph
That moment where you realize Antman got 1 up on Michael Myers.
I’ll admit that I wanted to shoot myself after watching Resurrection. \n\nThe one I’d watch a lot was Halloween 5 and it’s certainly hell of a lot better than that one. At least the characters in 5 are a bit more likable than the ones in Resurrection. \n\nLike the foolish cops for example.
Halloween 1978 has been my favorite horror movie since I saw it when I was 8. The music and cinematography are top notch.
Rei K.
I know Resurrection has major flaws but after watching the entire franchise in marathon, I can tell it was so stupid that I actually liked it, especially after watching the three successively increasing smelly diarrhea called Halloween 4-5-6 in a row. H20 was ok but it could not get that taste out of my mouth like Resurection did.
Rift Shredder
Wow, I'm never gonna watch Shrek or Austin Powers the same way ever again
Robert Brunello
I remember as a child, renting Halloween 3 from the library and being utterly dissapointed it didn't have Michael.
James, you should do a \
Shawn Falk
James.......what's your take on the NEW Halloween trailer??
SlayerMan Entertainment Productions
My Ranking Of The Halloween Movies:\n\n10: Halloween Resurrection\n9: Halloween 2 (Remake)\n8: Halloween 5\n7: Halloween (Remake)\n6: Halloween 3\n5: Halloween 6\n4: Halloween H20\n3: Halloween 4\n2: Halloween 2 (Original)\n1: Halloween (Original)
Stealth- Boy 3000
I like AVGN.....but I ADORE James! :)
No witch in the 3rd movie? What the hell are you talking about?! The main villain is the freaking witch!
I love the fact that Michael's mask is just pale face of William Shatner. Run kids before Captain Kirk will get you !
The !st Winner
The Boogeyman
she never killed her step mother at the end of part 4 she only stabbed her, its explained in part 5 that she tried to kill her step mother by stabbing her
The Dreaming Insomniacs - Official
I appreciate that you aren't horribly negative like most YouTubers. I respect a fair and honest review
The Fan Without a Face
frankly I think Halloween 4 is the scariest of all the Halloween films. Micheal is shown to be completely unstoppable, and also terrifyingly intelligent, taking out the phones, the power and even the police force. \n\nThat opening is a perfect start to the movie, foreshadowing the insanely dark and frightening tale that is soon to come.
The Raul Guerrero G
I don't particulary hate the Remake but i don't love it either it was ok, i think my main issue with it was that Michael's backstory with his fucked up family feels cliché, in fact i believe that it'd have been way creepier if he had a relatively happy childhood and even then he becomes a serial killer. But then again we have We need to talk about Kevin which is awesome.
I wish they would continue the thorn trilogy I mean why not lol they gave us some twisted shit with Michael inbreeding a child but hey he now has a son and its been long enough that the boy would be grown. Think of the possibilities father vs son would Steven Lloyd be the new boogieman? I mean come on.
Turner D Century
Michael vs Jason
William Brooks
Good ole Michael, Jason, and Freddy.
William Hayward
Halloween XI: The End of Michael Myers? ;)
Wolfgang Lunar
Hey James, are you hyped that Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter are returning to make a new Halloween Movie that supposedly is ignoring all the sequels and will take place 40 years after Halloween 2?
Wxir Ink.
Me and my mom watch friday the 13th on holloween amd friday the 13th on holloween!
alex hovis
Jamie did stab her adopted mother but she lived (she didn't kill her).
chris the movie guru
paul rudd?? lol
I disagree with your sentiments about revealing Michael's backstory as \
OK I understand a lot of the criticism of III is a lack of Michael Myers, but that is not why I hated it. The reason I hated it is the story was awful, jump scares fell flat and the biggest one of all is the Stone Henge link. Sorry no, seriously? As a Brit I know one of the most guarded tourist attractions is Stone Henge and if word got out part of it was stolen then they would never ever in a million years get that thing through customs. That ruined the film for me, that they successfully got a large piece of Stone Henge out of the UK to a toy factory in the USA to make masks kill kids? Seriously? Imagine it. \n\nCustoms: What’s that?\nGuy: A big rock, taking it to the US.\nCustoms: You know a part of Stone Henge was stolen a couple of days ago.\nGuy: Nah, just a rock.\nCustoms: Yeah, I’m gonna have to confiscate this.\nGuy: F**k!\n\nSee, no way they could ever get away with it hence why I hate III. It was too ridicules.
12456 is my favorite timeline and all my favorite movies in the series except for 2 and 5 but I do watch them all in a row on the day before Halloween
ivan melo
Anyone came back from halloween 2018 tralier
larry sanchez
I want the new one too be good, I really do
Halloween 1 and 2 are my favorite horror movies \u003c3
Carpenter makes the best scores
pizzamon 79
Shatner's face, never new that. Thanks Nerd.
politically incorrect FYF
Halloween3 sadly doesn't get the credit it deserves. it's a metaphor of how major corporations sells products that harms the consumers but the corporations only cares about their profits despite the deadly end result
Awesome effort putting this together. Thanks
I just realize the character Jamie was probably named for the actress Jamie Lee Curtis.
There is a good quality version of the part 6 producer's cut, now.
ö. . ,
I like Halloween III because Michael Myers isn't in it.