scared chimps reassure themselves with pseudo-copulation and rump-to-rump contacts front of mirror

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@@ Don’t miss more information on this video SHOW MORE @@@@ Ne manquez pas de lire un complément d’informations en français après celui en anglais @@French photographers Anne-Marie, Xavier HUBERT-BRIERRE and their friend Michel GUISS DJOMOU mounted since year 2012 six large mirrors (1,2 m x 2,5 m) in the rainforest near Nyonié in Gabon. In front of each of them, to film the reactions of wild animals to their own reflections, they installed several motion detector cameras with different angles of view.The chimpanzees of this forest go as they wish in front of these mirrors.In these primates, as in humans, self recognition in a mirror is not innate. It is the result of a learning process that will little by little allow us to understand the properties of the mirror."After initial wariness, mirror-directed aggressive behaviors were common, especially in adult males, but aggression gradually diminished and eventually almost completely ceased. These mirrors elicited a range of socio-sexual behaviors interpreted as having a reassurance function, especially when group-level tension appeared high." (Primates volume 58 January 2017 Reflections in the rainforest: full-length mirrors facilitate behavioural observations of inhabitued, wild chimpanzees. J.R. Anderson – X. Hubert-Brierre – W.C. McGrew)Two of these behaviours is were caught in this video : pseudo-copulation (non-penetrative mounting with pelvic thrusting) and rump-to-rump contacts between two adult males.May this behavior correspond to that in humans, when taken to tranquilize a person in great fear, panic or suffered great emotional shock, shoulders arm or arms around it? Two people in such an emotion can also calm each other with arms around and the other one.My videos on the same topic

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