Vaginal loosening for Treatment of Painful Sex

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Vaginal LooseningDr. Piyush Goyal MD Mobile - 9820045689 Email address - [email protected] Agarwal Nursing Home 74, Anne Villa, Jn. of 14th & 30th Road, Near St. Theresa High School, Bandra West, Mumbai - 50 Vaginal Loosening is a revolutionary new procedure that can help women with small vaginal openings. Many women with small vaginal openings find sex unpleasant or downright painful because their vaginal opening is not large enough to accommodate their partner’s penis. This condition is known as dyspareunia. Vaginal Loosening is an effective dyspareunia treatment because it enlarges the vaginal opening, making intercourse painless and even pleasurable for many women.Vaginal Loosening represents a breakthrough in treatment for dyspareunia that is caused by a small vaginal opening. The other treatment that was widely used for dyspareunia was vaginal dilators. While vaginal dilators can be used as a relatively painless method to help maintain the width of the vaginal opening after the Vaginal Loosening treatment, using them as a method to enlarge the vagina can be uncomfortable or even painful.The Vaginal Loosening ProcedureVaginal Loosening is a minimally invasive procedure designed to facilitate vaginal enlargement. First, the physician will numb the vaginal area with local anesthesia, which will keep you comfortable during the procedure and prevent you from feeling any pain. During the Vaginal Loosening procedure, the physician uses a laser to reshape the vaginal opening, making it larger and more able to accommodate a penis during sexual intercourse. The entire procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis in approximately one hour.

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Akshatha Achuz
is there any treatment for vegina not opened till th age of 19
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I know sum body who needs the opposite done can u help..
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That didn't hurt
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hi Dr am in South Africa were I need your help I have the same problem help plsssss
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what's the after math of the surgery
rashmi dogra
sir how much u charge for this treatment