Relaxing Animal Crossing Music Compilation

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A compilation of calming/relaxing Animal Crossing music, containing tracks from the original game, City Folk, and New LeafTracklist: - 5 AM (City Folk)

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19:09 my favvv
Abby Cox
anybody listening after animal crossing switch was announced?
Andrew Verni
What monster could dislike this?!?!
Arthur Wacker
A world i wanna live in.
Bearinit Collects
28:55 gave me major nostalgia.
34:14 I love this song so much
I'm crying lmao. Animal Crossing music is just way too nostalgic for me.
I played Animal Crossing for the first time when I was 5 years old and loved every bit of it, now over 10 years later I'm still playing new leaf and I'm desperately hoping for a new one. It brings so much joy just living your peaceful life with nice animals, animal crossing isn't really explainable and you don't get why people love it until you play it yourself and experience the animal crossing magic haha I remember when I hid unter my blanket at night when I was a child so my parents didn't notice I was playing the game, truly a great time and a great game that will forever have a place in my heart.
Charlie Crome
wheres the resetti theme? whats more relaxing than having a mole scream at you?
Fuuuuuck I miss being a kid and playing this all summer and I had no responsibilities.
Christian Calderón
Christian Davis
Finally Animal Crossing for the switch has been revealed!
Man the city folk theme takes me back lol, my dad was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and this is bringing back some real good memories. Thanks for uploading and spreading good vibes (though they may be bittersweet for me :))
Dark Star
2:43 Reminds me of when I was in 4th grade and I'd go straight to AC after school 💚
i wish i could live in animal crossing's town, this is so peaceful man
DerpAlphys HannahGarris
Let's see how many songs there are in Animal Crossing, just for fun!!!\n\n\n\n\nOk, well, let's see... There is 4 games... 24 hours, 24 songs, plus the bonus rainy day for ACPG, and the Christmas, Hallowe'en, and Easter for ACNL... That's (this is all the same equation, I'm just overthinking) 24 x 4 = 6 x 4 x 4 = 16 x 6 = 2 x 8 x 6 = 48 x 2 = 96, plus 1 for Population: Growing!, and 3 for New Leaf... That makes *roughly* 100 background, non K.K. songs for AC to -date.- Nintendo, you are frickin epic, give Kazumi Totaka a frickin *MEDAL* for doing almost *all* of this, and that's not even counting K.K. Slider. But if we *were* counting K.K. songs? OK. 91 songs total, plus 94 live songs, 91 music box versions... 91 x 3 = 273, plus 3 extra live versions... 2!7!6! Two hundred seventy six K.K. songs for Animal Crossing. The *GRAND TOTAL* IS...\n3!\n2!\n1!\n\n\n376! THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX AC SONGS *TO DATE!!!* ADDED AND MULTIPLIED AND COMPLETELY DONE ALL IN MY HEAD TOO! (K.K. Ska starting to play) GIVE K.K. AND OTAKU A MEDAL! YES!!! THANK YOU AND \nG O O D *N I G H T* !
Ellie J
337 people got yelled at by Resetti
Flguro Bxby
Lets pull out tissues together😞😭😭😥😥nostalgia hits ya right on the spot😞
Roost cafe is my fav, it has a little studio ghibli sort of feel to it AND I LOVE STUDIO GHIBLI AND ANIMAL CROSSING SO MUCH
Heaven Toms
Oh my God. The nostalgia hit me hard at the very start. Holy heck bless you for this.
The nostalgia is paining. Haven’t played in 3 years, I bet all of my old neighbors are gone :(
Ian Miscenich
11:00 even though it’s great, I hate the song because I’d get on at 8 and realize I need to wait 2 hours before all the Main Street shops open
Ismael Parra
Doctor: You have only 1 hour, 5 minutes and 14 seconds to live.\nme:
Oh my god thank you so much
James Clark
Anyone else fire this on before going to sleep?? 💤
Jeff The Third
I love this game
Jeff the meme Guy_6669
Ahh memories \nperhaps someday we will have a animal crossing switch game.
Jeffrey Yi
Jemma Vine
Need a dose of this to handle the announcement of the new Animal Crossing
Joanne L
Kyle Landon
Anyone else come here right after the Switch announcement?
L Lawliet
Ne pleurs pas lopauque
Licorne Nyan cat #Kappa
Oooo Wild World !!! So many fellings and émotions... 😍😢😔\n\nOooo Wild World !!! Tellement de sentiments et d'émotion... 😍😢😔
Little Pichu
I dont know why, but i play intense video games to this XD
Tracklist:\n\n0:00 - Title Screen (City Folk)\n1:07 - 1 PM (New Leaf)\n2:43 - 2 PM (City Folk)\n4:53 - Rainy Day (Animal Crossing)\n6:51 - 1 PM (City Folk)\n8:43 - 6 PM (City Folk)\n10:43 - 8 AM (New Leaf)\n12:21 - Title Screen (Animal Crossing)\n13:24 - 11 AM (New Leaf)\n15:00 - 9 AM (City Folk)\n16:22 - 7 PM (Animal Crossing)\n18:43 - 2 PM (New Leaf)\n20:27 - 3 PM (New Leaf)\n21:37 - 12 PM (Animal Crossing)\n23:42 - 6 AM (City Folk)\n25:12 - 5 PM (New Leaf)\n27:45 - 9 AM (New Leaf)\n28:55 - 11 AM (City Folk)\n30:57 - 12 AM (City Folk)\n34:14 - The Roost Cafe (New Leaf)\n35:38 - 9 PM (Animal Crossing)\n38:17 - 8 PM (New Leaf)\n39:55 - 8 PM (City Folk)\n42:33 - 10 PM (New Leaf)\n43:59 - 10 PM (City Folk)\n47:17 - 11 PM (New Leaf)\n49:33 - 1 AM (Animal Crossing)\n50:36 - 11 PM (City Folk)\n53:17 - 1 AM (New Leaf)\n55:24 - 1 AM (City Folk)\n57:31 - 2 AM (New Leaf)\n1:00:29 - 8 PM (Animal Crossing)\n1:02:35 - 5 AM (City Folk)
Malte Rotter
Thank you so much for this upload !
My mom always fished for me and pulled weeds, I did the shopping
I listen that after the Nintendo Direct at the E3. I'm so sad\n(Sorry for my bad english)
~ 💜 ~ Amazing, I lost Animal Crossing New Leaf when I was little. But this brings back memories. I love this. Thank you. 💜 I left a like. ~💜~
I'm studying for finals and this is making me feel so nostalgic.. I'm dying to play new leaf when I finish exams 😄
I think what we learned from this, is that City Folk and New Leaf had some damn good music.
My Uncle Works For Nintendo
Who's ready for that Animal Crossing on the Switch in 2018!? ;)
My favorite would have to be the roost from new leaf. I always found it super relaxing
NintenDave Videos
The 8 people who voted down are cold beings.
Ornithorynque Doré
I'm listening to this tonight because Isabelle just got announced for Smash and a new Animal Crossing game is coming for 2019\n\nI'm so happy
Osha Hott
Thanks! This makes doing homework and taking notes not all that bad! ^.^
Watched/listened to this all the way until the end without shame. Animal Crossing is the best game on this planet.
Paula B
When someone pass me the AUX chord.. I be like.
Pia Janina
This makes me so nostalgic \u003c3
Pokemon Lover :3
I could really listen to this when ever I'm bored or mad
Raw Garlic
Reminds me of a time when I was little and had no worries in the world and I was still scared of not saving and having to try to talk to Nick to tell him why you didn’t save man life was so much simpler then...
Relentless Gamer
Like if listening to these songs cause hyped for the new Animal Crossing that’s announced
Ryan Jason
who else is listening to this after the announcement for Animal Crossing 2019?!
Sammy Potatosalad
10-year-old me lost so much time in the original game.... This is such a unique series
Samuel Danskin
Came back a few months after I found this, I remember I used to listen to this video a lot when I started at my new school. I was extremely nervous and this music brought me both nostalgia and calmed me down. Thank you so much :)
ShiRu Vii
I've never really played Animal Crossing before but this made me feel oddly nostalgic of an unknown, magical land of joy.
Silent Reaper
Animal crossing switch pleeeaaaassee
SpoonTrys Games
*why am I crying*
Square Garden 四角い庭
I can close my eyes, and rest. I'm transported to a small town. It's quaint, but it's mine, and I love it just the same. Faces I know. Places I can feel comfortable in. Smiles that can break through the cloudiest of days. Rain, snow, sun or clouds; the weather is always calming. I can take a stroll on cool autumn afternoons, past the crisp apple trees. I can build a snowman with my friends. I can swim in the ocean; dive for shells and fish. I can invite friends over. We can laugh next to a dying fire on a summer night. No matter the day, no matter the time; there is always something to smile about. Even when things look down, I know that the next day will bring something good. Sometimes I have to say goodbye to a friend, as they board the train, finding another place to adventure. However, I know that in the best of my heart, I will never forget them. It's an impression; nay, a life. It helps me break from all ailments. No stress- no worry- no pain; No sickness or death. The seasons change, but the patterns stay the same. It's the life I enjoy; the life I live. I can rest assured at the end of each day, as the stars creep across the postmeridian sky, that I can wake up, refreshed and happy; ready to begin another day.
Stardust Speedway
If i die i wanna die playing Animal Crossing
Stormy Ray Waters
This is the calmest and nicest comment section I've seen on YouTube. It's so nice to see people actually being nice to each other on here. There's no fights on here it's only saying thanks or talking about animal crossing and how fun it is.
*hears 8am(New Leaf)*\noh shi- this is mah jam!\n*commence wiggling*
The GameSMR
Why can't our problems go away. I just want to exist in a world where I can have fun everyday. Preferably a world where Isabelle exists at least.
Toby Weir
I am strongly dissapointed by the lacck of wild world music
Vaewyth Rede
I see all these homework posts by kids, and here I am filing receipts and doing my taxes.\nDoes that count?
I use this for my classes all the time, the kids focus and calm down, its a great help
Will Msn4
It was because of this game, that I learned how to use a bank
YanSay Gaming
I listened to this from beginning to end !
thank you! this helps me so much when studying
clarissa q
Makes me want to play animal crossing but I don't want to deal with all those weeds!
Animal Crossing switch in 2019, baby!
listening to this while playing stardew valley\nforgive me father for I have sinned
The amount of time I wasted uprooting those damn weeds just to forget about it for a while and come back to a million more damn weeds.. go those were the days, when weeds on animal crossing was the biggest frustration in my life
iCoNiC iS mY mIdDlE nAmE
Such an underrated and underestimated game. These songs just bring back memories of being so sweet and innocent, waking up each day happy because you knew you could achieve something on animal crossing. It gave me self-worth and got me through some tough years. I was a bit of a loner until I went up to High School but this game pretty much fulfilled my friendship needs. I remember crying on \
iiixtullasticx :3
OMG I literally forgot about this game😱 The memories in 2012 😫 im literally charging my 3ds waiting for it and the game is in my hand🖐 , :))) so nostalgic❤️❤️
next animal crossing game better a) give celeste her observatory back, and b) give us back catching spirits
Animal crossing is what video games were originally about. Just kind of escaping to a simple little world with relaxing colors and music and always something to do.
karissa suee
taught me responsibility as a child. animal crossing was where i got my first job and paid for my own first house! what simple times.
this is really useful for panic/anxiety attacks!! thank you \u003c3
I remember playing this while at uni on my DS and being out on a Friday night and being like \
Stop reading the comments and get back to work!
oop Kaye
How I spend my time:
Never forget the moment where the damn shark got scared because i run at the beach, poor young me :(
i know 2am new leaf too well....
we live in a society
Relaxing animal crossing music:\n**puts the entire soundtrack from all games in the video**
53:17 This is the best :D
animal crossing switch confirmed
♥ Kanami ♥
*grabs pen*\nLet's go homework :D
え、どうぶつの森⁉︎\nすげぇ集中できるよぅ笑\n\nI love this game.....😭💕\nAnd, this movie is amazing too...✨
Y'all talking about nostalgia while I still play it to this day lmao