079 Carla Stella with subtitles

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part 79 from folge 3418Stella wants to spent some quality time with CharlieTHANKS TO THE TEAM I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.

Carla Lahnstein Mann Stella forbidden liebe love verbotene von

Wow, Stella is so brave or foolish to confront her attackers... two against one, never a good sign!
Thanks to the team as always! I look forward to the next episode. It makes my week! All the best to all of you fabulous folks! Deb
Mira Sanchez
@CarlaFreak4ever may sound stupid but whats a purr?
i wish they would stop showing Charly & Stella kissing i get sick every time.
SmutnaJules007 rychwalska
heyyyy Carlafreak I just started watching last month and Im ADDICTED....being in the US -had enuff of the L word -time for something new and love brushing up my German..and cheat with english subtitles of course...forgive the stupid question..I see nothing past like 84 or so...are there more??? Im now going thru withdrawl please HELP!!!!!!! heh heh any news please let me know!!!! Thanx so much for this wonderful fresh show for me...DD
Solis- Gonzalez
thank you so much.......I wait to see your videos, lol...Have a good one mama...\r\nyour friend MariluG
Hands off Stella!!!!!\n\nThanks SuperTEAM.
Oh my! Can't wait for the next one! Just break up already Charlie so we and Stella can move on!!! LOL
@CarlaFreak4ever thank you soooooo very much for the english translation, love the show and now i understand the story too. wish Malaysia would import german movies like this Wow! Love ya! Please keep it up. XOXO