24 Hours in a Haunted Hotel! We Found a REAL GHOST at 3am

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We stayed overnight at a haunted hotel and found a real ghost for this 24 Hour challenge. We spoke with one of the staff who gave us a house tour of the hotel and even though he’s not a professional or medium, he’s had many encounters with spirits and supernatural entities. We knew each room had a different ghost story and my friends and I decided to investigate each room both before and at 3am and try to communicate with a real ghost. Did you see my last video where I found a hidden treasure box in my house: . I love making videos that make you smile and laugh, and I especially love connecting with every one of you! I'm married to Matt Slays, I have two dogs named Peanut and Blackjack and I currently live in Los Angeles. If you're new to my channel leave a little note about yourself so I can get to know you as well! Thanks for watching!

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I am not sure if the place I went to was haunted or not but it was a pretty creepy experience. So me my siblings, my mom, and her boyfriend went camping somewhere at a mountain. We set up our tent, made some hot dogs and roasted some marshmallows. Later that night we were sitting on a bench/table talking about creepy stuff when my moms boyfriend decided to yell, “VEN SATANAS!” “COME SATAN!”. As soon as he said that the wind started blowing like crazy. For the rest of that night I felt a weird presence and couldn’t sleep. A few days later my moms boyfriend came to our house and told us that he had talked to a pastor at his church and told him how a few days after the camping trip he started hearing stuff at his house and knocking on his doors. The pastor had told him that some kind of spirit must’ve followed him home. We have never been camping ever since. \n\n\n\n\nAnyway that was my experience at my scary camping trip. (This was also the first time I went camping).
Adriana Aylene
ive felt somthing likeb touh me before but idk what
Akemi Moore
1:32-ish \nYou want to look good for the ghost in case it changes your mind about killing you cuz you're pretty
Albina Bina
Los Angeles seems to be with million ghosts😂
Alicefgo Van Every
Aliyah Partee
Amarie Williams
Amber Boots
I'm only 8 and I spend the night in the clown motel
Amelia Breaden
I would be able to stay in a scary hotel or in a room or a house cause I LOVE going to HAUNTED places I haven’t seen or witnessed something haunting but I have watch very creepy and scary stuff love 💗 u bye 🙂like if u agree with liking haunted stuff
the scary sounds in the background aren't helping.....
Andrew Hilton
I love you
Ashley leon
Sometime i feel like my house is haunted at night before this used to happen while sleeping i will feel like someone\nWalks around me and then sit right beside me the reason it stopped was i used to keep a ball beside me on it was written Allah\nBut still paranormal activitys are happening now also with me and my sisters .\nMy sister washed dishes and kept a glass very far away for the edge and a bottle at late night all of us were a sleep my sister heard noise she cheked if any one was a wake none of us were a wake she went out to the kithen \nand the glass was broken athe bottle was on the floor she went to the hall and saw the light was open and no one did left the light open in moring she said my mom to see and my mom freaked out \nbased on my true story
Asia Dziedzic
OMG🤐🤐🤐😲😲😵😵🧟\u200d♀️🧟\u200d♀️🧟\u200d♂️🧟\u200d♂️ YOU FEEL SOMEONE🌑🌑🌫🧟\u200d♂️🧟\u200d♂️🧟\u200d♀️🧟\u200d♀️👎🏻👎🏻
I have stayed in a haunted hotel and I could hear shouting saying I want to die and I could see a shadow but it wasn't my shadow comment like if anything has happened to you
Brooklyn Dennis
i love this video
Cady Updates
Ik it’s been awhile but I don’t think you should go to places like that because I don’t want you to bring anything with you.
Caitlyn Bennett
i love scary stuff i will forget it right away or fall asleep 😀
Callie Bryanne
I've seen a ghost before!! Like if you have or thought you have
Callyn Psiloyenis
I felt my aunt that died a few days ago when I was making a video for fun. I started to cry because I miss her and it was scary😨
Candice Hernandez
Dogs dogs can smell and seagulls ghost you can't
Candida Cordero
Christopher Burch
if you think rebecca is brave like this comment
Claudia Dee
Why do you guys add the sound effects, I'm home alone and creeped out.💩
Coralie Globensky
The remote flipped over again
Cosette Turner
Who else is reading the comments because they’re to scared to watch the video?😂😂😂
Cutie Rose
I would NOT stay in THAT HOTEL😱😱😱😐😐😐😵😵🤐🤐👍🏻
DB Brothers
Daniel Barry
It was a ghost
Diamond Stars
I have remembered when i was younger i remember a young girl who would only talk to me in the night time. She would scream but never woke up my parnets ive always wondered why until last year or the year before i saw her again\nThe exact same height, look, age, clothes.\n\nI am still freaked out. She said her name was emily but she also said she remember me when i was someone else years ago.\n\nCan anyone explain!?
This is a true story: \n\nSo a family used to live in our house and they were good friends with my grandmother (dad's side) so when we moved in a few months later sadly my grandma died😔 that family came to our house when they heard the news and they had a boy which is 15 year old who was personally my best friend ... we went into mh room and then we started to talk about the good times we had when my grandma came over... after a while they left and after a few hours we got a call from them and they sadly said that my best friend died (reason: he slippped and landed a really tough landing on his head which caused him to die😦and thats when I ran to my bedroom started to cry all day , but suddenly I felt something on my back I turned around nothing was there the lights turned off and the door shut right in my face.. thats when I smiled wiped my tears away and I knew that was my best friend 😊and that actually happened 2 weeks ago and right now im sitting on my bed writing this and I know that he is watching me type this ... just for more information I downloaded the ghost radiator app and the first word that came up was \
Elena Vazquez
I love your vidio it was smart
Elisa Lopez
Emely’s World
Im freaking out so much now and im so happy ur so brave, i litarally have goosbumps and im sorry if i spelled goosbumps wrong.
Felicitas Garcia
I am home alone and I'm scared 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😨😨😨😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I am scared for you too girl😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😒😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
it's amazing how your dogs woke you up before an earthquake
Haley Blanton
Your dog's are so cute!!
Happy Toys
i can't watch it but i want to, it's scaring me to bad. i am terrified by ghosts. by the way i just subscribed.
Hector Urias
I am scared i can not go to sleep but god is here to protect me i hope you have a great day 😁😯☹😭😭
Hilma Katshuna
Omg game master
Homerun Vlogs
Look at 7:37 the door
Irfan Hussain
Why u go dere
Jacqueline Fair
I went to a haunted house and I hated it it was scary
Janette Tabanao
I dont want to stay in ahunted hotel 😱😱😱😨
Jonathan Miller
Once upon a time in Hollywood.
Jordyn Eliana Rodriguez
Kaitlyn Lim
Okay ima tell you guys a story\nSo when I was like 3 me , my mum and my dad were looking for a house in south Perth\nAnd some of the houses were really old . And there was this one house that was 2 storeys tall and it was like a really old looking one\n. So when we went to the front door the my dad asked about the history of the house and the sales woman told him a story of a woman who commit suicide inside on of the bedrooms . My dad didn’t thing much about it and so we went in . The first room we entered was not scary but the third room didn’t feel right and there was a rocking chair in the room and when my mum entered (she entered last ) the chair started to rock really quickly and cuz there was no fan or any windows opened it was quite strange to see it move by it’s own . So at the end we didn’t buy the house luckily
Katie Kat
Who else is looking through the comments for anyone who saw any ghosts?
Katie Sandy
rebecca u r so so pretty
Kayla 123
Kitty Gamer
L.I.N.A Forever
Thank God i'm watching this in the MORNINGGG 😥😥
Layci Elias
Lellany Machado
No but one time i felt my grainpa
Lexi-Mae Buston
that al go bad
Lori Saghdejian
Wait you have been theougg an earthquake
Luna Galvan
Give a like if you want her to go to a hunted school
Luna theAlpha
Our house is haunted!\nStory:\n\nOur house is actually inheritted by my grandfather's father's friend... The story is that there was a family that lived here on the house we're staying .. So, there was this girl who always gets bullied and then her parents doesn't even care about her..\nIt was her 6th birthday and she tried to wake up her parents but her parent don't even care. She always wanted a dog as a birthday gift but her parents always say that they don't have enough money ..\nOne day, the young girl found out that her parents were lying to her because she saw her parents buying a new car. The girl's birthday is at April 1 (April Fools' Day) btw.. She turned 7 the next year and then she was down..Her parents don't even care!\nSo she sits in one spot upstairs of our house and that spot is in the corner of my mom's,\nmy dad's, and my room .... I always feel cold in that room though ..................................\nSo, every April Fools' (April 1), I always see her sitting on that spot and just petting my dog..\nInfo. About the girl:\nThe girl has long black hair\nIs wearing a white dress\nAnd she has red eyes\nAlways petting my dogs\nShe suicide herself by cutting her body in half\n\n\nI understand her sadness because her parents didn't gave her the dog she wanted .. So I always let her pet my dog ..\nBut whenever my parents came in, She will always disappear.. And I know why she does\n..........\n\n\nIt's because I'm her sister and her parents were my parents ...\n
Madison DaCosta
I have. I've been to the Lizzie Borden house in Massachusetts and let me tell you. Me and my aunt were standing against a wall and I felt like a tug at my waist and I got pulled to the side and tripped a little bit and then I realized that right above us was where her stepmother was murdered. We then moved to the attic and as soon as I got to the top It like electricity if that makes any sense and it was cold. But the weird thing was it was only cold in that spot and then we took a picture of the door that went over the attic stairs and I watched my aunt take the picture. She took 2 of them. We got back to the car and looked at them and one of them came out looking as if a finger covered the camera so 1 picture didn't come out. I also visited the cemetery where she and her family was laid at rest. Fun fact my phone died hahaha. I turned it back on it was on Like 60 percent I was like omg I cried I was so scared. I've only had a tour of the house and from that idk if I'm gonna spend a night but that was some scary shit
Mannat Jethani channel
I love your videos but I am sorry at first plz forgive me 🙍🏼\u200d♀️
McKenzie Raymer
I have stayed in a haunted place I actually live in that haunted place my apartment is haunted the ghost is friendly her name is Chelsey and she was murdered by her husband so yes I have
Me and my cats
You \nWill\nNot\nBelieve \nWho \nIs\nThe\nBest\nPerson \nIn \nThe\nWorld.\n\n\n\n\nLook at the first word u will get it.
Melissa Medrano
Rebecca you should do a overnight challenge on the Queen Mary \n\nEdit: thanks for the likes at least😂
Michaela Langdon
Good luck guys and have fun 😀😁😆😉😢
Millys Fun millysgames
I life in a it was made in 1870 haunted house 😕😓
Mochi Bun
if you believe that ghosts are real \n\n\nlike this \nBy the way why is everyone so rude to me right now because I’ve had enough of it
Mukesh Maharaj
When I want to fiji 🇫🇯 with my family .we were sleeping at my Aunty house and it was the night before we left fiji. So the main part so I was so tired I fell asleep, but then I woke up in rthe middle of the night and I realised that I was sleeping on the other mattress the one that I can't sleep on. I just kept on hearing noises from the kitchen like someone is making food 🥘 I just kept and kept on hearing it. Then I finally got some sleep but it was probably only a couple of minutes. My dream was about that me my mum and sisters and cousins were all in a moterbike all together. My mum was driving the moterbike and there was a truck in front of us and my mum accidentally hit it and then the lady fell off the truck it was a pretty old lady 👵. By then my dream ended and all the kitchen noises stopped but then I heard a car moving or something and a heard the toilet 🚽 flush but then I fell asleep 😴. The next morning my uncle had fallen asleep in the toilet and that's all I remember
NA Donya
Love you you are so brave
Nahomy Ramirez
I had never been to a hunted hotel and if I did I would be so frikout. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
I have been in my favourite park and it was hawnted
Pamela Goff
That guys is freaking me out !!!!
Peter Luis
Yes at my home in my room because I had the tv on at 12:00 I was a sleep and I felt a go st in front of me
Rachael M
i heve it was so scary\ni hade goose bumps and i felt like i was being wost
Rebecca Zamolo
Where should I go next? Make sure to watch my last video to enter my 3 Million subscriber giveaway: https://youtu.be/xw7g-DFkrq4
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Sally Alz
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i love you so so much 1like =1 pray for rebecca
Sophie Marriott
Omg..i was so scared but then i saw the m and m's on the snack bar and i was yesssss
Suzanne Lewis
I love your scary voieds and I love you so much
Tasha Thompson
Tess Norton
I love your scary videos
In my old house it was really scary because once I woke up at about 5AM and I went to see my brothers but when I went to see if they were awake I saw this guy he was really tall and he had a suit on and it was just staring at my brothers and I just watched it for a while but then I went back to my room to sleep and I heard someone opening the door I thought it was my mum... I woke up again to see if the tall guy was there but he wasn’t. The creepy thing about that was that the slender man movie hadn’t even come out yet...\nI am still scared when I think back of it in my head 😧👽
Zoe nation swag
Be careful I don’t want you to get Hurt
amanda waeton
I would die going into that hotel
emily chavira
Im staying at my house thats haunted 😂
why did u go there???
hungry corn
My school was hunted and i have seen a ghost before...and it is so spooky
karis juliette
Omg I am just sitting in the comment section looking at comments because I am too scared to watch the video😂 Like if you agree
leia dawson
my school is haunted
lover ajpw
I know that i watched it #creepy
olivia tollan
Btw who is Rebecca's friend she's soooooooooo pretty 😍
sara ZA
your girl sophia
Go to the clown hotel