The Secrets in the house of Granny - The mysterious message -

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True story? What is your opinion?There are a lot of curiosities in Granny!

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Another cool video😎😎😎😎😎
This giant meat near the ground floor is the dead man.
Alissia- Nightcore
I can't believe this is actually true 0_o
Andreas On Youtuber
Pin me or I'll use that guillotine.
Ari Cookie
When i was playing granny 5 MIN ago grannies eyes were red when i saw her I WASNT EVEN PLAYING AT 3:00 SP WHY??
Ashraf Asif
what about slendrina's husband..there is no video of him..??
AwesomeLeopard123 Videos
it’s slendrina x boyfriend who cheated on her and slendrina was crying and mad so she went to granny and talked to her about it and wanting revenge on making her granddaughter feel sad (jk this is not true i just wanted to text that lol) 😇😝
Ayush Dalal
This person os die ? So there is one wepon box right after that floor there is one door in that any one body is there and there is blood also so i am thinking that it is of that man only
BTS fangirl
So.......uh.......this was .......... REAL!????? scared now
Charles Andrew Alonday
I think the man is the meat in the meat room maybe its not a meat maybe its the man
Cutesy Pets xx
Anyone think this should be a movie like if you include like how slenderina and angelena fake died then Simon killed himself and haunted the woods as slenderman. And how slenderina husband is half bat and he and slenderina have two tarantula as pets and they had a baby and abandoned it so he husband killed angelena! And how granny was depressed and locked herself in the house and then turned into some mental zombie.she killed the only family that knew about her in the sauner. It’s so crazy this should be a movie!\n\n\n\nThe videos I got. You search up-\nThe fake death and slenderman - the truth of slenderina \nThe slenderina husband abandoned baby and killing angelena-search “the truth of slenderinas husband”\nGranny depression and locking herself in her house zombie-Search up “the truth of granny-2018”\nKilling the family that knew her in sauner- search up “The real secret of the sauner in granny”\nJust in case u wanted to know the videos I got it from
Danial Khan
Granny granny granny ...
Dante Alighieri
1:46 😱
Dante gamer
Death Run 3d Gamer
Nice video caffe tv and almost to 100k!!
Denis-Andrei Bai
This must to be a serial named \
Edhashim 3553
Is this a real story if it is thank you for sharing at us
ErR0R! Sans
that message is easy to find
Ezra Cadainggan
Probably the man is dead cause granny already did ate his body
Felicita Z.
Lol I was just playing granny and then went to YouTube and I found the myterius message because I freezed granny
I think that man is dead why else would there be blood on the bat the first day without her seeing you or, maybe she did hit us, but it’s a wooden bat and blood can’t evaporate as fast as water because of the thickness of the blood. So what if this man is dead? Or in the next update we have to find him.
Gacha Ema
We have to know every secret but are there more secrets in granny's house
GelatinTube Jello
This story is real I understand it
Granny developer
Granny is going to take over but I won.t let her
Gus GamerTV
2018 ?????
Harish Padhye
Scary video
Harry Pagador
You are pro dudes
Horror Game Central
He got out of his car then granny hit him and brought him inside\nEdit: maybe he is the meat inside the closet or the “mannequin”
Hugh Jackman
In an another video they said that a woman but in this video is about a man 😡
I put no effort in my videos
He is the meat in that one room
Its Umbrespeon
ℓσℓ gяαииу ιѕ ѕ¢αяу
Ivan is ugly UwU
and in playhouse there is one green cogwhell that is probably one cogwhell that last person is put and its still there cause granny cant go in playhouse :D
Jacket chan Kung poo master
You see grannys new car wasnt hers it was the car for man who crashed in tree and hit in the by granny. Ps the water melon was the guys head
Jade Ahmed
How did you get on the roof of the house 👀
Jamie Nicole Loves sans
I think In The Next Update in the Backyard You found a cage with someone Inside Now You need to save It
Yeah hes Dead\n( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Liliana Bustos
Very helpful clues
M.J. Sage07
I have a answer to the question is this man dead. The answer is no. I even have evidence. In your video on top of the shed there was help. I looked over to the fence up there and it was small enough to jump over. He may of got hurt but was likly still alive. So he got up and slowley got away. Then ( in this theory) this is when you got in the house. Is it because you heard a thump and was near the house? Then knocked on the door to see if everything is alright? Then got the same fate where you are trapped by granny. No one knows. Hope you like this answer!!😊😊😊
UHMMMM.... i got a fortnite ad... ok. Time to make cookies!
Marianna Taylor
I got that note too !!
Marius Petre
You can't say he's wrote on the house with red grafitty
Mark Pacia
Your bad granny 😔
Matei Nutu
Cool theory
MoonKase Fofinha
WOW udptade nice thanks!
Morta Budryte
Nao nao Mashlow
I cant see granny green eyes if you pick the messege 😐😐😐
He's dead alright. Granny eats you. There's meat hanging in a room. That's him.
Oliver Gaming
The man before you was the guy from the Slendrina game Franchise and he was there when after he escaped the mansion in Slendrina X and after he drove on a road and his car got damaged and without he got hit in the head. Then Granny is planning to kidnap victims and kill them if they don’t escape.\nEdit: This is just A theory I suggested so you can make your own
Queen Kelly
When I was playing Granny I found that note
Very Nice men !!!
Ramlah binti Hassan
Wow.! This video is like a movie. Awesome video Caffe TV!
Roshan Vishwakarma
He's Jeff the killer
Rowena Honra
He is dead he is the meat
Sarwat Jaf
It’s not impossible to escape I escape so much time
Smile Doggo
I feel like the guy that was there last is the meat that is hanging
Tge Old Game Over Screen Is Granny Kissing You 😂😂😂😂
like this comment if you understand thank you :}
Taikeido - Gaming
I feel like am watching a horror movie
Theironman Legaspi
Caffe TV,can you make an intro?
You are best
Toad Tramp
Nice one caffé
TomBreaker 27007
Aren’t you gonna make a video about slendrina’s husband?
True entertainer
For a minute i thought i was watching a movie...............awesome video cafetv
Unicorns And Princeses
Cool and interesting!
You do not know that it is a man! They could be a woman!
Wizard Gragas
SecTrets... There's a mistake in title!-
Yo Itz Bunny
Wait I didn’t know that but I recommend that I think the man is actually dead but idk
Zapatron Pro
Very intense... you should make a movie and this be the trailer!\n \n\n\nBut How did u get up on the house
Zhai Red Refrea
Malay nyo yung meat na nasa secret passage peke lang tapos yung man na nagsulat ng note baka itinago lang ni granny kung saan.
andrei fredeluces
In your other video you said the house of granny is locked because she doesn't want to see anyone anymore now you said its always open???
boomerang K
Oh man look back at the time 1:48😱😱
cabarius studios
what 😁😂
desi nugraheni
No caffè tv press hand in the trap but If caffè tv press hand he will die! But if all try it you can go to roof I KNOW WHO IS HE, HE MAN HE WANT OUT IN GRANNY HOUSE He need help so That help wrutten by that man
ella plays
He is died!!you now the room with the meat!!that man was there before us and that's not just a meat...ITS HIM!!!
gummy yummy
the man is dead you know the meat in the secret room that must be that man meat
gymnastic girls gaming girls
Can u plz show me how to get on that shed plzzz btw i liked and gave this a sub 😊
itz bella!
That man is so sad I hope he survived he deserves a life to live with his family he needs to live a long life I hope granny feel something and why does she even want to know the secret of slendrina
ixora nda
Yes he is ded bc granny ate his body poor him...
jack da turtle
The help was written for any helicopter to see it to come and help him
joy walker
Awsome 😚😚😚😚😚
k likes bunnies
karim kick
I love the stories of granny and slendrina thanks 👌👌🔔
kevin edward
OMG It Says In The Message\n\n\
liu chang de
she hit him with a bat ha ha ha! a bat (:\u003c
noppe lol 564
Nice video good create
oblivion X
There is one thing I know about the man\n\n\n\n\nAs he said in the note he has been injured badly\nAnd said it's his last day if he's alive he should have told us right? So in 1.2 when \nYou died on 5th day she ate your head or you which means the meat you see where the crossbow is located you see stairs go down did you see the door with meat? I know what you thinking but it's not ordinary meat it's the guy's meat so which means he didn't survive he died why? He said he only opened a few locks so which means the meat is actually the guy's meat but without a head cause granny ate it\n\n\n\nWell I solved the secret but this guy also knew it go to his channel find his video when he solved the secret\nYou tuber's name \nDragon pro\nComment if you need any questions Edit: link of the video if you dont understand my english
rob kham
I mean go
the darkness
I think the guys blood is in the basement because when your not dead the blood is there
vandana nomula
Super u r a cid detective 😝
i was dont know how i was glitch on bed see help sign?
Надежда Катеринкина
This is very interesting
ثـވވ ツلـهههـہٰ
This would be great as a movie 🍿
ღKitty Chocolate uwu ღ
He is dead, there is his meat in somewhat room
•*Dąmä ÎlumÏnatÍ*•
I love
•Azalea Delgado•
Actually i saw a video about this too and the Man the was first to go Granny was the Meat\nAnd of course he died but There is a messege and That youtuber figured that the Man was the Meat that Granny killed him