1 Hour of Relaxing and Calming Kirby Music

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One hour of relaxing and calming music from the Kirby series.Tracklist: - Staff Roll (Epic Yarn)

canvase curse king deded... kirby kirby music kirby soundtrack kirby super star nightmare in dreamland planet robobot return to dreamland triple deluxe

we need you, green Mario
Ace of Shades
Giving CommanderJersey a run for his money there, eh?
I love my pink son
After the end of the live of Kirby music a few days ago it's so great to discover a compilation about our favorite pink friend. \nAnd to choose calm songs is personally the best decision. 😏❤ \nEpic Yarn seems to be the most representative episode in all your selection and I understand really why. 😉
i cried imb
Blue Thunder
kirby is a really good friend. good round boy.
Caffeine Crash
I just had a horrible day, and in 60 minutes and 40 seconds, it'll be ok again, thank you!
Calum White
a part of me just wanted an hour of loud gourmet race I'm not going to lie.
9:26 Oh man...
Christian Rockwell
Epic yarn was one of the first games I'd ever played other than super mario world and earthbound. Thank you.
Classic Pinball
Who is the 1 disliker I will find you
Cow Claw
i knew epic yarn tracks would be on this
D. T
Oh yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dani Leopardeye
Positively Lovely ♡
Danny Kazari
Thank you so much for this \u003c3\n\nHope we get to see some Kirby at tomorrow's Nintendo Direct!!
Dark Dreams
My favourite character of all time! Who doesn't love Kirby?
How can you be upset when listening to Epic Yarn soundtrack?
Dominick Powell
Who Disliked The Video? Kirby Will Find You And You Will Never See The Light Of Day Again...
Dorito Trump
Drizzy Drake
The most best little pink friend of ours this music helps me relax more and Kirby is one of my best m8s plus Kirby is also one of my fav games on nintendo
Ethan Forbes
Evan Le
Thx so much luigi
Evil Genius
Very good collection of tunes!\n\nI hope to see a Spooky Nintendo playlist for Halloween!
Feral 72
anyone getting mystery dungeon vibes? 44:17
Fernando Moraga
the weird woods song sound exactly like the intro theme of the old my little pony show
More Kirby, pleaaaase)):\nMore Crystal Shaaaaaards💜💜
Oh my goodness, just while I was looking for something to listen to while doing homework before bed, I find that this has been uploaded\nNothing better than relaxing game music
Garo Briggs
Fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for. I love Kirby. :)
He dunt scare me Nun
Epic yarn will forever have a place in my heart
Hyrule Legend
Kirby Hell is here to say hello and we hope you have a nice day.
YEES!!!! Thank you so much!!! :3
Jackson Chang
I now see the meaning of life, I LOVE KIRBY
Jeesaf Oceanleft
Epic Yarn dominated this playlist, damn
Joshua Brown
try holing down the space bar and listen to this music
Joshua Jun Lee
i'll of course like this video
You just earned a sub. Great compilation.
Just Scream
Waluigi (ワルイージ Waruīji, [wa.ɾɯ.iː.dʑi̥])(English: /wɑːluˈiːdʒi/) is a character in theMario franchise. He plays the role of Luigi's arch-rival and accompanies Wario in spin-offsfrom the main Mario series, often for the sake of causing mischief and problems. He was created by Camelot employee Fumihide Aoki and is voiced by Charles Martinet, who described Waluigi as someone who has a lot of self-pity and would \
Kimmy_ Puff
kirby music is everything 😁🍦
King Dedede
Kitty Kitkat
I love Kirby 💖💖💖💖
Kirby have the best relaxing music
Laura Friedman
anyone else still play super smash bros for the wii and is always kirby? like if yes :D
You have without a doubt the best VGM channel right now, just saying. Your playlists really are top-notch.
Lucent Shadow
I wanna make one of these for Kirby, but I'm too worried about the copyright ninjas jumping in and annihilating me.
Tracklist:\n\n0:00 - Bubbly Clouds (Epic Yarn)\n3:26 - Grape Garden (Return to Dreamland)\n7:58 - A Well-Earned Rest (Triple Deluxe)\n9:26 - Big-Bean Vine (Epic Yarn)\n13:14 - Weird Woods (Epic Yarn)\n15:25 - Floating Away (Super Star)\n16:32 - Lovely Oasis (Mass Attack)\n18:13 - Aqua Area (Return to Dreamland)\n21:05 - Staff Roll 2 (Triple Deluxe)\n23:21 - Flower Fields (Epic Yarn)\n26:45 - Rainbow Resort (Nightmare in Dreamland)\n28:15 - Galaxy (The Crystal Shards)\n29:01 - Swept Out to Sea (Return to Dreamland)\n31:02 - Milky Way Wishes (The Rainbow Curse)\n35:15 - Silver Snow Story (Return to Dreamland)\n37:51 - Snow Land (Epic Yarn)\n40:28 - Frosty Wheel (Epic Yarn)\n43:45 - Frozen Fantasy (Canvas Curse)\n45:50 - Nutty Noon (Return to Dreamland)\n49:01 - Melody Town (Epic Yarn)\n51:36 - Tiny Town (Canvas Curse)\n55:01 - Staff Roll (Epic Yarn)
Mario's Nipples
This just goes to show that there are no bad Kirby games.
Kirby's epic yarn OST.\n\nWith special guest stars, every other Kirby game.
Marx Nova
Thanks, this really helped with my homework!
Max Ortiz
this is really really good weed music
Melody The Pup
*hears Epic Yarn Music* \n\n*sniff* what? No I'm not crying. Your crying. S-shut up.
perfect for hw
2:45\nThat's Hyness
You should do one of these for the Paper Mario series.
Nuclear Nyt Gaming
I didn't realize how much I needed this...
Password Gamer
the first song and music of DDtank lol
Pastel Pigicorn
I love you
this is exactly what I didn't know I needed
Peppy :D
Just binge watched a SCP containment breach playthrough, god i need this \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOh, it’s because of the ominous and ambient music in that game.
*starts with epic yarn music*\nme: oh yes
Rocket Raccoon
This music brings out the best of Kirby
Romina Khodaverdy
hello good people scrolling through the comments section, this is just a friendly reminder to get back to your work if you have stuff to do. FInish that essay, solve that math problem, or just go back to relaxing. go and achieve what you set to achieve. the comment section is just a d i s t r a c t i o n. have a nive day :)
Seaside Doe
Back at it again with the mixes of god-tier franchise soundtracks I see\nGlad to see it's pretty much the one long-runner that has no truly bad games.
Spaceman Spiff
Milky Way Wishes from Rainbow Curse is *really* nice... 31:02
Starry Lite
I found Kirby Epic Yarns\nFlower Field amazing and beautiful
SugarHigh Gaming
god the nostalgia and memories. wish we were in 2012
Tango Kabocha
51:36 Kirby thought it was Katamari Damacy for a second
Hiyah :D
That One Girl
Thx I was having a bad day and in just 60 minutes I am calm now :)
The GameSMR
You just _sucked_ all the problems outta me
The Magic Pencil Case
This is what I needed to study to today. Thank you. \u003c3
The Masked Psycho
I expected earrape, me me big disappointment
Kirby exists in real life
Who came here for 1, 2 oatmeal?
Will R
i love you
William Roark
So many from epic yarn...! That should convince you guys that it's a good game...RIGHT?
Windex Bottle
who disliked this?????????????????????
I like that a large chunk of these are from Epic Yarn. That game and its soundtrack don't get enough love.
Zen Erebus
Hmmmm yes this pleases me
Y'all crackas be wrong. This is the BEST -\u003e Rainbow Resort (Nightmare in Dreamland)
I never heard the Triple Deluxe remix of the Arena/Helper to Hero rest theme and its my new favourite.
Omg yay finally! A Kirby compilation! Thanks Luigi!
bratty batty
nutty noon is such a wild song idk how to explain it but it honest to god makes me trip out in an indescribable way
c a f é
time to study
omg ist das entspannend~
evan feliciano
who knew such a silly, fun, fluffy character from my childhood would still be bringing me so much joy some odd 20 years later\nwhat a wonderful gift to be given. I hope I can give the world a gift back someday.
I love these chill music videos for studying\n\nI struggle to listen to anything with lyrics whilst reading, but this sort of stuff really helps me concentrate personally.
oli tesla
love to listen to this while coding.
well you started off with bubbly clouds which always makes me feel things because its just so good, so this is going to be as good as i expected \u003c3
whenever something from mass attacked came I swear I would tense up haha. that game was unbearably hard for me when I was little. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nmaybe I should go dig up my dsi and attempt to actually fricken complete the game...
Ah man. Nintendo Staff Roll/Credits themes are the best. Always make you feel great, or make you tear up with nostalgia. It doesn't matter if you've played or finished the game before. Nintendo never fails to make amazing music for their main series games. Take SMW, SM64, or KEY's staff roll themes. They say nothing is perfect. They're wrong. Nintendo is.\nNintendo videogame music as a whole is always memorable and flawless for the most part.\n\nThanks, Nintendo. You are truly a perfect company.
Is that tree dabbing?
• •Punkayk• •
Yo that tree is dabbing