LJN Video Art - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 133

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On the 12th Day of SHITSmas, AVGN fans gave to me... the LJN Video Art!?! Noooo!!!See yesterdays episode here

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omg, i use to have this. completely forgot about it. holy shit.
Adam Hegazy TehTom&JerryLover2007
1:25 Oooooooooooooh No Oh NO OH NOOOOOOOOOO!
Yeah...with the pictures they show on the box, I'm going to go with false advertising. There should've been lawsuits over this, if anyone actually bought it.
Al Loupe
And then circles were invented.
Make a review of that styrofoam. It's underrated.
That joystick sounds like two folks banging on an old motel bed
8:25 \
Inspection of the styrofoam really was more interesting.
Ben Johnson
To be honest, the bottle of beer didn't look that bad.
Bigpimping 1999
This video had me dying of laughter
Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name.
Even DeviantART muro is better than this pile of stinking dog defecation.
Brandon Spain
If you're naughty. You're getting LJN games for Christmas!
Christoph Ecker
Real Life drawing is better😆
Let's cut the shit \n\n(Cuts shit)\nROLF
I like how the console had absolutely nothing to comment on that he had to talk about Mario paint instead lmao
best videogame soundtracks\nthe legend of zelda\nMortal Kombat Deception Select screem(dududududu // dudududu //)\nLjn art(shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
Dank games
Some of that might truly be due to age, the static sound, the squeaky joy pad..... maybe even how poorly it colored. But this was a good episode, I laughed, I like the Mario paint bit and the sincere good bye.
AVGN, can you do the review of Phoenix Games and Blast Entertainment games someday? If you want to.\n\nUnfortunately Phoenix Games and Blast Entertainment were released only in Europe and Australia
Derrick McAdoo
Really cool MS Paint files, for a kid, man. Impressive. And thanks for representing Etch A Sketch !! Every kid should have one. Video Game controls, but for the most personal art: Real art... Genius If you got 'grounded' from games, you could still draw with an Etch A Sketch, which btw, is also 'grounded'
Dick Tracy
So! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy birthday Jesus! Whatever, Happy Holidays! See ya in 2007!\n\nBible Games - Episode 17
Diego Aracena
How to make the worst video game console.\n\nStatic Sound\nNo games\nWorst version of the Atari 2600 Controller.\nWorst version of Microsoft Paint.\nAwful Controls\nAnd that's how you make the worst gaming console.
DogecarMLG 12
I just remembered that the mariopaint save music was In super Mario maker 3ds
'Get ready for those self-lacing shoes, hover boards, and flying cars!'\n\n...Well, at least we got a new 'Mad Max' film.
I'm glad he doesn't put the intro in every episode.
Emelie Lager
I think it’s kind of crazy but very nice that you made this unusually sentimental holiday greeting on the exact Christmas that my dad was about to pass away. ;.; That whole end of the year for me was really brightened by your videos! The Big Rigs one was actually one of the last digital things I showed to my dad. He loved simulator games for the PC.
Enderman gamer101
FiRe Ray
1:22 Please can I have a piece I'm hungry :(
damn that soundtrack can almost beat crazy bus
Giordan Diodato
His worst nightmare: A point and click game made by Happysoft on the LJN Video Art and programmed by Fred Fuchs
Golden Gamer119
I got this for my b d a y two hours later i threw it in the ocean
The saving music from Mario Paint is also heard in Super Mario Maker when you upload a level online.
Inner Gamer
I much prefer the console reviews with AVGN over the game reviews. There's just something about him talking about how the controller is shit and how to hook up the console. I think it's a lot more enjoyable than his game reviews but I still enjoy his game reviews too.
Jason Rall
Alright... listening to Witch Finder General, it's been mentioned too many times to not be awesome!
John Fakename
Isn't LJN the company that made water guns that looked like real guns, where a kid pulled it out on a cop and got shot to death? That's why they have the orange tips on guns now, right?
Joy Lobo
Oh god, that squeaking would drive me crazy.
7:48. \
Jw Films
3 years later and he's only uploaded 10 episodes
Kaiser Pepe III
let me tell you a joke \n..... a good ljn game
I love how super mario maker used a lot of mario paint assets
I kinda wanna use that joystick to play Missile Command.
best console ever :)
LXG Or Lion-prince B locus Lox! EG20
They should have Had a draw button Keep it on drawing button so it would stay and a off button This thing is trash That’s it!!!
Chuck Norris can draw a circle in LJN video art
M4L Animations
I find myself returning to this episode a lot. I dont know why though
LJN Video Art soundtrack...\n\nOh how does that one go?\nIt goes like this... \
Malachite Prime
It does half of the things super mario maker does on mariopaint #CoincedentsOrTheoryOrTimeTravelMadness!!??!
Manuel Martinez
You have brought me many laughs lately though hard times. You're another favorite Youtuber. I Totally relate to the anger with games. It's ridiculous how angry games can make us. Watching you gives me nostalgia. I love the concept, the commentary, the personality, and the theme song has been seared in my head. It makes me smile.
Maxmunich ___________
♪He's the LJN Video Art Nerd♪
Melo DeathMetal
LJN should stand for Looneys Justifying Nutjobs...
\u003eLasers coming out of the bird's eyes\nJacques?
Micheal Dargue
You should do a second part to this doing 12 new episodes on 12 new thinga tou dident review yet. Do a 2018 version. Im a super fan. Ive seen every vidoe you made. Im even going to do a very similar thing soon.
Mike G
Hahaha Khhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Miles Flaherty
The Wikipedia Page Does Say (Yeah, Someone Went Through The Effort To Make A Wikipedia Page For This Thing) That Most Of These 2-Pronged, Otherwise Called Twin-Lead Wires, Were Mostly Phased Out In The Late 70's/Early 80's, Due To Better Video Methods Being Available. Yet, Some Cheaper Consoles Like This One, Used That Method.
Mr Po
why not just buy coloring book
Here are a list of things to review\n*Drake of the 99 Dragons\n*Rambo: The Video Game\n*The Action 52 Games on Genesis\n*N-Gage\n*Gizmondo\n*Pippin\n*Lazer Active\n*Hey You Pikachu\n*Sonic 06\n*Ride to Hell: Retribution\n*Ninja Breadman\n*M&M's Kart Racing\n*M&M's Adventure\n*Daikatana\n*Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis\n*Colour a Dinosaur\n*The Spider-Man Game on HyperScan when you get it
That, \
Nemesis 041
This was uploaded in 2014? Damn, time flies.
Nyan Cat poptart
My gosh! I never knew that Mario Paint had so much influence on Super Mario Maker!
Oblatios Romero
The way that thing is made I'm shocked LJN can make cartridges sturdy enough to even survive being put in any game system.
Was that a Jaques reference?
The next AVGN video should be about the styrofoam.
Pgh Pipedreamz
A Lil Christmas Nerd in July... (Jesus Christ... My phone auto predicted \
The console itself looks like it doesn't have a warranty of like 5 years.
- Outdated TV output method - Uninspired design - White noise audio output - Atrocious graphics, even for the time - Imprecise controls - Clunky controller with rubbish ergonomics and horrific squeaking - Almost no tools to work with - Limited overall appeal.\n\nThere's no \
Random Railfan
Drawing with an NES controller would be better!\nYou know, you would press and hold A and move around with the d-pad to draw. Plus, the NES controller doesn't squeak!
Rescue Ranger
3:19 hey look,its jacque
Now let's all agree, to never be creative again.
Sam Spade
Hahahaha, an LJN Video art review where you talked more about Mario Paint than the main point. Awesome, it does look crappy.
Scout Sunset
let's cut the s**t!\n\n *then someone cuts s**t*
Shadow the ultimate mess
B-17 bomber
Sketchy Mane
I think you're supposed to wrap your fingers around the joystick and press the button with your thumb.
2:03-2:09 \
Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】
I almost can't watch this video due to the squeaking in the background. It makes my skin crawl, hahah.
Swagster 1000 Auttp
6:16 it's the Mario maker music
The Hurrikain
The only reason the family is smiling is because they're crying on the inside
Vegas Vanga
Merzbow made music for a video game? Whoa
Veronica Keuchel
I loved Mario Paint, I have really happy memories about it
Walter Conforti
i like your drawings on microsoft paint
We Remotely Low
This video almost makes me feel BAD for LJN, hahahaha. Poor saps.
X x
I love the “nails on chalkboard” sound effect the nerd uses when he draws it’s so funny!!!😂😂😂😂
Zack Riley
How do you find The Nerd in a crowd?\n\n\nSimple, scream the letters \
ac ab
The Joystick has a built in marker sound. ...it's a LJN \
Looking at the squares drawn when trying to draw circles...\n\nit looks like a software, not hardware problem.\n\nThe signal interpreted should be compensated to convert from X-Y rectangular to R-theta polar. The problem is that a box has, well, corners, which have to be \
I had to add that the marks he stated possibly somebody's cat might've made, is actually incorrect the shape, the depth and fact that their 'claw' marks, not paw marks (cat's claws fully retract like a switchblade) all points to a small somewhat heavy for it's size, DOG lol also it looks like raccoon prints but only the shape, I can't see a dew mark but I really just glanced.... jeez how over analytical can you be lol
LJN... Let's Just Not...
i rexzilla
how to play mario  paint i can't get off the main menu and play my upcoming game on scratch
12 Days of shitsmas 2016? anybody with me?
Adult guidance needed for hoockup... Should be tattooed on some girls.
ok i know the \
the Unknown
On the 12 day of chistmas avgn gave to me. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! It can't be.
the commen
Easily the best video game soundtrack in history
My favourite LJN games are their WWF games. They're not exactly deep, but my God, they are funny.