The Conservation of The Assassination of Archimedes ASMR Version

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Julian Baumgartner of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration in Chicago works to conserve this painting of the assassination of Archimedes. Obscured by a darkened varnish and mounted to a wood panel the artwork is cleaned and the panel removed using both modern and traditional techniques. Using routers, hand planes and scalpels the wood is painstakingly removed form the thin paper in order to facilitate the preservation of the paper via archival mounting to acid-free board.Employing archival and reversible materials and techniques, Baumgartner ensures that the piece is preserved and stable for generations to come. **** Note: I mistakenly refer to the painting as "The Assassination of Aristotle" when in fact the poor chap about to part with his head is Archimedes. ****

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