Spying on Ex GAME MASTER SPY at Abandoned Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hideout (Escape Room in Real Life)

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Watch - GAME MASTER Spy Found PUMPKIN PATCH’S Next Target! (Mysterious New Clues Found on Treasure Hunt) -

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Abid Siddiq
Go right
Adi Spitzer
Rebecca, Please stay safe...\n (Like if you agree)
Amy Mossop
Who holds the camra
Anthony Ross
Can u do a giveaway for helping u get lots of likes when the gamemaster said u need too pls pls pls cuz i never got to get a reward and i fell like u just choose not to give away stuff andu just keep it😯☹🙁
Anus Anjum
are you okay 😢😢dont work for gm😢😢
Asha Tube
Right like if you argee
Ashley Morris
I think these secrets needs to end because you and matt should not be keeping secrets from each other
Ashley Short
Ashmi Mehta
These videos are so suspenseful I love em like if you agree I really hope Rebecca sees this also if you read this Rebecca pls pin it and please no hate I just love Rebecca if you hate you are hating on her
Audrey Brown
Can I have a shout out in your next video please I am a Zamfam
Beanie Scho
this is rebecca\n👑\n👩🏼\n👚\n👖\n👟 1 like= 1% help for rebecca!!! \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n🔥like it up🔥
Beastfall Beatings
Who's Recording?
Bethany Fun
Hi Rebeca this is soo crazy 😜 STAY SAFE!
Briceida Morales
CJ Fashionista
Listening device/walkie-talkie
Cara Peters
Carol Smith
Today is my birthday 🎁 can I please have a ❤️💖💖
Chiara Ferranti
Who's be hind the camera... Is it Matt??
Chloe Matthews
I have never been to a pumpkin patch and o never what to
Daniel Morales
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and a bit of yyyyyyyyyeeeeeessssssss
Destiny Medina
At the end of mats video pumpkin patch said the game master is bad
Edel Boyd
1 like = 1 punch to the gamemasters face stay safe
Edgar Salomon
Rebecca works with the game master guys I saw a different video see it now
Elizabeth Maciel
Emma Gonzalez
I think pumpkin patch saw you pumpkin patch is mean like if you agree
Ennovi Gee
Does anyone else wonder who’s behind the camera 🤔
Eva 343
Does anyone else thought about the fact that the GM said Rebecca has to be alone but she is not, she is with the camera man. Like if you thought about it too😨\n\nYooooo thank you sooooo much for all 239 likes😱 OMG thank you sooo much everybody! I never thought this comment will get souch likes😊 Thank you💞
Evelyn Mootispaw
I think punken patch saw you
Faith Johnson
Rebecca who records you because matt can’t know
Fakhra Ahmad
You should go right
It’s not my birthday🎂\nMy dog didn’t die🐶\nCan I get a like👍🏻\nCause I didn’t lie🤥
Gary Sohl
I believe in ghosts
Gianna Celentano
he is so creepy
Gorilla_ Player_7353
I wonder who is the camera person \n\nLike if agree 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Hayleen Briceno
Heather Bennett
Hello Bye
Yes I can ride a horse
Holly Flynn
Rebecca is u see this I hope u are OK I am a huge fan I have been here from the start love u\nI like my own Comment bc no else will
Ice CreamCookie
Isabelle’s World
Yes I have
Itz Mel
No offence I love your channel but I think this is made up, I just miss the old videos with the challenges, 24 hour things and just fun things in general but now your videos are just GameMaster, GameMaster, GameMaster. I miss the old channel I miss the old you...
Jahkira John
can you tell me how much notes Rebecca took??
I am always on edge with the Game Master stuff Rebecca, my family are going to try and hunt him down at the weekend!
June Anrahims
I know the grandmaster that is a clue REBECCA Is this a tricky trick you will know horse. like my comment
Lexi and Xavier TV
You are one of the best YouTubers ever
Lillian McGregor
I don't think he saw you
Lise Thompson
I know how I know how to ride a horse!!!!!
ahhhhhhhhh pumpkin boy u ok rebecca
Liz Specht
AGuys please read this! Ik why the “game master” said just Rebecca go. MATT IS DRESSED UP AS THE PUMPKIN PATCH!!
Lizzy Balvin
The qbanguy
Mackenzie Fitzpatrick
i am going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow
Maddysweeney 27
y\nyo\nyou\nyou a\nyou ar\nyou are\nyou are t\nyou are th\nyou are the\nyou are the b\nyou are the be\nyou are the bes\nyou are the best\nyou are the bes\nyou are the be\nyou are the b\nyou are the \nyou are th\nyou are t\nyou are\nyou ar\nyou a\nyou\nyo\ny\n\nIly
Maude Murray
McKenzie Bridges
I do know how to ride horses I have been getting lessons but I am almost done!
Megz Ambrose
Can u actually try to do a Halloween DIY
Michael Williams
Who knows who videos Rebecca?
Mr Zombie Biter
rebecca is working for the gamemaster watch stephen sharers vid
Mylee Morgan
Who is holding the camera
Myleigh Milne
Right I no that he will see you so stay safe OK😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
Noor Haseeb
The doomsday date is November 3rd
Osman Villatoro
Can’t let him se me then she takes out a huge binoculars😂
GREAT VIDEO!! Btw .... I just did a Pumpkin Drive Thru Prank!
Rebecca Zamolo
Was this video showing as private for any of you? What do you think happened?!
Roblox girl
Rebecca I saw the video it was pretty strange it was a man with a black sweater and black pants black gloves and that's it the pumpkin kind of creepy
Rose Amber
Type in qpanguy you will see who is the game master but I don't no who is pp go no the new vedio
Roxyrocco -
Rebecca doomsday’s date is nov 3 2018 it’s coming
Rusty Dynamite
I daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaab
Senia McClurg
I have been to a pumpkin patch.
Sheilany Andino
Rebecca your trade value on the hackers to now I know everything so now you can't just pretend you don't know that happened no more and you better make a video about it I watch the sheriff's and I saw you why didn't you say go in the cabin and they didn't want to but I think they are and they're going to make another video about it and Rebecca tell the truth in your video that you make I will always know info about everyone so bye
Sib Lau
Rebecca lie you matt
St T
I saw someone’s hand behind you Rebecca when you said Matt Isherwood oh yeah any one ☝️ agree
Stefania Lily
I think Pumpkin Patch saw you!!!!😱🎃😱
This Skaiste
Yes i know how to ride a horse
Tianna Pineault
Tyler Martini
Rebecca is the game master is on the game masters side
Valerie Robbins
I'm not going to a pumpkin patch this year because October 17 to November 6 2018 I am going to be on a Disney cruise on the wonder and I am leaving from San Diego through the Panama canal Into galvastin Texas and I'm super excited
VickyVGamer 9191
The doomsday date is November 3 2018
Zymon Harris
Ghost are R-Truth I know it people that hunted before
blanca garay
I have fond the mask get the pumpkin pach
This doesn’t Make any sense the Game Master said that Rebecca can’t tell Mat that she’s working with for the Game Master but Mat can just look at Rebecca’s video like if you agree!!
gina forsyth
I\nI l\nI lo\nI lov\nI love\nI love y\ni love yo \ni love you \ni love you r\ni love you re \ni love you reb\ni love you rebe \ni love you rebec\ni love you rebec\ni love you rebcca\ni love you rebcc\ni love you rebc\ni love you reb\ni love you re\ni love you r\ni love you \ni love yo\ni love y\ni love \ni lov\ni lo \ni l\ni \nplease like it took me soooooooooooo long
katelyn cumm
Right go right
macie kenna
“It looks like he just stopped to pet a lama” \nMood
markes hernandez
He saw you
martin garcia
Rebecca you can yous a hearing spy gadget to hear wath his saining.
ralph panebianco
pumpkin patch saw you
supersewing101 mary
reBecca who is behind the camera
veronica lopez
I dont think he saw you