Spying on Ex GAME MASTER SPY at Abandoned Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hideout (Escape Room in Real Life)

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Watch Rebecca Zamolo interviews Game Master Spy Stephen Sharer! (Hidden Clues in Escape Room Toy House)

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Adi Spitzer
Rebecca, Please stay safe...\n (Like if you agree)
Adrian Pitts
I do and it was fun
Alecea A
Right go right
Amber Gnoza
Amin Rashid
Pumpkin. Patch. Is. Rocky. Konocca
Arely Delgado
i do not delive in goust\nat ol
Armita Rajaei
The Doomsday Date is : November 3rd 2018\nPlease like this so Rebecca can see this
Ashlee Wright
Right! Go right!
Ashley Vega
Peanut is so cute when Matt is carring him
Ashmi Mehta
These videos are so suspenseful I love em like if you agree I really hope Rebecca sees this also if you read this Rebecca pls pin it and please no hate I just love Rebecca if you hate you are hating on her
Azmeina Adjemovic
You work with the game master or did I miss under stand you i am one of your biggest fans
Aznef Esho
BCL Squad
Beanie Scho
this is rebecca\n👑\n👩🏼\n👚\n👖\n👟 1 like= 1% help for rebecca!!! \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n🔥like it up🔥
Bethan Williams
Gost ar nor reiel by the whey
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Hi Rebeca this is soo crazy 😜 STAY SAFE!
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Brooke Leist
I know how to ride a horse. I have my own. In fact my mum and I own a riding school
Candy Young
I don’t believe in Ghost
Caty Gaspar
Chioma Sterling
I love you Rebecca\nStay save Rebecca\nI op you find out who the game master is
Crazy Hair Don't Care
Go right
Dorca Del Aguila Shica
Dùh_ítś_bèllá :3
Elena king
Who is scrolling down the comments!!!!!✋✋✋✋✋✋
Eva 343
Does anyone else thought about the fact that the GM said Rebecca has to be alone but she is not, she is with the camera man. Like if you thought about it too😨\n\nYooooo thank you sooooo much for all 239 likes😱 OMG thank you sooo much everybody! I never thought this comment will get souch likes😊 Thank you💞
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Gacha._.Alia•Kun Gacha fun and more!!
Does anyone else wonder who’s behind the camera 🤔
Geomatry dash gameplay And fortnite
It’s Rocky
Gizell Peralta
Yes I now to how to ride a horse
Gorilla_ Player_7353
I wonder who is the camera person \n\nLike if agree 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Heather Goff
If the game master is so smart why doesn't he spy on pumpkin patch
Heather Mosher
Holly Williams
The water bottle camera
Isabella Hoadrea
Itz Mel
No offence I love your channel but I think this is made up, I just miss the old videos with the challenges, 24 hour things and just fun things in general but now your videos are just GameMaster, GameMaster, GameMaster. I miss the old channel I miss the old you...
Jessica Guerrero
Zorgo diffuse 1:27
Joan Johnson
Jocelyn Franks
John Hannan
He saw you!!!!!!!!
Jordyn Rudorfer
I have been riding for 2 years
Kara Cray
Pumpkin patches Rocky kamaka
Karmah elshakhs
Why the gm come to you and pumpkin 🎃 patch😭
Kathleen Carroll
dont go the way that the clown is because clons make me ill
Kristie Weller
Lisa McElman
Pumpkin patches mask is soooo scary
Little faith Plays
Rebecca who records you because matt can’t know
Liz Specht
AGuys please read this! Ik why the “game master” said just Rebecca go. MATT IS DRESSED UP AS THE PUMPKIN PATCH!!
Maddie Nicole
G\nGo\nGoo\nGood\nGood L\nGood Lu\nGood Luc\nGood Luck\nGood Luck R\nGood Luck Re\nGood Luck Reb\nGood Luck Rebe\nGood Luck Rebec\nGood Luck Rebecc\nGood Luck Rebecca\nGood Luck Rebecca!\nGood Luck Rebecca \nGood Luck Rebecc\nGood Luck Rebec\nGood Luck Rebe\nGood Luck Reb\nGood Luck Re\nGood Luck R\nGood Luck \nGood Luc\nGood Lu\nGood L\nGood \nGoo\nGo\nG\n\nPls like, I worked very hard in this! 😁
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Yes I have but where I live it’s already December because I live in Texas
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Go right
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I know how to ride a houres
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Rebecca i love your video's (like if you agree)😘
Music Life Jr.
Guy's the only person who has been holding the camera is max like it if you believe in me
Natalie Kern
He saw you
Nora-ann Smith
are you going to
Puiu Soos
Queen lanireia Taylor
right y\
Rebecca Zamolo
Was this video showing as private for any of you? What do you think happened?!
Roisin Baines
Roxyrocco -
Rebecca doomsday’s date is nov 3 2018 it’s coming
Ryan Hirchert
Yes I have gone to a pumpkin patch this year
Rynda Munn
#right !!
When is your part 2 coming???\n🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
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Sister and brotherandsister
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Go left
Sisters Do Stuff
Yes i belive in ghosts ive been in a corn maze does that count?
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Stefania Lily
I think Pumpkin Patch saw you!!!!😱🎃😱
The Moon's Sides
He might think Matt may be on zorgo's side or someone's else team
Unicorn horses Dolls and slime
Unique Brown
Vanessa Crittenden
Pumpkin patch is Rocky
Victor Torres
Arely garcia\nRebecca \nPumpkin pach.
Viktoria Aleksandrova
Rebecca the Halloween is coming you must be careful for the game master please be careful I love you LIKE IF YOU AGREE
carly devlin
This doesn’t Make any sense the Game Master said that Rebecca can’t tell Mat that she’s working with for the Game Master but Mat can just look at Rebecca’s video like if you agree!!
denisha's world
Stay safe Rebecca
farah kassim
This veido is good
its love
oo i found out sum thig the game master told you fans to comment and like to get you more comments and likes!! :D
kayla fghuhj
A ghost can come alive when you do 3am things
kring bautista
Wait wont Matt see the video
macie kenna
“Why is there a carved pumpkin at a pumpkin patch?!”\n\nUhh cause it’s a pumpkin patch😂
mohemed aid
Yes he saw you.🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊
serenity davis
Who holding the camera let me guess..........
super star
I don't know