TRY NOT TO FALL on the BACKYARD WATER SLiDE with Sofie Dossi and Shawn Johnson

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Aaliyah Bloom
I love you guys 😘🌹💎😘🌹💎
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Happy early birthday Matt or peanut I forgot sorry 😭😝
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You must be sore the next day😔
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That was so awesome and funny🤣😂😆😀😊
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love you rebecca
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#ZamFam Rebecca, you don’t need to impress anyone we already love you😂❤️
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happy birthday to matt happy birthday to matt happy birthday to matt happy birthday to matt
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Ava Baima
I thought it said Shane Dawson instead of Shawn Johnson lol
Briana Thomas
i saw it slow and Sofie beat rebecca in the handstand walk!!!!!
Brittani Gonzalez
How old is soffi???????????
C&M twins
Are you doing a collaboration with the Merrell Twins because they said they would in the future
Camilla Farias
I think sofie won all the challenges but good job to everyone 👍🏼
Cha463 B
#ZamFam ! Love you Rebecca!
Chavda Fauea
I am wondering why Rebecca has less likes than Shawn Johnson even though this is her channel LOL
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i love your vids
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Happy bithday matt tell your wife to add me on snapchat name is veronica but it says david morales 6547
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Dobre Army
I’ve watched on Sofies channel and this one but not on Shawn’s channel but I’ll go check it out next
Dolphin Lover Dolphin Lover
My name is Sophie
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Kinda sounds like shane dawson
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Happy birthday Matt 🍾🌸🎀🏆🥇🙏🏼💃🏻💥 July 18
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Woo! Another great video!
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Please do QnA again, BTW love you Rebecca!!! 💖💕💖
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Can you do more videos with sofie please
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Rebecca I love you
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You should Collab with cole and savanna
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Omg REBBECA YOUR VIDEOS ARE SO FUN AND GOOD TO WATCH 😊😂💛Like of you agree💛😂😊 ^_^ ~💖😊
Who thought the title was “TRY NOT TO FALL on the BACKYARD WATER SLiDE with Sofie Dossi and *Shane Dawson*
Jessica Melendez
Soy la jefa de you tube
Karah Alston
This my favourite Rebecca video
Karine V and Maya The Pig
I found out who you are from softie dossi and who Shawn is from you
Kavitha Veerendra
Kawaii Faces
Who loves these guys doing a collab I do
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Your life is so interesting and bright \nMy life is just boring and dark😧
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East or west Rebacca zamolo is the best😍😍😍😘😘😘😚😚😙 love u
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Le ni
Shawn's face at 9:25 was so hilarious
Leah Pockett
#wealllovethezamfam obv can u do a video of downloading like it’s like musically but u can add even cooler effects and if u do do it can u type up Leah the dancer and that’s me 😍😂💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚xxxx
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Linnea Larsson
6:23-6:26 is it just me or does someone say “jätte coolt skil”?? Because ”jätte” is a swedish word, (I’m from Sweden) but love this video!!! Like this comment if you liked this video❤️love u Rebecca❤️
Litzy Velasquez
Great video rebbeca btw great collaboration
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Happy birthday matt
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Soffie is my second favorite youtuber
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I love you Rebecca and you sofie YouTube video too
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The best you tubers all together! Yay! I’m in heaven! 😇😇😇😇😇👍👍👍👍😇😇😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍😇👍❤️
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Sofie dose she was on the Brittains got talent
Miacatforeve Sugarfoxkitty
It’s sad cause it’s winter for me but I like winter more
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i love you and i cant even walk on my hands on ground
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Hi Rebecca Im part of #zamfam I love you could I get a shoutout!
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💖 Sofie dossi 💖
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I LOVE ALL YOU VIDEOS!! You should do gymnastics on a surfboard or yoga on a surfboard. Can I be the adopted child.
Olga Henriquez
Pam likes Pizza
Who else thought it said Shane Dawson
I loved the floor routines x
Princess Flores
I subribed and turend on the notification
Rachel Moore
You should try to make giant easy back oven foods. Like use a real oven and a ton of easy bake oven packets of food powder! Like if you agree! Also I love you and your channel you are the best! ❤️
Rebecca Zamolo
Which Mystery Box do YOU think was the worst?! THUMBS UP if you loved this collab!
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Savannah King
Sofia should be in the olympics
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Shawn Johnson East
Shirley Salas
I love this video so funny love you guys soooo much
Skye Soto
love you Rebecca ❤💛💚💙💜
Slime squishys Ag dolls and more
Suze Calixte
Rebecca l like your video
Tahlyn Life
I came from instagram story and my fav slime is white with colorful stuff and calling it cupcake slime
Tara Tuskan
Shawn reminds me of Kenzie
The Crafty Baker
Can you PLEASE do 24 hours living like your dog
The Latina Family
Your videos look like so much fun! 💗love you guys so much!!
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I love sofie
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Love you 😘 you guys are amazing
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Ysabelle Santos
This is a really good video! I watched Sophie’s already. And you’re so close to 4 Million! 😁😁 and Rebecca, you look like Anna Kendrick... 😂😂 LoL is it just me? Or everyone..
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Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
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#zamfam this is like the best collab tell zac to stop hatin on Sofie lol😂😂😂
funwithmonica watson
I hate water ballons
katie_ car
U should do a ball pit slip and slide!
kayla zelda
sounds like fun
“It’s going to be hard to do stuff on this” not for soffi😂
maa hia
I wish I could do this too
n_soccer22 22
Slime slip and slide
nairoby Guzman
0:48 Soffi
playing with me
I love you
saroj Mendpara
Wow u three look so cute today
unicorn girl aka raeal diaz
I wish I could do that
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That looks so fun