inside West Coast Customs - Darrells Mustang ( HD )

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inside West Coast Customs - Darrell's Mustang ( HD )lit journals

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62D NZ Streetie
Is west coast customs where gta 5 got Los santos customs ?
Los santos customs
Why 22\
Aubrey M
Nice car love it it's sexy
Lmao the intro is so corny
what happened to this channel?
Conner McDougall
I lobe how they think 100ho jump requires 6 piston caliber like LOL. I a 1jz in my in my camry. Took me forever. 3 yrs n 1 one wife. But i still have the stock brakes. N its stops hard
Darren willmott
hi wcc when will you put up the full episodes of season 6/7 on here
Dawn DePietro
Who sings the theme song? (Rascals flatts )?
Elliot Sörling
I want that CAR!!!!!😵😵😱😤
Emanuel Yip
Expensive rice😂😂😂😂
sup man
Gilberto Delgadillo
Gilberto hi m 23
If you ready their wiki page, they use illegals for most of their labor, and pay them less than minimum wage. Making their employees work 60+ hrs a week without overtime pay.
JJ fat
We move us ...latin power
Jacob Ramirez
That's not good at all when Darrell lost an arm after that bad crash.\nI bet once that happened to him, He couldn't race anymore.
Jesse Garcia
Bro your awesome wish you would transform my 1996 Honda Accord LX 💯 I am 💯fan of such artistic beauties your on every built. Keep up the great work you always do your fan Javier ☝️
Jose Jose
Its all good expect those wheels, they always use the same, always asantis, itll need some bigger and wider tires on the back with drag racing wheels
Josue Reyes
Pimp my ride in real life
Lopaka Volmer
burrito with kraut
Manuel Valladares
It looks too ghetto far from race car. What's up with those big ass wheels. They could've at least get the wheels right and put like drag or track style wheels and tires. It's like a hood car but a race car? Not a good combination.
Nasheem Zainuddin
Ford ricetang
Neil Dougherty
bolt on bolt on never anything custom ugliest mustang ever nothing is ever hand made dont know how they call themselves the best what a joke i would never except a shitty wrap on anything does the guy ryan even no how to work on cars seems to me hes just a guy that had 5000 bucks and alot of luck and help from tv what a bullshit shop but if Hollywood says they are good must be true right
No Brakes
OK !
tbh, I love the Red Mustang that brought them the kit more
Puggy Gamer
sub to me though
i hope i see that car one of these days because i live right outside of Gainesville
Regis Riley
I just West coast customs Rice's out everyones cars.
Sterling Bonner
You notice Ryan says \
sup man
Why not use a color reader?
Tina Sinclair
Any one else notice how he does the west coast sign wrong
Yosvanis Alvarez
Este programa es lo máximo y pienso que west coast customs son lo mejor modificando y tuneando autos
grizzly grozzer
I wish 1 day I could join the west Coast customs
hajan kim Site
jesse garcia
that white stripe kills it and the color
moozy gang
whas happing
overrated321 [TKN]
Los Santos customs
recket ball
i watch west coast customs on netflix
whisper razon
good job'
winter time
West coast looks like such a stress full place to work all the staff look tired and stressed