Duct Tape EVERY WEAPON 2 - Duct Tape Challenge (Enter the Gungeon)

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Second go at this duct tape challenge. Hope you enjoy :D➤ WANT TO SUPPORT ME?--------------------------------------------------------------------Patreon Page: --------------------------------------------------------------------

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Hutts should mod the game to ignore the boss DPS cap! Like if you agree
People who anthropomorphise their pets to the point of calling themselves daddy or mommy from the animals point of view get the chair.
22feder / federico islab
Those last bosses instantly died due to the Makeshift Cannon's bullet. S
‘Oh wow, the first one got a lot of views! You betcha I’m gonna spam enter the gungeon videos for them fat views while it lasts’
Aidan Pina
Then there was the 3rd
Should I buy this game?
Alex Makarov
Duct tape uuhuu \nEverything you want, you can get with duct tape uuhuu
Alexander Yang
Hey Hutts what controller do you use???
No views but 776 likes\n-_- YouTube late 2018~ year of the future guys!😅😅😅
Arjun Ramesh
*Hutts is gone for a week*\n\
Barnabàs Biró
1like 1 flex tape\nALSO SECOND
Beast Wolf
Duct tape your cat on the gun or on the roof when it annoys you
Ben Goodwin
Here’s an idea for a challenge: \n\nTrash man Challenge\n\nPlay as robot. \n\nStart with Junkan and Trash Cannon\n\nYou can’t use any other guns but you can take passives and actives\n\nHint: the junk must flow\n\nI also put this on Retromation’s discord
Big Boss '
I got a good challenge, play as the robot and you can only use beam weapons, start with gamma ray with 2 +1 bullets, and then start with many, many hero’s bandanas so you don’t run out of ammo, everything is fine as long as it’s a passive/active/beam weapon
Cameron Watson-Azmi
If you're damage capped and worried about ammo... Why not just fire in bursts and let the fire, poison etc deal with him? Best Enter The Gungeon content creator on YT and can't figure out how to stop using so much ammo :P
Can I get 50 Subs for no reason
I love Lenny
Chloe Fleury
1:40 is the most dangerous mythical cat gun. So deadly, but to complete it we need to duck tape it to the mic and fear its purs
Chopstick Cunt
Makeshift Cannon + Makeshift Cannon + Makeshift Cannon + Makeshift Cannon + Makeshift Cannon + *some sort of gun, maybe?* = ???
Common smile
Who skip the cat part
Connor Hearn
Your cat loves you so much. So many snugels XD
Corbin Hogan
I think more viewers are here for the cat you have XD
Crackerz GD
Waiting for part 3...
Daniel Zeng
What kind of world ending weapon can we make today?
DankFlab •
That was a short break you deserve a longer one for all the hard work you put in for us ❤
Dawid Rej
I missed you huts
DeathLazer's gaming channel
Im the1.7th
You should now do a makeshift cannon ducktape run. BREAK THE GAME!!!
Wait how did you get to Oubliette
Honestly, I agree about damage caps.
He only snuggles lenny to stretch the video to 27:16
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despacito spider
Feudal Pig
Beholster shoots his laser directly down and then it follows you. He was already charging when you went to the bottom so he hit you instantly
Fire Beef
8:11 the cat sleeping in the background looks like a paw on the trigger and i thought you had a weird overlay lol but no its just Lenny
Francesco vigliatore
What is the music at 23.06
Fresh Prince Of Shanghai
This beastiality is getting really out of hand
Gabey Gamer
11:38 buduhbuduhbudabah!
Lenny needs a therapist
Gavin Mattingly
You should use cheats to actually duct tape EVERY GUN.
General Grey
Cute cat XD Aggressively wants your attention. Mine do similar things though, so I understand
*T H U D*
Grey Rifter Rellik
I have an idea for a new kind of challenge you can try that I call the \
Hashtag Potato
Hutts play delirium mode. I’ve said it so much when I type d it comes up as delirium. (Btw I love gungeon keep playing!)
Hello People
Cat OP
Hydroelectric Jellyfish
I subbed for Lenny. Awesome cat you've got man. XD
Just Fox
Welp. We asked for it... SO.... WHERES PART 3? :DDDD
Just another Shitposter
This is stronger than all my runs combined.
TIL: Jupiter is Saturn\n\nThanks for the science lesson dad
KillerOtter plays
Your cat reminds me of my dog. He scratches my leg all the time! The only difference is that your cat just jumps on to you as if he had control of you.
Koks 963
8:55 or had a cat under it
Kristòf Csernai
it look's like the cat is holding the gun
Your cat is too cute.\nit's not torture. \n\nIt's cute, embrace it.
Le_ Bwoi
More duct tape more duct tape
Levi Visconti
Lol Tard
You should just give yourself ammo its kind ahrd to use starting pistol on the rat xD
Lone Turtle
Ultimate challenge idea\n\nRobot\n\nCasey\n\nCan only pickup passive items\n\nDice boi’s challenge\n\nFull curse (pickup Casey first)\n\nNo dodge roll\n\nI wish you the best of luck
Lord Creepypasta
2:00 Asmr cat brushing. Aww yiss.
MCR Lewis
Cog of Battle caused the drop in ammo capacity.
MR. Toaster
PLS do a 3 scattershots 10 scopes and 5 +1 bullet. neeeeeeed to shoot only by awp and 1 shot equals 20 second of waiting
MemerBoye [GD]
Love ya vids huttyboi
Michael Thomas
Hey. Got an idea for a challenge run. At the start give yourself all passive bullet upgrades (via Mods), and then use only the starter gun to reach the end. No other items or weapons, just the passive bullet upgrades, like Shadow Bullets, Irradiated Lead, Zombie Bullets, etc. Basically all items from the +1 Bullets to Bloody 9mm in the Ammonomicon (or the wiki's Item page). I just want to see how far you can go, as well as how ridiculous the starter guns can be. Anyway, loving the Gungeon videos, and hope to see more.
Really new to your channel but love the content! really funny and entertaining videos and cant wait for more
When you get a synergy on the main gun for a duct tape weapon, it'll reset the ammo to the synergy gun's new capacity.
Muggo Ganerva
for a third episode of the duct tape challenge, play as the Hunter and duct tape everything to your crossbow
Beholster shoots the laser up or down to begin with.\nSo if you're standing directly above or below him. You get lasered.
NubNub_Rx_123 :3
Your cat in the background looked like a gun to me for a sec 😂
Paulo Kobra
the dps cap on the bosses is the only thin i find stupid in gungeon
DO DELIRIUM MODE \nbutts \u003c3
Quinten Kurtz
Huh Saturn looks weird without its rings and a large red eye on it.
Hutts do boss rush +ductape all wapeons chlange
Shinyeevee 52
You read that it broke the dps cap but you didn't read that it did ~1600 damage per ball?
Shower police
Hutts you should have the clone if you do this again so you can get even more guns
Skooma Bug
How do you get marine night armour
Slipstream Virus Faction
The ruby carbine brought the ammo down to 600. I think it's a glitch where the synergy can only affect the carbine rifle itself, so it changes the stats of the gun so the synergy can adhere its effects, showing that the synergy can only bond to the carbine when it has it's regular ammo count.\nBut that's just a theory! A GAME theory! Thanks for watching!
in the time it took you to upload, i beat the dragon 4 times, beat the past for the marine, and got 2/5s of the way to unlocking the bullet. why is this a thing.\n\n(edit: why so many likes)
You should have named the episode flex tape. Also are you ever going to do a worst/best gungeon mods
Always important to take care of your cat
That Gab0!
Hey Hutts, Hope you're having a great day!
That one guy
Instant nut
Do a video where you give yourself a bullet upgrade for every item and every gun in a shop you can afford but don't want, and then duct tape every gun you find or buy. \nThen after that do a video where you give yourself all bullet upgrades and then duct tape every gun, and then do one reversed, give yourself every gun and duct tape it then give yourself bullet upgrades with every other gun and item. Then do one where you just give yourself all guns, then duct tape them, then give yourself all bullet upgrades
TheRisingAssault REAL
Yay it’s hutts
honestly only watch these for the cat
You should mod the game to remove the Damage Cap. Just to see how quickly you would kill bosses
WhomstTheFuccEatinMy Bread
I’m as good as Hutts but have only gotten to chamber 5
Wraith 5
I think the ammo count got dropped because the synergy made it (technically) a different gun... 600 is the Hegemony Carbine's base ammo count, right?
YeetMyFeet 123
5:41 y hello Lenny
Whats the music called at 14:59?
billy bob
cephalon abadon
Do a make shift canon only chalenge
eeli kokko
14:32 now thats a lot of damage
exotickirby 0
when’re you gonna do online multipeen in genital jousting
henrybd4 __
What the hell did I do hutts!!!!!
what song during old king fight
really cool bird
The synergy lowered the ammo hutts