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Warhammer 40,000 - ALL Cinematic Trailer: Dawn of War III, Inquisitor Martyr, Mechanicus, Regicide, Dawn of War II, Dawn of War II Retribution, Space Marine==============================================TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

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We might be close to the End Times but have yet to get a proper game around the timeline without it being broken or abandon
Ad Vulliet
Pour l empereur ! 👍
Alex JahBlunt
When are they going to make a trilogy of 40,000 starting of with the rise of the emperor the great crusade and last the horus heresy ??
Alex Kip
8:38\nЩас бы нурглита в живот бить. То-же самое, что в осиный улей палкой тыкнуть.\nОй ещё и без шлема...
Alfie Moloney
Wish we could get a dog or mmo video game about 40k
Amanda Franks
what SJW put Humankind in there??... Cmon own up
The Emperor Protects
Ashchi Salleh
Most of them look cool.especially that witch.. She got twice the body.
BIg todd
because any daemon of nurgle would just die after getting a chainsword through the gut
Not close to all cinematics
Bearded Wonderer
Who modeled that first marine? Cain Velasquez?
Ben Chan
Warhammer and Pornhub must be from the same universe otherwise how will the population keep up with the killing?
Benjamin Romshak
Need to jump into a worm hole in the gama quadrant with a star forge and a couple eclipse class escorts followed by a small armada of executor/resurgent /bellator class ships all outfitted with latest Klingon cloaking technology. Send some low key scout droids to map a basic hyper lane route through the galaxy so that not to deal with the warp(fingers crossed) but I guess if I mixing Star Trek/Star Wars lore we cans say they retrofitted the big stuff with warp tech as a back up. Find a big ass star to park that star forge and build yourself a few star killer bases then build a massive droid invasion fleet jus outside the edge of the galaxy. Wait 6 months then let ‘er eat.
Bishop bro
thumbs down this is not all the cinematics misleading
Bleidex Xabbl
начальную миньетную хуету мы знаем а дальше что он несёт
So many people horrible at video games commenting, LOL.
Buftl Buft
would be funny if my teacher had the same voice as the inquisitor and explains math with the same 'grimdark' aura
Burial Knight
Abandon reason - know only war!
Chris Bingley
In the Grim Dark future of the 41st millenium, there is only Chaos.\n\nBLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!\nSKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!
D. H.
What's up with the jittery movement at 4:41?
Darrin Knode
Can I just once see the guard portrayed in a heroic manner? They save the day more often than Marines possibly could.
David McConville
1:55 God damn it, Blood Ravens! When will you learn? You are NOT Blood Angels.
Dennis Sinned
what's all this nonsense ? 41st century and terrans with advanced technology, fighting primitive lifeforms from other planets ,marines from Starcraft versus orcs from Warcraft, some zerg in the next expansion and overall heavy metal useless weaponry. And they forgot to wear their helmets with the rest of their power armor. (sigh)
Diarmund un Diubhne
Dat Wilhelm scream at 7:55
Drexder Kogz
Warhammer the Medieval Starcraft....
Dur kle
Say what you will about dawn of war 3, the trailer was amazing
Erzats Erz
10:05 \n\nOmnissiah be praised!
TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers: https://youtu.be/FBFEksuk5gQ
Glomi babel
battlefleet gothic armada? you should remove dw2 the cinematics are old
Don't fear the demons in the darkness of space. Here's a flashlight.
Irae Maeviir
Too bad you didnt include the ones for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, or Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2
Joe Frezer
а я то уж не читая названия подумал что чтото новенькое)
John Gabriel Ferraer
Why don’t they just have piece with each other??
Jonathan Campbell
So... a Necron Overlord resurrects a crisis suit and chaos sorcerer? And that *dead* crisis suit was stabbed in the *head*, not the body, where the pilot actually sits? Nice...
Joseph Stalin
1:54 Probably the bravest Space marine ever.
José Jiménez
Warhammer better should do movies instead of games, it's more entertaining to see the cinematics than to play the games\r.
Julio Alberto Torres Cordero
Blur Studios, please.\nA full 40K movie
After that Lictor showed up after letting everyone kill each other always gives me chills. Insidious, so true to the lore.
Keyser Soeze
DoW 1 cinematics where fantastic, DoW 3 is really meh... (same as with game play))\n\nBtw search for hellsreach, best 40k videos.
Lailson Sousa Rodrigues Rodrigues
eu gosteu muito e show muito bom
Lawrence Reamon
If I paid a depressed, recently-fired accountant, who knows literally nothing about 40k, £10 to scream “For the emperor!” I feel like 8:30 would be the result.
Lee Han
starcraft 40,000 - All cinematic Trailers (1080p)
Lesj Conj
Credit should be given to Beksinski for the structure the Eldar jump from in the beginning.
Lost Marimo
why have all that armor if you are not gonna wear a helmet :v
Lotis Delacruz
Lesse, glorification of fascism. Religious extremism. Violence toward women. Xenophobia. Toxic masculinity. Colonialism. Yup. Humanity has no business leaving earth yet.
Marco Paschetta
naff/10, no' enuff dakka.
Marko Scientist
Pardon me, bombs with AI leave messages and communicate here, or it is not chat channel for them?!\n\n:-) \n\nI fink that bomb make chat not that boring, of course if AI is good.\n\nLet's make life more bright and beautiful!!!!!!\n\n;-)
Martin Wood
Original DoW trailer still the best
Max Markov
i wan aealy W40Ad
ez egy szar.agyonlőni az alkotót családostól.a hibás génjeit ne adja tovább!
Meme Preacher
Michael Kripak
где трейлеры первой довки, блэт? дизлукас однозначно.
Michael Laprade
The fate of the dreadnought will never be know
Miras Ermekov
Забыли про трейлер w40k: dawn of war 1
Mouhd Tahfiz
A movie is in hand
Neil Wiggs
Nids have a terrible way of royally fecking up your day, I swear.
Nunya !
Why isn't 40k made into movies like marvel? So many stories and awesome heroes.
“I have come to destroy you”
Par Kla
Thumbs down. How do you not include the DoW 1 trailer?!!!! The most badass charge in the story of trailers!
Paul Fuente
at 5:22 is that a grey knight pinned against the bulkhead?
I crave the certainty of steel as well
PraWin Shidore
I'm impressed both by visuals & dialogues.
Gotta love the random Wilhelm Screams
ты пидор просил умерать и космруй
Ramazan Tekin
in every franchise, their fans would dream of living within their beloved fictional world.\n\n\nin warhammer 40k, fans would dream of never living in that fictional universe.
These ain`t all cinematics, what`s about warhammer dawn of war 1?
Scott Havens
I've had a much different impression of the estarte than these frankly silly videos show .
I'm new to Warhammer 40K so bear with me. I've done my research and I know that the Space Marines aren't invincible but I figured they were a bit more durable than what's shown on these trailers. Don't get me wrong, I know they're facing some strong enemies and nobody can survive being sawed in half but these trailers make them look a little underwhelming compared to what they're made out to be.
Stan Green
not all looks like\nwhere \
Stefan Alander
Chaos Gate, DoW1, Space Hulk (pc board game) and Sanctus Reach is the best 40k pc games atm.
All cinematics?
Stephan Bruno
To bad the Trailers are always better than the game. At least for 40K.
Steve Wik
where is opening trailer form first Dawn of War? The best, most epic!
Here there will be... \nRetribution.
The Didact
15:20 Optimus primes voice?
Tymoteusz Gancarz
WAAAAAAAGH!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄
Does anyone know have the Stryxis race ever been in any Warhammer 40k video games? They definitely need to make one focusing on the Rak'Gol as well!
8:20 An inquisitor and some Inquisitorial troops rushing plaguemarines and plaguebearers. Riiiiiight
Zetsumei the saytr
I always feel the games are halfassed since the only real effort is making warhammer games to draw in hard core fans then sell them a game not fit to lick the dirt under your boots
Wilhelm scream at 7:57?
You missed the original Dawn Of War trailer, heretic.
No Dawn of War 1? And you included the crappy Dawn of War 3 intro...
This is missing a ton of cinematics from 40K games. Not even close to ALL.
Damn that DoW2 intro is always so spot on :)
jake nikolia
the frame rate on the inquisitor are so bad
They seriously just need to make a movie already... I real, professional movie.
richard reymond veras tiburcio
New in warhammer 40k any recomendation?
robert kennion
Stop making bad games.....make a freaking movie!
They fought over for milennia. Countless battle, countless enemy their meet.\nBut more importantly, they keep their weapon and armor \n\nSHINE AND GLORY!!!\n\n\nREMEMBER BOYS, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR GEAR SHINE ALL THE TIME.\n\n\nTears shed from my eyes
4:30 \
I am still crying for hits game :(
Александр Степанов
Графика классная, на до попу пока не скажет ракеты криво летают, бог император пулю не направляет. )) Осталось тока каждому веру к императору )) Пойду поиграю, в игру когда миллиарды гибнут, За страхи идеи и просто за нож в руке.
Константин Шерихов
Сколько можно паразитировать на Вархамере?
Эдуард Гога
07:55 Wilhelm scream ))
кай вайсман