Top 5 Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailer of All Time (HQ Remastered)

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The Best Top 5: Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailer of All Time (HQ Remastered). Leave a comments which one of these you like. Enjoy and have a nice day :)Playlist,5th. (.

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The witcher reminds me of a honey badger. It finds a cobra. It gets bit by cobra, it kills cobra, falls over from poison and almost dies. Wakes up eats cobra and leaves to hunt another cobra.
*3:03** WITCHER 3 - BEST EVER!*
Abud Shirt
Alex Strand
Admit many of these videos are great :)
Andrew Wright
That Dead Island trailer brought back memories
Arkham Gaming TM
You had Dead Island trailer almost had me in tears saddest trailer for a game ever
Beast Boy
Wow, just realized Game of Thrones totally ripped the undead ice legion and dragon from WoW lol
Benito Mussolini
Lemme guess #1 is a blizzard cinematic
Black Cat
Can’t wait for that Witcher Netflix series
I heard the Literal Trailer by Tobuscus in my head while watching the AC trailer.
Breadstick God
No assassins creed revelations?
Bright Digasya
Science said that one there is gone be zombies in our world 🙁😞💀
how love Warcraft
Catalin Constantin Socea
The witcher trailer was EPIC
Poland's trailers are the best...😢😢😢
I forgot about the dead island trailer!
Connor Brennan
ya honestly this is a good list
Cuba Blue
The first Cyberpunk 2077 trailer (released 2013 - CDPR) is an absolute work of art. Should be here but otherwise a good selection.
Daniel Zwierzynski
SWTOR trailers are ALL epic, each one looks better and is more badass than some of full SW movies.
David Canencio
Easton J
Am i the only one who thinks halo should be on this list
Enjoy Your Golden Time
Witcher & Swtor! My favorite games!
Ernest Bethel
Man screw that Dead Island trailer. One of the most amazing cinematic, emotional things to ever come from a game developer and then they attach it to the dumpster fire that is Dead Island. Damnit man
Fire Mr. Burn
The Witcher one is so fucking amazing. I really love it, when they put gameplay/ lore etc. stuff in trailers as well, like him drinking a potion and using bombs especially for the purpose of fighting this vampire.
Ghost Upon a Time
No need for a Top 5, The Witcher, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and WoW The Lich King are far enough !!!
I just clicked to watch the Witcher cinematic a fifth time.
Glitch in my Clitch
Yo, where is the Minecraft trailer? That shit smacks!
Th Witcher is soooo good. I hope Netflix does the the TV show right.
Harry Potter
Me: *See's a light saber* \nAlso me: STAR WARS!
Hernandez Arêdes
Witcher III. Not only an amazing trailer, but a great game focused simply in entertaining its public. No political agenda, no propaganda, just fun.\nI wish we had more games like that.
Hong Yun Xu
Dead Island:\nIn the trailer: everyone is getting killed by zombies, gotta be a hardcore survival game\nIn the actual game: I WANNA FIGHT TEN MORRRRREEEEEEE!!!
Hossein Mahmoudi
What about Prototype?
*See's witcher 3 trailer for the first time* Jesus christ... IT'S PERFECT!
The dead island one nearly made me cry :( but it was a good made trailer
with the star wars one, they should trash the stupid games and make a movie in stead in CGI beacuse their cinematics are perfect
Juan Ignacio Vargas
I'm gonna watch this and if I don't see Age of Mythology's cinematic I'll be very disappointed
Kazumi Bot
dead island trailer was too hard for me......
Witcher trailer/cinematic = goosebumps.
Koda Dais
This list is very accurate. Respect
Kundan mane
Hate cinematic trailer cuz they so different than actual
13:37 Target pulls out his sword, Then goes to smell his sword.... NOT SURE WHY
Laurana Schafer
after dead island i was sad.. then i heard singing..... \
Logan Taylor
Star Wars: Old Republic was way darker then anything Star Wars has ever done. I give it a solid 10/10
Lucaci Lucian
Arthas, raising a dragon from a freezing lake before it was cool
First two games have Polish origin. Heh.
Lucifer Chez
We need a Warcraft 4!
Lukas Lang
Blizzard, the true masters of cinematics
imagine a game of thrones video game
Martine Shamzin
I just have to say there is nothing more boring and uninspired then any bsort of zombie games. I can deal with vampires, or really anything else, but NO ZOMBIES. There is nothing new to be done there. Its always just soap opera drama.
GAMEOST Someone never heard of Battlefield 2142.
Miguel Olavarría
The witcher 3 is perfec
Mike M
I had never seen that TW3 trailer, pretty bad ass.\n\nAlso, one thing you've always been able to say about Blizzard: they can make the hell out of a trailer.
the other trailers for star wars the old republic is better then the one for the expension that you put in this
Mr Poool
The Witcher 3, that's all I can say.
Musa Khan
Where is Hitman Absolution E3 2012 Cinematic trailer.
New Gamer
Shadow of war 😈
Nitch42 私の仲間たち
The Witcher III and AC Brotherhood one is amazing!
witcher 3 Masterpiece videogame
The Witcher 3 trailer is cool especially the way they did it. That vampire or Bruxa (what they’re actually called in the game) Geralt fought is an important piece for a quest. In the Blood in Wine DLC you talk to that girl that was in the beginning of the trailer. And she helps you out in the game, But then a side quest appears where you go check her orphanage that she owns. Turns out she was drinking the children’s blood. And once you find out what she’s doing, she runs and you never see her again. That Witcher 3 trailer is actually the ending of the quest I just explained. Kinda neat how they did that
Passion World
No game will ever come close to Witcher 3 that's all i can say \nPerfection on it's peak !( Witcher 3 )
Patrick Owens
I can't lie,when I first saw that Dead Island trailer it fucked me up. It's so sad.
Geralt literally has a glitter-bomb... And he made it cool... Goddamn
that moment when Witcher 3's Night to Remember (april 2015) is actually a teaser for Blood and Wine DLC (august 2016) and geralt fulfill his promise he made talking to Orianna when he said \
Sam Lu
That dead island cinematic brings back so many memories
Sam Seolas
I feel like the witcher 3 trailer is the only one that isnt terribly far off from the actual game, thats how amazing it is.
Sammy Jankiss
This list is void without Onimusha 3's opening cinematic.
Sarah Jensen
The Witcher universe in my opinion would be the coolest to live in. I'd definitely want to be a Witcher. I know they're exclusively male dominated, but still.
Sidney J. Duffy
Back when unisoft cared about the ac franchise
Snow Frostborne
Not gonna lie the Dead Island trailer still gives me a bit of the feels. Shame how the game actually turned out, it was fun enough but that trailer made it look so much more.
dude, i'm telling you, Whenever i see Blizzard and CD Projekt cinematics, Goosebumps starts!
Stephen Reed
Gerald,\nThe Monster Thot Destroyer.
Suidibro M
14:40 and now I know where game of thrones was taken from. 100% copied from WoW cinematics :D
The Fleepo
Tyrion Lannister
Blizzard so ahead of their time...
Vito Scorcese
The Witcher and WoW are the only trailers to have ever given me goosebumps. No other trailers have ever grabbed me like those two. Amazing, pure art.
Vô Thường
the 1st trailer backward is like shit, make me angry because of playback
White Fox
it was in the game as well xc
Assasin's Creed is not that great.
Yash Ahlawat
They used photo realism in witcher 3 trailer
You Big Gae
That vampire in the Witcher trailer appeared in the game she killed orphans and Geralt promised he’d come back for her this is him coming back for her😁
I honestly thought the Burning Crusade trailer was more epic than the Lich King one. That's just personal opinion. Just the whole \
Zane Avery
The assassin's Creed one made no sense. The armor is made out of paper.
Zecurix Helion
I gotta say, the assassin's creed brotherhood trailer felt really out of place compared to every other trailer in this list.
eric northman
We need a witcher 4!!
Brotherhood was the best AC, don't @ meh
I'd throw Starcraft II's reveal trailer in there somewhere.
miguel martinez
Dead Island & Star Wars: The Old Republic 10/10 brutally perfection
red Cobra X
I like The Star Wars The Old Republic the Knights of the Fallen Empire😲😲 looks like great game swear just like Battlefront 2
Witcher wins. Witcher always wins. Everything is shit compared to Witcher.
shooshed Gamer
The only trailers I think are genuinely great are the assassins creed brotherhood one and the Witcher 3.
I have to agree. Poles make good trailers.
winged hussar
Without sapkowski the witcher wouldnt exist. Thank god he made the witcher.
Özgur Ergül
Assasins Creed Revelations trailer where ?
First two trailers are from Polish studios... impressive.
Αlin B
My favorite? Of courseee dead island!
Александр Симан
Я как понимаю в последней декаде 2017 года, Русских роликов не завезли ?! Или религия не позволяет ?
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