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Field Sobriety Test -

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23Derrick Gaither
do swat more stevethegamer 55
ATST Production
I recommend that you should find a police hummer mod
Aaron Samuel
I might not be able to watch all cause of school but i sure enjoy them when i do
Adnan Jakupovic
I love how simple the charger is in Indiana we use something like that
Alexander Mendoza
Other than a Gtr being a part of my future garage, my all time dream cars is a Mclaren 720s Luxury w/ exterior carbon fibre package.
Alondra Corona
Watching this drunk is better hagah
Austin Sveum
2012 Fiat 500C and 2014 Honda Accord
How do u download lspdfr on the pc?
Cecesquad 101
Stevie's Kings and Queen gamers or something lol idk
Charles Daniel
Ferrari 458 spider or a Tesla model x
Cheese 49ers
You should start shooting out their tires
Daniel Hearne
Do you get banned online for using mods on story mode in gta 5
Davon Williams
do a caddilac Escalade esv please, please, please
Debbie Dunn
Do a mod being a EMT
Edgar Nieto
Lamborghini huracan
Ethan The Slayer
Lamborghini I just bought in real life I am a millionaire
Fauzaan Khan
Felix Ibarra
1970 Doge srt or a BMW couple m3
Flinstone 23
Dodger charger RT it’s my dream car I’m definitely working hard for that
Fortnite PRo
9:26 made me laugh 😂😂
Giovanna Williams
Challenger Scat
Givenslee Cinea
My dream car is a Lamborghini
Haris Nadir
A few years now a member you can to make this to my life is a great weekend too with your company to provide a quote or verse in this to my life is to inform to all in a while to find it on track with you to know what you want a full day to you soon love you so very good condition to sender you may not filtered to be a result of email has changed since a lot more to
Hey Steve do you do your outro by power director too
Anyone else always wanted a Toyota AE86?
JDUBS WALL86 gaming/sports cards
Oct 26 2018\nRed Sox v dodgers \nWorld Series \nWalk off home run in the bottom of the 18th dodgers game
Jack Rich
My dream car is a Ferrari 355 love that car
Jacob Maczkowiack
My dream car would be a classic 67 chevy impala
Jeremy McKinney
@stevethegamer55 I really love this charger dude anyway you can flip the light bar in the window there usually on the driver side so people can see they being pulled over i love how this car blends right in on the road
Joan Rodas Hernández
My ream carr is Lamborghini aventador
John Lee
John Martin
2019 Ford F-250 Platinum & 2020 Ford Mustang GT500
Jovon Gant
My dream car jeep grand cherokee srt my project car is my ford fusion
Juan 287653
My dream car is the Hellcat Charger
KLoudd ENT
Can Anybody with these mods on xbox 1 play this with me online?
Kimberly Odricani
My dream car is a 55 Chevy bel air
Kostli Bres
Kyle Seepaul
steve subs
Linda Michael
Lamborghini huracan
LispyLeaf Why you bully me?
Keep up the amazing work, I love your content.
Logan Dacer
All you got suspect in gta 5 LSPD.this guy has been brother in a first mission on this day hahah
Oh and go old school cars I'm talking about 1974 type of cars
bro have you upgraded u r dream car????
also my favorite car it is my dream car
Marco Diaz
2014 Chevy Silverado Steve
Marisela Carransa
Marquise Squires
My dream car is a Jeep Grand Cherokee Track hawk 2018
Ambulance driver obviously forgot to go to his advanced driving course haha!
Miguel Adriel
My Favorite Car is The Tesla Model X
Muaaz Amir
U should do police duty on a Lamborghini Huracan
Muhammad Asif
Pedro Romero
Deval 16
Preston Hagler
Princesingh Landa
Steve please use sports bike for patrol that would be sick
Rohan Pereira
My dream car is fararie 458
Sarah Lavalley
My dream car is the dodge challenger demon
Seis Zonesix
But a 2018 Honda Accord
Shakur Keesee
hey what you going to do put my favorite car in the game is a 67 GTO doing black with rims
Shawn Swagger
25:30 you arrested a innocent man! In the pursuit the suspect got stuck and The officers that were chasing the other guy was the suspect you were chasing. The reason why you got confused is because there was a truck that was the same model as the suspect's truck. You arrested a guy that had the same kind of truck...
Bro can you shout me out plz man I beg you plz
Tecno mob
Aap military base ke pas vale garage me kyu ni jate
Thabang Malefetse
My dream car is a e63 s amg
The Crown Country Inn
my dream car is an f150 raptor or a mercedes g wagon
The Nun
Bentley continental gt super sport car convertible
TheGiraffe2016 Girl
oof early!\nLove the videos!
Tim Madsen
Damn bro you booked the wrong guy😆
Timothy Henson
To many chases man do random checks .. or set up road blocks .. there is to many car chases
Tomas Castt
Ho agrees this videos the best ????
Dream Car is a 350z or a 370z. Love those cars.
Trenton Stewart
My dream car is Koenigsegg
Zavano Felomina
My dream car is a tesla model x I love that car man but I am just 13 so if I age 18 the car is old but that is the car I love
Zay Min
dream car is toyota supra
__ Escobart
Can You Use A Controller For Pc Or Just Keyboard ?
abdullah arshad
When you doing the live stream
awsome pig617 HF
bon francis Asoy
My dream car is ZL1 1LE. Hey steve can you use a regular 2016-2019 camaro thanks.
game gaming053
love the vids
A Ford Mustang would be cool. I love the '67 one but on a police vehicle the new ones should be cool aswell (I think)\n\nNice video anyway I love watching these chill vids
jj Wrote To Shaw
You sould reach out to zerkaaplays and help him with the mods because he just started playing as a cop but he doesn't really know how to work it like how to ask for transport and a buch of things that you do
manue boi
No dislike wow really appreciate it haters😂🙂🤘
realTOLLY .
Love the vids been here since GtaV LSPDFR #12
sauce kid
I noticed something in the game\nWhen you get call for a traffic stop the person that gets stopped always run
savage braylon
The corvette has been my favorite car forever
shon 2X
5:30 that car rlly fast in online 💯
vg Jarret Nelson
My dream car is the BMW BLACK
wolvesgaming 101
Steve you arrested an innocent man, whats up with you?