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We are playing Granny the horror game but in real life where we have to escape from Granny's house using various items hidden around the house to unlock the locks on the main door. Granny cant see anything but she hears everything!===========================================➜ SUBSCRIBE HERE ===========================================For Business Inquiries Please Email:➜ [email protected]➜🎼 Music provided courtesy of:➜ Bensound➜ Epidemic Sound

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Wow you guys put lots of effort into this amazing
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Cutting pliers
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Awww the little boy is so cute Edit: thank you so much for the heart!
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Nice video, keep it up! PS: The cutting pliers are missing.
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The master key is in the dresser
That was a cool video!!!
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Ha ha granny fart she make me laugh so I cough too much
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Cutting pliers you missed it
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You forgot the cuting players
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you missed granny's picture
In the red pillow
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Omg you look funny 😂 I like his blue hair!
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You missed the cutting Pliers Bro
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I think you should do a part 2 like if you agree☺
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Nice Video 👍👍
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i love game granny in real life
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In The Cutting pliers or behind the red pillow pillows on the brown couch
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This is the first vid I watched on ur channel and I subscribed! Ps I like my own comments 😆
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Cool! Granny in real life! I heart u! Love r vids!
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So awsome I like how you made it so like granny
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Cutting pliers under the orange pillow
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Granny VS evil nun ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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