Over The Edge! (When Idiots Play Games #69)

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Aight Den
All the 9-13 year olds here mad because they didn’t find the Star Trek vr thing funny. They are also people who watch rick and morty
Alexander perkins
“We’re on fire...”\n\n“Do we have a guy for that or...”
Aleš Radosta
Does anyone see that fire? Do we have a guy for that? :D :D :D
The Star Trek clip had me dying
Anas Abo Ghandi
pleaaaase mooore of these idiots 😂😂😂😂😂 i love it
Arnell Long
The early minutes of the Star Trek skit was funny, then I was ready for it to be over.\n\nMinority vote, I know...
B A K 3 R
4.00-11.00 wtf why ???
Chosen Wisely
Seriously now? 7 minutes of a single game in this? Seriously?
Cristina M
I love fluffypuppy32 ja ja ja...
Daniel Dalazar
Epesoide 69 that’s how you know that this one is going to be a good episode
Darth Sidious
4:41 ‘’who ? Her? ‘’ 😂
3:20 eestlased! Elagu!!! XD
Der Wolfmann
can you make When Idiots VR Plays? :D
DestinyAddicted N1
Star trek part is awful... avoid things like this in the future
bro that star trek part was hilarious
Dizzy Head
half video VR? really? wtf
Don Esquel
Too much Star Trek
Duncan Barnard
Did you guys know there's more than one button on this thing😂
Dylan Jones
Love these are so good plz like ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Emerson Pereira da Encarnacao
Isnt this guys the same from the bar fight?😂😂
Emilio Caro
Love the last clip was amazing
Eric TheBarberic
There's fire next to your face
Erzhan Zhagipar
I've never seen such a long advertising)))
Wow amazing
Fabian Blum
I like the VR part ✌
Felipe katalinic
Star trek vr jajajaja
Too much unfunny Star Trek VR, dislike
Gazú Poblete
0:00 name song?
Greasy Donuts
It's the hummys show again
Green Terrell
Grim Gaming
Everyone is trash talking vr but way better than fortnight trash
HDG HDGaming
Song 3:24 ?
Why are people mad about the long clip? It was funny af
Hailey Brent
Star trek was the funniest one
3:16 Estonians 😅
Hugo Morel
Looks like Cpt. James T. Kirk is from Boston\n\n\n\nHint hint
The star trek one was Soo good
Javid Jakeer
Last one was funny
Jingpeng Zhang
why is there a 7 min long clip that is anything but funny
Joshua Christian Marchellino Lyanda
I really like the ending hope you can do that more often :)
The Star Trek Bridge Crew part was way too good :'D
Koopa Troopa Poopa
The Star Trek VR wasn't really that funny. You should've used more clips.
I Think the Star Trek Clip was Funny, if you dont like it, just dont watch it.
star trek was Hella funny plz do more like this
Leon Trautvetter
Dude I just Love those VR Chat moments😂😂😂
that star trek clip was funny as hell :D allthouhg a bit long
Luke Hood
Personally I liked the Star Trek Vr it was pretty funny I don't understand why so many people are against it
Majin Ketsu
0:25 😂😂😂 Love that song
Masterplazma 632F
GameSprout you made my day
Maulana Winata
9:32 Laarge *EMENY* ship.
Mavi Beyaz
The Star Trek Bridge Crew part xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Midnite St0rm
Why does the Star Trek VR clip remind me so much of blue team from RVB?
Mr. G6
More Fluffypuppy!!!!!
Nick Kohlmann
I love that VR stuff, but 7 minutes is just too long.
Nitro Magma
Legend says Gamesprout never pins comments
Orginazation Of Death
I see a large emeny in front of me.... Lol
This vr Star trek sucks, pls no more like this
Prog Man
the Star Trek was hilarious.
Rambo Vader
Star Trek funny moments
Rasmus Nielsen
Half of this video, is 1 clip 😒 And its not even funny 😑
The vr was hilarious.
I could watch stuff like that last clip for HOURS
that star trek part was funny as hell
Sammy Ishkuntana
These video's are the funniest
Sebastian Müller
Thanks for the Star Trek part, these guys are AWESOME :D
Shadow Star Gaming
haha didn't think you'd use my clip (2:30)
Shattered 09
The second half of the video is Star Trek hope you don't waste your time
Singularity Raptor
Best Star Trek crew.
Spethman Jones
That long Star Wars one was hilarious
The last clip XD. You’re the best GameSprout!
The Bourne Network
Loved the Stat Trek VR but 😂 please put more of those in
Tomi KingStone
TOOOOOOOOOOO MOREEEEEEEEE STAR TRACK its now a really really bad video :(
Out of videos?..
Wallabee Beatles
Well Star Trek was a bit boring
White Hyde
Loving guys in VR at end of video. 😂😂
Yusuf Khan
What’s the game on the thumbnail
I like turtles.
__lucky_ _
Россия привет!!
andres salinas
star trek mejoro el video y el canal, gracias por traer ese video
anne yoder
1:49 its obviously fake cud he didn't get kicked for TK
Im literally in tears at the star Trek VR clip... please show more of that!!
erik erik
ti skurveny kokotko aby si skapal do rana ti pica skurvena jebnuta mala a dokonca ja mrdnuta do boha ti imbecilný a impotentný retardovaný idiot do pice ti kokot
Yes, Hummys finally got on here
hekki 2a
Theese guys in star trek vr at the end 😂😂
iDzzeykob ;
jgriff 7890
3:45 I'm dying 😂😂
Did you notice fluffypuppy32 was in one of the previous videos in the bar
Hummy playing Bridge Crew makes me think of The Orville.
The Star Trek conversations were the best I've ever seen
nitai matan
9:32 nice EMENY ship
notch aferston
Yo dude,there's fluffypuppy32 from the boston drunken bar fight video on star trek!
stan dardownz
2:00 wtf😂😂😂\nNice work bro keep your work
best....Enterprise crew.....EVER
thomas christensen
5.03 best part :)
un Pietra selvatico
Last clip was exhilarating. More of that pls
willxd517 González
Funny funny funny funny bro a Like