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All the pokemon I know\n\n\n\n\nPichu\nPikachu\nRaichu\nJigglypuff\nMew\nMewtwo\nIvysaur\nEevee\nCharmander\nDragonite (I think)\nCharizard\nGreninja\nSquirtle\nWarturtle\nSnorlax\nButterfree\n\n\nI only know about 20 out of 9 million xD\n(And yes most of these are from Smash Bros. Lol)
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Adisak Apichai
Greninja and Sceptile Cooler than Charizard.
*Pokemon knocking people down*\nBonnie: YAY!!!
Andres Ilias
2:40 Gengar's reaction though lol
Awesome Takalaka
Ash was like at the end he said what did greninja just do? well here's the answer greninja used cut idiot...
Bkwinxlover _xox_
This is why they should've won. STUPID ANIMATORS
Frogadier: *evolves*\n\n\n\n\n\nEveryone else: *gasp*\n\n\nMe: You haven’t seen a Pokémon evolve?
Boris Dineda
I havent seeen the anime in years.... is Ash any more competent? He seems to be.
Bubble Gum Gamer
What episode!?!?
Cherilyn Barnes
Frogadier has always been stronger for no reason.
Chester 120 Gaming
What is tsuyu asui was there
Crystal Sushi
2:39 i feel bad for that gengar
DBN studios
Greninja be like: man it feels gud 2 be a ganksta
David Massy
I don't get it ash has seen his pokemon evolve a lot of times and he still doesn't recognise the light of evolution wtf
This scene alone beats sun and moon
DrySidney21 Roblox
Rest in peice gengar didn't see that coming lol\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nEdit:why did gengar hit the ninja trainer and it said oof
Edward Cee. Adam Adam
how bout Greninja vs. Ninjask\nthat would be interesting 🔥🔥🔥
Elemental Jedi
Pokémon’s last good season, before the dark times, before sun and moon.
Emerald YT
I'm so cool
3:19 ja
Finlay Derry
Pulls out his Nintendo Ds Pokemon here I come
Frankoaguirre Sepulveda
why ash-greninja so strong against bisharp
Fredo's Mum
Still seeing this after 2 years.....i miss XYZ
GamerBoiYT Roblox and more
Greninja fan here ;-;
Gauraang Varshney
all time frokie and frogadier has evolved just to save pikachu :O
Gekky Plays
What episode is it
Ghost Player
Froakie only evolved in ninja related battles
GlennTehGamer _
What's the episode called?
Go to 2:18 with subtitles on😂
The red parts on Mega Greninja looks like Ash's hat..\n\n\n\n\nlol
epic evolution moment imo.
I wonder if Pikachu ever gets jealous of the way ash and greninja can synchronize🤔🤔
I comment at comment sections
There's only one rule into overrated pokemon:\nIf it's fully evolved and caught by Ash, it's instantly overrated. Pikachu is also included but of course it hasn't evolved yet.\n\nIn my opinion Metagross, Salamence and Tyranitar should be respected more.
Serena : Next it'll be our turn Braixen!\n(about 50 or 60 EPISODES later)\nshe confesses her love\nWTF IS WRONG WITH YOU
Jenny Berger
0:39...he's coming (ultra instinct theme plays)
Jiro Saraza
Ash you get a badass greninja what do you teach it? Cut F*cling Cut an unerasble move
Jobanpreet Singh
Josephson Ognita
WOW! Ash's Frogadier evolve into Greninja because after evolving, it learns Water Shuriken.
Grenunja becomes super powerful\nUses Cut on a steel type.
Koen Cayabyab
Greninja is my favorite Pokémon
Koi Bho
Greninja is so cool
Ok so, I've watched the Japanese dub for this scene a few times so imma give my thoughts about this with COMPLETE BIAS FOR THE JAPANESE DUB:\n\n1. UGH HOW DID THEY BOTCH THIS WHOLE SCENE SO MUCH!?! Bless Sarah, She at least tries sometimes to sound epic as ash. More than I can say for literally every other voice I've heard in this scene AT ALL! But then she kinda ruined the whole thing with the scream from the ash-greninja transformation. So cringe worthy. Special points go to the va for the Bisharp trainer for not being any kinds of passionate when he tried using X-Scissor. \n\n2. Music? I can barely hear it and I'm actively trying to listen to it as I'm watching. It's not noteworthy which is sad because the Japanese soundtrack for the instrumental version is XY and Z! and it's flippin amazing everytime it's used.\n\nConclusion: There's a reason I switched to Japanese dub and literally never looked back. -_- It's like their not even trying. You can try for a kids show, ya know. It's been long established that adults enjoy this kind of stuff too.
Lisa Hough
Greninja is my favorite Pokémon
Lucas Fernandes
Night time \nSolar beam??
Maccy Waccy
this is why greninja is my fav pokemon
Mamta Chauhan
Greninja is one of the strongest Pokemon of ash
Mangboi 101
First pokemon of Ash never evolved😂
Manish Murthi
Maria Alrajhi
I find Greninja cooler than Charizard. Anyone else agree?
Marie Knep
I don't understand what's wrong about the English Dub. I've watched the Japanese version, and in my opinion, the Japanese version is cringy.
MatakiXD gaming
in the thumpnaill greninja looks like he has a wtf face
Me Grimlock King 45
Is it just me or does the poked EX look like a gameboy advanced
Man I felt X, Y and Z was the best Pokémon season so far..... Ash looked and battled more maturely... The battles were awesome. Lysander was a great villain.. And even the rival(technically the later rival) got his own 4 episode series(lol) and was strong af..... I mean like even though greninja, a water type, lost to mega evolved CHARIZARD, a fire type, it still made sense due to the 4 episode series showing how the CHARIZARD defeated 10 mega evolved Pokémon in a row!\nAsh had a defeat in the finals.. But it was a glorious battle.... Made 1000% more sense than the semi finals in that one region where his opponent had that fuckin Darkrai and other legendaries \nThe Sun and moon series may have added new things which seem interesting but the fact that Ash got a massive downgrade (much more than earlier) was a bummer
Mya Gammell
I wonder how ashes Charizard feels about this
Mysterious Mozzarella
my reaction:\nWE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS\nlike if you get it
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Ash greninja fits ash himself
Goodbye Greninja. You will be missed.
Nine Tales
Frogadiar evolving kinda sounds painfull like if you agree!\n\n\nAlso bisharp has no fingers or a hand but uses shadow claw\n\nWhaa
Noobest Gamer
This is the best Pokemon series...😍
Oliver Sandoval
Man- Your not going to win.\nGreninja- Hold my beer
Om khatpalani
Please make 2nd part also..
OrdinaryMe YT
*Greninja the ninja pokemon*\nMe: wow I am so suprised 😑
Phillip Martinez
I love this, but I just hate the moveset in Greninja! Aerial Ace is okay, especially when it looks like swords on each hand. Double Team, nothing to be said there. Water Shuriken the same. Cut, I hate cut with a passion. Cut should’ve been Hydro Pump or Hydro Cannon. I know it’s supposed to fit the ninja motif, but fuck that. One of the hydro moves would’ve been incredible on Greninja!
Pra seena
Who loves greninja?
Rajendar Singh
Greninja , sceptile and pickachu are good battle partners
he became naruto
Ricardo Escobar
i like the part that greninja turn into ash greninja
Ringo Basu Thakur
The moment that changed the XYZ anime altogether
Rndm Vds
A level 36 Greninja vs a level 50+ Bisharp? doesnt seem right...
Ash greninja is my favourite
The \
Star Worrier
Ash has been with loads of greningas but when his frogoter evolves into greninga he pulls out a Pokédex 🤣
Stars Yay
Wtf Solar Beam in the night.
Wait... why didn't Ash use his Pokedex on the otherGreninja?
wasn't there some kind of story about how every 300 years, a greninja will look like its trainer if the relationship is strong?
Supersonic gamer 888
*_Venusaur uses Solar beam without absorbing light_*\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nMakes more sense now.
Tricia Lee
Sad life ninja with the gengar. 😢\n1 like is 1 prayer for gengar and it’s trainer
Tyler Hayes
Jeez, pokemon use to just glow white and grow...that was dramatic.
Ultra Shark // The Squad
Who's that Pokemon? *Black Picture of Greninja*\n\nCharizard: IT'S MEWTWO!
Wendell Sonic
Best scene in the world
Yoshi Tax-fraud-o-saurus
Evolving must be a pain, your bones and flesh shifting and rubbing each other really quickly.
Youli Lu
For me Greninja is the best pokemon
Yubraj Tamang
Greninja is my favourite pokemon it's so cool
Zeddi G
Rip frubbles
archana gupta
my best pokèmon
chase skywalker
HI dose someone now how ash got ashgreninga
kasuke yuchia
then the Legend is born......till Ash screw it up 😢 many hard core pokemons retired...he could have atleast kept 1 on each region.
oghond 2112
I find this hilarious:\n Froakie: has cute little frog voice\nFrogadier: has slightly deeper voice\nGreninja: GETS CUTE LITTLE FROG VOICE AGAIN *laughs uncontrollably* IT'S HILARIOUS\n\nAND I LOVE IT\n\n\nEdit: Wow... I have never gotten this many likes on a comment before...
snehal payghan
Ash grenninja is best than other gankshta
theshinyumbreon 38
ok now this is epic!
video zamanı
xXxSenpaixXx Yo Folks
I watched this 10 times
レオ The Greninja
Nobody noticed that the first greninja was knocked out and when frogideer evolved it was awake but then if u look really carefully it is knocked out again what da fluff? XD