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So apparently I turn into Miranda Sings post kiss hahaha. Give this video a thumbs up if you want longer old school videos! And get discounted Black Friday merch right here! Trivia: January 2016 is my favourite picture in the calendar!

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- A
Aaron Jackson
I love them omg
Ady B
This was hilarious. I like that your humour gets more explicit when you get boozy, let the mulled wine flow.
Alanah Jauregui
Ellen's hot.
THE SONG IS Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On (Onderkoffer Remix) With love from colombia ROSE AND ROSIE YOU ARE AWESOME\u003c3 GOD BLESS YA
Alex Teller
Alice Wizza
Old school videos are the best
Angela Belcamino
the brunette is gorg... xoxo!
you guys are hilarious i can see u guys all day
Annie Gremlin
I want a cute blonde gf like Rosie haha
Anonymous Candle
Everyone loves Rose for how pretty she is and how confident she is, then there's me, who just loves how much of a dork she is xD
Becks Watkins
I dont know how i stumbled on you guys but i am so staying :D
Bey Sarah
They're both so HOT *--* also Rosie's voice & eyes leave me with no words...just you so much
Omg you guys are hilarious honestly you guys are my favourite youtubers hands down !!!!!
Caesar Melchor
I rlly rlly missed these kind of videos
Just spend my whole day watching your videos (except the time I spend at school) and I still can't get enough. Is this already an addiction?
Chantelle Dawn
You got me at thumb holes in the sweatshirt sleeves
Ciara Bond
I love when they kiss it just shares the love. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy when rose makes fun of Rosie I just think that's there way of showing love lol.
Danielle Marks
This video reminds me sooo much of your old videos how you guys used to just sit there and talk to each other. I love it so much!
EX Gal_87
both of them are pretty..😀😀
Elena Loffer
thay are the most loving and adorable lesbii couple ive ever seen! a pleasure to watch!! wwow!
Erin Hanavan
Rose has the best pick up lines👌
I love this video so much it really reminds me of the type of videos you guys did a few years ago. Though I really like the videos you are doing now as well! I can't believe I've been watching your videos for over 3 years ❤
Fer Noguera
Rose's pick up lines... Flirting 101, I'm telling ya
Fern A
i'm lesbian and i just found your channel and dear god you guys are GOALS \u003c3\n(also the kisses made me so jealous yall are so hot)
I still can't believe these dorks are married, lol.
Here i am eating hot spicy ramen, watching Rose and Rosie, and then suddenly.. They starts making out.. My life is on the line lol
Gabriela Barrios
I love these old type videos 👌😂 laughed through this whole video love you both
Ghizlane El khatib
I started watching these two cuties back in 2012 i was almost 17 now i am 20 wow love u rose and rosie
I seriously just watched this so I could see them kiss...
I'm so gay right now! 5:25 got me feeling all the feels! Moms, why do you do this to me?!?
Grace Jackson
the brunette's hot
Hailey Olivia
This is the best video you guys have made since you got married. :3
it's so cute how Wilma just rests her head on Rose's shoulder while she's kissing Rosie. This dog is adorable (actually, it's a whole adorable family picture) d:
Also love Rose's jealous side, find it so sexy...
Isabelle Seah
omg this video is great :') i love it when you guys just sit in front of the camera and just talk! i've missed this thank you Rose \u003c3
Iza Cunha
it's funny cuz in brazil tongue kissing is like real kissing lol and kissing with no tongue is just like a hug or a kiss on your cheek
Jamie Arquiro
Rosie is getting sexier and sexier. Damn girl!! :* :)
Jane As Per Usual
I luv u gays
Karina-Leon P
I just saw all the videos in your channel!!! You guys are the most hilarious and dawn to earth persons I've ever seen!!! From this second I formally offer myself to escort you if you visit Mexico!!! My beautiful country!!! Well not mine but the place I live!!! Byeeeee
Katy Rodriguez
You guys make me so freaking happy omg
Hey Rose and Rosie, I started watching your videos a long time ago now and you always made me laugh on my darkest of days and you guys are one of my inspirations to have started my own youtube channel, so I just wanted to say thank you for helping me believe in myself :)
Krystin Tolson
I absolutely love your videos! So hilarious! Do you two have snapchat?
Lauren Johnson
I don't now whose eyebrows are better xD but I mean roise is rocking that lipstick though 💋💄
Lexi May
I love Rosie's voice. \nI love everything about both of them \nBut especially Rosie's voice 😍😂
Luc Toulouse
Léa Chalopin
Madison McKimmey
The way rosie looks a rose 😍
Rose: Don't lick the rim, don't be like your mother!\n\nMe: Which one's the mother!? 😅
Maneswita Jaiswal
I recently started watching your videos..and I am glad I found this guys are amazing..since the past two weeks all I have done is watch your videos all day long..I have my exams going on but I still take out time for your guys are amazing and sooo cool..I have nearly watched all the videos..god bless you both.. And Rose- you are like an inspiration I also want to start a YouTube channel soon ! 😍😊
Marie R. Little
I was laughing so hard at the lipstick debacle. \
Mhichh yLuv
I love both of u .. But so hard to understand your accent😞😞😞 i cant understand hope theres subtitle
Ms. Anderson
this is a favorite video from their channel recently. it's kind of old school vibe that made you love their channel to begin with. I wish they would make more .
Natália Scalvenzi
I have no doubt that Rosie is going to be a great mom, but Rose is simply going to kick ass as a mom. Like, at 6:59, SO MANY motherhood feels emanated from that \
PLEASE MAKE MORE OLD SCHOOL VIDEOS LIKE THIS it reminded me how much I adore you guys
Nicole Smrekar
Shhhhhh Rosie, you're both so hot. lol
Niki Maita
i cant understand what the blonde one is saying... :/
Ola Trzesniewska
''He's alcoholic! Don't be like your mother!'' XD That's why I love you Rose
Pixi Estrella
Rhian Neagle
im gutted there wasnt a kiss number three....
Rhianne Mee
Your shirt looks very becoming of you. I get it. If I was on you, I'd be coming too.
Rica Jean
Rose and Rosie
I don't know about you but I can't understand what the blonde one is saying.
Rosie Denton
love seeing you girls just talk, please do more videos like this
Sam Something
i hope I find my rosie one day..
Samantha Bareng
i like Rose's pick up lines xD
Sarah Sperber
The brunette's hot, can't understand what the blonde is saying
Scully Loveless
is Wine not bad for dogs
Silvana Belliot
I just discovered you guys last yesterday, and I watched almost 24 hours straight still going through some video's but you guys are the only youtubers I want to watch old vlogs and video's from.
Siobhan _
The brunette's hot ... I can't understand what the blonde one's saying ;//
This video was so old-school, i freakn loved it\nI HAVE to share it on MySpace
Tara Lurie
My girlfriend and I have been fans for years, and we LOVE this old school video!!!!
Teddy Kelly
I must say this is the best video yet after your marriage! You guys should do more, lots of kisses!
Tiziana Shea Manzo
Vanessa Jenkins
Please up load your bloopers as the next video thank you lolxx and the blonde hair one is like well fit danm
Sugar and more sugar? More like Rose and Rosie. ❤️
Yasmin Campos
aNna LeMOnade
love Rosie's hair and the way she looked at Rose
ashley longoria
Lmao I love this video! Y'all are so funny and cute😍😍😍
i seriously love these old school videos, just you two, a camera and the laughter and the occasional kiss
God... the brunette is pretty enough to win a beauty pageant..
fernanda capaceta
I wanted a third kiss!!!!!!!
😭😭why rosie? Why you couldn't wait until you did the last and 3rd kiss??\nYou didn't want us to have that..don't you?😞
I really wanna get the hoodie but I never know what size to get, that's why I never buy clothes online. I literally own different hoodies and shirts that are S, M and L, sometimes even XL lol, it all depends on how the thing fits me :/
loooool rosie pronouncing \
joe wilde
You are my fav couple to watch and have been for awhile, i think your content has improved but i still love the early 2012 vids because they were just as charming. Best wishes during the holidays!
I looovve it!! just like the good old days =D
ky nicole
the sexual tension in this video is insane.
marium fatima
i like the blond 😜 she is lovely.
minka elrumi
hello, I'm a big fan of you. I love to watch you guys from the beginning until now. but I want to give advice, because your fans from different countries including me at one of the tropical countries;), what if you were given a video english subtitles. so they understand what you are talking about, because your words very quickly once I was hard to understand, so to understand I have to play the video you many times;). This is only a suggestion. xx
I just love when rose leads... Look how she grab rosie's head...! \n\nBut also it's so tempting to see rosie superkiss!!
the brunette's hot but the blonde's got those intense blue eyes \u003c3
Why do I feel this video was very intimate??
aaaaaah back to the old style videos I looooove it
Wth? since when does Rose bleep stuff?? it's Rose Ellen Dix we're talking abt here xD