The best Pranks Jim and Dwight

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i put together all the best pranks on the show the office that jim plays on dwight i could find

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André Flores Brasil
Annie Littrell
Hahaha Best show I’ve never actually watched an entire episode of.
Aren Steyerman
What I love the most is the way him and Dwight look at the camera.
Ariana Arteaga
Wow I just noticed that Standley used to be skinny I don't know if I spelled his name wrong I have a feeling I spelled it wrong
Backyard Radio
Fact:\nBears \nBeets\nBattle star Galactica\n\nI’m dying😂
Big E in the UP
I don't know if you know this, but the clip from 9:45 on is actually also the blooper. They used that take in the show, but like a millisecond after Dwight's taken-aback face they both lose their shit
Bladedge Vamphog
where's Asian Jim Halpert prank?
Blind Sword
I think Jim secretly likes Dwight.
Braden Lymburner
I laughed so hard when Dwight was talking about attacks and said it’s harder to get attacked from the front, because he could counter it. Then Jim just slaps him in the face and walks off.
Caleldyr BladeRunner
Cana Dude
I died at the vending machine prank. 6:07 I must have missed that episode. So funny, then he hands him a bag of nickels.
Cheezeburger Walrus
Nobody likes my YouTube comments, I suspect Jim Halpert
Cole Cox
Daisy Chambers
Jim: \
Dr. TJ
Michael, Dwight and some of the others are so over the top that I sometimes got bored with them. But Jim's pranks, smirks, under the breath comments, and looks at the camera never got old.
Emanuel T
End Nitro
Jim is the best prankster in the entire God damn show
Ethan Hudson
These were the best parts of the show
Eva Kirigo
Jeez the level of commitment to pull these off.....
EweLamb Lover
This is like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck interacting XD
Oh Dwight! Why!?!?
How can he make such a straight and dead face at all times but make AMAZING pranks?
GR_ Uk
🅱️ears,🅱️eats,🅱️attle star Galactica
Gabriel Vieira
Even though Jim didn't gift wrap Dwights actual desk, I think what he actually did do would have been more effort/more time consuming
Gay Bo666
I mean Jim and Dwight are a better love story than Jim and Pam
Gisselle Sandoval
I love how Jim was sweet at times with him. Dwight was like Jim's best friend. I felt my heart touch when he did that magic beans trick, and once Dwight planted them, Jim went to go replace them. 😭
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Jim: You're really gonna sit in the back?\nDwight: Uh, yeah. In the event of a crash, the driver always protects his side first.\n(tires screech)
Holly 12345
I never watched this show, but I can see why fans had trouble taking John Krasinski serious as Jack Ryan. He's so naturally funny.
I wish we could have seen Dwights reaction after Jim swapped the new plants when he planted the beans XD
Ismail Essa
It's Kelly!! Ok!!
I wanna rewatch the series but I don't wanna go through pain again 😭😣
Two most dangerous men in the world with prep time, Batman and Jim Halpert.
JTJWarrior Gamz
Identity theft is not a joke Jim!
Jack _
I love how Dwight is like \
Poor Dwight :(
Janeena Blackman
Where’s Asian Jim? Totally the best one
Kai M
My favorite part 3:51
Katie Hays
Oh my gosh,I miss this show so much!😭 it is still to this day my favorite tv show of all time! I wish they would have like a reunion show or something,that would be amazing!
11:43 is so underrated. One of Jim's best pranks.
I love Jim's dedication, it almost makes you want to work at an office just to have a ready stock of victims and enough time to prepare all these pranks. x)
Layia Mt
4:40 Bears- Beets- Battlestar Galactica. 😂🐻
Leoliy Xolsun
Jim was bugs bunny in a past life.
Lianne Campbell
What about Asian Jim? Or the time Jim pretended he was turning into a vampire? Those are two of my favorites
MJ 899
I never realized the difference in quality between the earlier seasons. I prefer the older look of season 1.
In the real world, just one of those pranks would've resulted in immediate termination.
Martine Davis
😂😂😂😂😂 Jim had entirely way too much time on his hands.
MiSt 526
My fav was when an asian dude was sitting in Jim's desk pretending to be Jim, including having replacement photos on the desk and getting everyone else to go along with it
Mike Breeden
The jokes and pranks are funny but the complaint list at 13:22 are actually hilarious bc they’re so believable😂😂
Mike Wambolt
Gotta include the clip where Dwight challenged to computer to a sales contest and Jim and Pam convinced Dwight the computer became self-aware
Mr. Staff
5:40 *Best Prank*
A good list, but what about \
Nater K
Neil Daniels
Niki Fisher
It kills me every time Jim looks into the camera.
Niko here
Analyze This👐😌
Nora Johnson
“ What is going on, what r u doinggg???”
Omnipotent Zaron
They forgot that Asian one
PerMatro Plays
Who else is watching this after seeing A Queit Place :D
Percival Concord*
You know Dwight and Jim seems like they were both bullied as kids except that Jim grew up to be a smartass.
Jim prbably spend more money and time on Dwight than on Pam.
“This morning i knocked myself in the head with the phone.”
RedWingsFan 1
8:54 depression of Dwight
Rhyperior Ranger
Does Jim have some sort of natural talent for psychological torture?
bears. beats. battle star gallactica. \nbest quote 😂😂
Ronald De Leon
Rudolf Trost
The thumbs down people had their sense of humour removed. \nProbably by Dwight himself.
I wish I can pull off pranks like jim can.\nAnd then again if jim pulled off pranks on me I know would go crazy lay a right cross on his face really hard I know I know i'd get fired but its worth it.
Sal Paradise
Remember when Dwight raped pam amd framed jim for it and he went to jail and got raped by a white supremacist... huh? Member? Good times....
Sawny クイーン
Dwight: So I thank you.\n**Jim pulls out bobble head**\nDwight: *IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT A JOKE, JIM! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SUFFER!*
Scotty Brandon
Dwight is the Frank Burns of The Office
His desk was two feet closer to the copier,with him moving int one inch every time he went to the bathroom...\n\nDwight had to go 24 times in one day?
Someone You Don't Know
Sriracha Addict
Ever notice that Jim says Dawight not Dwight
5:59 at 0.25 speed = every dramatic stopping a catastrophe saying No cliche
The Boiz
Bears beets battle star galactic
The Dork Knight
And to think, just three weeks before being cast as Jim, John Krasinski almost quit acting.
The Fightin' Hobbit
Some of these are genuinely impressive. The wrapping paper one. I wouldn't even be mad, I'd be amazed. xD
I lost it with Dwight’s items inside the vending machine. 😂
1:00 \n\
Zapp Brannigan
I am a black belt in gift wrapping
ashish hembrom
Why didn't Jim get fired or Dwight leave the job?
0:43 wow the sudden volume jumps...jeez my ears
cesar saldana
I literally watch the office because of Jim and dwight and this is like watching the whole show in 15 min 🤣
I love how Pam played a part in the pranks occasionally lol
Jim is a straight up sociopath
josh Spikes
Is interesting how Jim would involve Pam in most of the pranks, but with Karen he doesn't even bother to explain the pranks...
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Jim is the ultimate troll.
The bit with Jim impersonating Dwight was gold \n\
You forgot the telekinesis prank where jim moves the cost rack with his mind
This was made possible because of excellent casting.
Just when you are certain you understand the Universe, the Universe turns around and gives you a noogie.
yoga instructor
I feel a bit bad for Dwight when he gives away his telescope.
“You sound seexxyy”\n“Oh thank-you, I’ve been working out”\n\nHaha :)))