FORTNITE #3! FGTEEV Down with the Pew SQUAD Funny Moments, Traps, Rocket Ride, Battle Royal Dances

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100 subs with no vids?
5:16. Chase your a good singer.
Aden Voois
Alfie Kirby
I love fortnite
Amita Hans
Play with the hole family
Amåre_the_god! King hagler
Yea you did daddy but you dropped it
Andreas Fruergaard
Du more. Fotnitet video
Fgteev you can read it not just say legedary minegun it said minegun
Andrew Dimas
I like fortnight I got two voter royale
Antonio Ley
am. Derek
Atiyah Kathleen
Where do you live
Browne Smith
How do the subscribers play with you duddy
Cheryl Pohlodkova
I was laughing when duddy said no one calls me doody hehehe hehehehehe that was so funny and Mike's jokes are a little cringe\nHehe sorry but can you do more fortnite dances. like if you agree :)
Chris Bosgraaf
Can you friend me on fortnite my name is saabfan9
pls friend me on fortnite my name is doodymcdoodyson
Danielle Person
We all know he said he said I'm going to purpose for your balls
Dr Noob
Duddy I'm better than you in fortnite
Elias Häggblom
Esther G Bhagwandin
THIS WAS FUN! Hope you all enjoy watching! :)
FaZe NiajaCorn
Funnel vision you should do playground in Fortnite
Geordi O'Shannessy
My name is shagwah33
Gymnastics Music
You guys should do a whole family squad! Like if you agree
Hamza Abdel Atey Sayed
Play ping play ping please
Harry Salter
Heather Bassett
Who is that guy talk to you after G TV
Heather Cromer
PLZ play more Fortnite PLZ I love it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ingersoll Amy/GonzalezJavier
I like you very much
Irfan Ahmed
Can you make more fortnite vidoes
It’s Sybaritic Youtube
Jack Carrera
I like your vids
Jacob Long
Don’t judge me revolvers my favorite gun in Fortnite
Jacob Molina
Duddy is trash
Jaime Evans
I love you’re video my Fortnite name is lce11 your my favourite streamer
Joe Reelz
That epic not legendary or rare🤪
Joe Romero
who r u talking to
Juan Zaragoza
Thats a épico ningún
Katarzyna Tecza
Shahn is so cute like if agree
Kylie Groyon
Epic* minigun
Latonya Clement
Make a Fortnite say I know
Fgteev, you should do save the world in Fortnite! Like if u agree
Whoever's not with me, is against me. Fixed it for ya
Luke Paulson
drizzychase1234 can you be in my squad I’m SloppyMeteor246
Matt Shutes
Omg 😂
Max Walker
I love your down with the pew songggg
Melody Yoshimoto
My dad sang that song
MinetheJ Gaming
Anyone Else want to Drown with me in the Sea of Comments????
Monika Lapinska
Fgteev you can play fortnite in roblox its called island royale
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Nathan Jones
Daddy is actually quite mean
Operator 6689
1v1 me if your good
Paloma Paat
To late
Proncess Mee
33 likes if FG TV should join us and play some more fortnight
Do more fortnite!!!
5 likes and they play fortnite again
Rita McClure
Robin Youngblood
for chases information that was a epic minigun not a rare
Rukhsana Bibi
And Chase thought it was rare not epic!!!!!!! Man! I hate wen Chase acts like he's correct!😈👿👿👿😈(sos I still love em!😄😎👊🙈)like if you don't and do agree
Rusol Abd Alzahra
You should make a new fgteev logo but with oreo in it like if you agree
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If your a fortnite lover like this comment
Sara Le
Ur so bad doody
Sasaeast Licences
Who wants FGTeev to play more fortnite who agrees :edit thanks for the likes
Silas Macumber
The minigun wasn't legendary or rare it was epic
Smit Patel
I play fortnite and I love fortnite.
How did you guys meet?
Tahseen Rahman
Temi8899 Sahetapy
More fortnite
Teodor Casian
My name is on fortnite Lo111ok
Thomas Feather III
can u friend me on fortnite its geronimojr82
Tiana Smith
I love fortnite 2 be my brother play but we try to get a victory Royale whatever we win we do a dancer dance move we do the hype the
Tierra Warden
Can I have a Xbox One when is fortnite
Tiffany Winters
No it’s a epic mini gun
Tristan Le
Can you please check
Tucker Coil
Chase said it's rare it's epic
Waris TBG
18:25 chase has the last rare Christmas skin
William Tucker Jr
Play season 7 and dance challenge
XxxripxxX The legend
Who’s watching from 2018-2019
YouTuber 1234
Can you please add me as an epic friend paTT-125
Duddy is a noob
bouncy ball studio
delete duddy on this channel
I’m a huge fan please friend me in fortnite my username is nopebroy
Noob I have 70 kill
fortnite god
I love your videos my fortnite name is liteboy20 I'm a huge fan of your channel
frank leatherbarrow
pumps are so bad
gamer exli chanell
Duddy had 2 kills
kimberly diaz
Do a part 4 and I like your song down with the pew
maddox mansell
Chase is wrong it was an EPIC
Can you 1v1 me January the 1
ytali Daly
make a merch that say Rylan