Christian Oliver 04.04.08 English Subtitles Part 45

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Christian English German Liebe Oliver Olli Verbotene gay kiss soap subs subtitles

ATG garden
The epic chrolli part 45!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chrolli 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Albert Lacén
I just can't get enough of this scene 2016 and still watch this lol good time
Alex Love
One of me best best episode..!!forever
Alex Nathan Espinal
I'm just in love with these men...
Alex Wildek
2018, and watch it in 100000th time and I love it again and again. The most beautiful love scene ever\nThore and Jo, you are great actors!
Alex Wilson
I would volunteer to be either one of these guys, I love this scene. one of my favorites, I love these guys too.
Sia gave me so much feels during this scene 😍
Aman Pal
And here comes the end of phase-I of chrolli relationship...the most beautiful phase and my ollie fell in love with Chris...dt night by campfire..that 1st sudden kiss..Chris getting confused..his emotional turmoil..smelling Ollie's after shave gel 😁 the brief hug..the 1st make out, the jealousy and finally declaration of love..\nThis is the mooost beautifullll part of chrolli story. Thore and Jo really made me their life long fan with their portrayal of chrolli..💝💝 thank u so much #ichglotuztube for chrolli videos.. otherwise ppl around d world wud hv missed such a great love story.
Angel SBerg
Love to see Chrolli together.. They make me smile in my heart .. All love is Beautiful. :)
Anthony 353
Doesn't matter how old it is, this will always be a beautiful story :-). Does anyone know the name of the song in the beginning from 01:00 - 02:00??
Becky One
Now that I can finally comment here, I would like to tell you one of the thoughts I´ve had nearly every day for the last few months: The day Chrolli won´t  be the most important thing in my life anymore, my life will be useless - or simply over... Chrolli are just EVERYTHING for me! Sounds really extreme, but that´s how it is....
Bells B
Ollie looks so beautiful when Christian finally opens the door.His beautiful eyes.
Bethany Haner
I love the way Olli say Christian name. The emotion in these scene are so powerful and the music and that song by Sia really help to bring out what their feeling. It beautiful and powerful with so much emotion I love it. I can just sit here and watch it over and over it is one of my favorite scene with these two.
Boitumelo Joy
Uhmm 2018?? Anyone?? I just had to sneak back to my addiction...Had been listening to Sia and thought hmm I wonder how did I discover that Angelic voice?? Simple = Chrolli
Captain Steve Rogers
2017 😍😍😍😍
Chirag Sharma
BEST SCENE EVER! \nBreathe me fits so well in this... \u003e.\u003c \u003c3
Chris Monday
4:50 Never fails, chills run down my spine . Breathe Me will forever be Chrolli's song to me. I hear it anywhere and it brings me right back here.
Chrissi L
I love that this time Christian starts to undress Olli and not the ither way round like when they had their first time. It shows, that Christian accepts his feelings for Olli and he isn't afraid of them anymore.
Chrizy Bear
I've been counting this is the 36th time I'm watching it
Clash Fan
So Christian throws what is an obvious jealous hissy fit in front of several people who are clueless besides Olivia. Then he and Ollie start spending all of their free time together with intimate conversations and telling glances and no one is even mildly suspicious? Really? Don't get me wrong I love this show but some of it just cracks me up.
D4rk Inside
Ich bin grad total überrascht wie viele Menschen die kein Deutsch sprechen, diese Serie feiern.... O_o''\nFind ich cool xD
DJ Marsters
Dude you really gotta feel for the actor Jo. Could you imagine being gay and having scenes like these with a straight man? ! Props to you Jo W. You are a stronger man than many of us
Daniel Chrolli Cerutti
Why do I get emotional every time I watch this? After 5 years, we're all still get back to this.
This is a beautiful scene, and for new viewers it keeps getting better. You can't help but fall in love with their love story.
Denise Noles
DAMN!!! When Ollie touched him at 4:52, I felt that emotion!
Derek Belmonte
As cute as Olli is ... I hate it when he cornered Christian about his jealousy at the club. The guy is confused and struggling with his feelings. He is hurting inside. If you know that he is jealous because you are dancing with another man, then don't make a scene anymore. Why confront him and embarass him in front of many people? Surely you know that he is not yet ready to let the public know that he is gay ... how difficult is that to understand? Olli you're so insensitive. Geezzzz.
Dramaqueen 82
Happy Chrolli Anivasary
Finarasty gracia
2017/11/22,,,#chrolli,, best chemistry,, anyone who still watching this show#christian#olliver,????,,,,,
I love how Breath by Sia was playing in the background. It was a perfect song for the scene.
Francisco Otero
2018 anyone!?
03:22 when you hear the first notes of that song, and you're like yassss.
Himanshi Diwan
Olli's arms are the securest place for Christian right now. And he knows he's fallen in love with olli. Beyond beautiful. Best chemistry. Here after so long ❤ love the song. I've found the olli of my life too❤❤❤❤
Ian Joru
I think I fall in love with oli. I love to watching his face expression if Christian mad. poor my baby oil\ncristian is grumpy .I could call him prince grumpy
Imaginary D.X
2017 and I still love this so beautiful😍😪😍😍
Inge N
its just so sweet, i love this scene!
Jack Phabo
watching again and again...
Jayson Obera
and now here I am again. watching this scene over and over again. it's just so perfect. Maybe when the years pass by, I could still remember this soap and will never get tired of watching it again.
Jeff Orthmann
I watch this clip over and over! Christian and oliver are both very HOT! I'm into both of them and bet emotional everytime I watch this. Very romantic and passionate!!
Joe Park
it's 2018 and I'm still here I love & miss them soooo much 💔 I watch it every fucking year this is really the most beautiful love story 😭😭💓💓
Jordan Steward
Jo really hot omg
Juan Espinoza
Im goin to start watching again even though I started watching here but their story is so beautiful that im goin back to the beginning, i didnt realize how much i missed them .
Christian is soooo cute
Kerstin HÖHN
great scene and the Music fits well. i love those two together
Kitty Canary
9 years later and still it gives me goosebumps!
Kristina stadnick
Just heard \
OMG, this is when I fell in love with SIA.
2017 and it's still gets me :\
Marcus LeeP
This is still so cool...The first kiss was hot!!
Marcus Petäjä
Nearly 9 years since I found this lovestory and it still is one of the best.
Merlin Arthur
what's the song 3:34
Michael Dishler
I to have watched this over and over and the whole show a few times you kinda get hooked RIGHT ?
Michaela Klett
It's 2017 almost the end of the year and i still love this two so much,\n for me, there are one of the best couple i have ever seen,\nexcept Malec !!!
Mikey 4LUV
This part is very heart felt...true love story! And love the song goes with it...perfect!
Mimi 5878
This is so hot😍🔥🔥🔥. Good acting.
I tried fighting it, but.... I've fallen in love with you.\nThis is the best!!
Nairelys Navarro
Thore and Jo are amazing. I've watched this scene like a thousand times before and every time I get chills. The way Christian finally accepts his feelings for Olli, even though he's still kinda nervous about it. Everything about this scene is perfect; the acting, the camera angles, the lighting, the soundtrack-- everything! \
Nana Osei-Tutu
3:19 is where the real love scene starts!
Naomi Meme
YOU KNOW, watching this scene in my library with our school computer with everyone around is really not good...but what can i do, i cant stop myself..lmaooo
This scene still moves me so much. So beautiful.
Pape sampane Mboup
5:28 Olli's face look likes angel's face so deap in love
Pasha Lukovic
This is still beautiful, tender, unforgettable and just damn good. Love you Christian and Olli. You mean so much to me x
Does anyone else think Gregor already had a bit of a suspicion with Christian and Olli beeing together :D?
Richard Stokes
That perfect kiss and moment in time. It will never be the same from here on.
Robert King
Wow....when he finally admitted that he was in love with Olli, I though my heart would leave my chest, but when they started kissing, Dios Mio, I swear my thighs went up in flames!!!!
Those kisses dude!!!!!! kisses in a gay couple by far!! And the guys are really cute too
Shez Swinscoe
am i the only one that as to rewind this back every time i watch it lol this is what you call true love
Damn! If I had known that VL will develop like this, I had not stopped watching it 13 years ago...
the BEST 1 min. and 30 sec EVER =)
The0hitwonder Nodat
Almost ten years later I've discovered chrollie and had to binge-watch their amazing story. It's really sad how it ends though.
Tory-Aiden Mann
I love this. They are so good. I did not see acting. Nor did I see just gay sex. I saw the gay love we all need. Incredible.
Uju Grace
I love Christian and Oliver, 2017 I am still watching it
Val idknow
Omg i miss them so much, i miss this
WCD Channel
My little gay heart.\nI'm so glad I didn't give up on this storyline.
Wurld Travlr
Great acting, lighting, direction, music, script, camerawork. One of the best gay scenes I'v ever watched. Oh, and i liked the stuffed chicken at the bedside too.
Youtee Cooper
my heart always melt over and over each time I watch this episod, they are so amazing
calanit tamano
omg after all these years I'm steal in love with them so muchhhhh 😍😍😍
I am watching this scene again since it's the BEST i ve ever seen !!!!! 5 years I am watching it and everytime it  s the same feeling: SO BEAUTIFUL, so sexy so shy .... we can feel eveything in this scene ..... Love Chrolli !!!! and love Sia !!
cynthia Ruiz
Like I'm not even shitting I was look at pictures of thore and jo and breath me started playing at Walmart
Oliver and Christian will always be my favorite couple even though they're no longer on screen, but with the videos still on the internet I will always have them. Reborn is my new obsession couple, but Chrolli will always be my first LOVE.
6:51 \
Why can't people just allow two people to love? It doesn't matter who you love, what matter's is that you love and are loved.
2017 and i'm still here..
julia havermout
everything is perfect about that scene even the timing of the song is absolutely fenominal
kate race
Hi, ichglotzutube, Forever grateful to you, xxx I hope you have Health , Happiness and prosperity for 2016 xx \u003c3 xx
it's 2017 but the feeling is still the same! agh!
I love when the characters do things that present more than what they are literally doing. Christian unlocking the door is him literally unlocking his feelings to Olli ...the point of no return ...anyone else agree?
They are still my faves \u003c3
i remember this scene years ago, the best i ve seen in my life.
rajan thivhagar
wow when i see this video it make feel like wanna scream loud finally he admit that he has feeling for olli wow aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i cant believe how good is this scene. It´s very well filmed, the angles of the camera during the kisses, the slowly touch of the hand lowing the arm, the music selection and the brilliant perfomarnces, those small things that make it excellent, the heavy breathe, the trembling during the hughs, the soft kisses... so good so good. Very well done guys. Compliments to the staff.
Still like the show. Does. Any. Know where they are now
shannon dottin
The on screen chemistry between the 2 is off the charts!!!! Their real life friendship is hilarious.  Thank you Jo and Thore for your professionalism and talent   
sharleejacki jacki
everytime i listen to breathe me i think abt them i love chrolli so much
this is year 2016 and i still love this ??
I watched this scene like 5 years ago and now I watch it again ... Still loving it ^_^