West Coast Kustoms, Santa Maria, Ca 2018

West Coast Kustoms 2018, in my hometown Santa Maria, Ca. This was shot on 5/26/2018 during the Friday Night Cruise. ( All for fun and for some good memories )

Aaron M
Califas Slick's Oldies
I was DJ'ing out front of the Landmark Square. Such a killer video! Thanks for sharing :)
Cesar Olvera
Puro santa maria locos aqui ese! Bad ass video homie! Gracias cowboy👌
Patricia Garcia
Yes I love when these bad ass cars from all over get together. Thank you for the car owners who put thousands of dollars and time into these bad ass vehicles. I am older but I still get that excited feeling in stomach when I see a car bouncing at the light. As a Chicana who used to lowride back in the day this bring back happy memories. Thank you for the great video P. Garcia (Born and raised in Santa Maria)