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How do you go about playing music on the street? I asked Matt from Too Many Zooz, and went busking with Mary Spender and Ian Barnett. MARY's channel: Peace,Adam

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A. Ledenberg
Well I did busk regularly for quute some time\nIt was around $100 daily and it was in Russia\nAnd, I got to say I absolutely suck at playing the instrument in comparison to you guys\nSo yeah, it s grind and psychology
Adam Neely
shout out to the cops for being super polite!
Alexander C
Would an acoustic bass be loud enough for busking in subways, squares, etc?
Alexis Harper
Thank you. My band is planning on starting to busk soon (we have too limited of a setlist right now, but we are planning on starting once we have a good list) just kind of for fun and a bit to get our name out there, and this video is great for tips for that.
3:31 Adam, Adam, Adam.... don't lie, my friend.\nThere is a thing called an acoustic bass guitar.\nYou should give it a try. LOL
Ariel Valenzuela
Mm no, play pop music with your own twist so people can be familiar with what you play and still do what you do value and appreciate. Even if you play a transcendental etude from Liszt most people won't recognize it, therefore won't know how to enjoy it. Let's say the following, you create a superb tasty candy but no one knows it, you decide to give free samplea, but your mate in front of you give free samples of Mars bars or whatever candy that's known and popular, his samples will definitely be eaten not only way faster but people would actually stop to take them, they already know how to enjoy them and what to expect.
Asmodean Underscore
big city busking is when people pay you to play music\nsmall town busking is when people pay you to stop
Augie Bello
Thanks for letting my play with you guys!!
To truly busk you need to be living in a short bus in Santa Barbara, have $50,000 worth of cash in a sock, be carrying copious amounts of illegal drugs that you use regularly, and be half naked with no musical ability.
Why did Adam not make much money? Not enough of THE LICK! Play it. It's what the people DEMAND.
Barbecued Billy Music
Beau Barber
How do you power your equipment while busking?
Benoit Adam
I saw buskers often in Paris. Some are goods, some forgot important point. Choosing a spot is very important, it must be crowded and not too noisey (some Paris metro are very loud). And also everything should be clear. Don't bring your friends or parents (yeah I've seen that), get a identifiable stuff for people to give money (tip = put already some money into it), and be sure to choose the good songs. As a musician I personnaly hate all those well-know songs (feeling good for example), but don't care. Just make it good. In the end the important is doing what you like (and making some $$$).\n\nThus, we have an audition for the metro musician & they are often the best.
Chester Arthur
How do you busk with a piano or synthesizer. obama wont answer my emails on it.
Christian Barnard
Being a good musician doesn't make you a good entertainer. You have to be a good entertainer first. People are not there for what you play. They are there for the experience of watching a musician performing for them.
DJ Fork
I don’t mean to be basic, but where the early squad at?
Daniel Skrivan
Here's a question that maybe you can answer: how come accents seem to disappear while people are singing? British and Australian accents disappear. Asian and Eastern European accents seem to stay.
David Freeman
Elon Busk?
Diego Rodriguez
play the right notes mate
Dilliam w
We live in a society.
All that for just ONE hour? I once did an 8-hour gig, and my cut was $12. Homeless guy saw this and said, \
Eddie Entertainment
Wow, that Jake Paul intermission was too good
Saw some aoe2 in there with the twitch clips! Biper #clearly :D\n\nAnyway, love your videos Adam. I know you're a musician mostly, but your videos are so well edited and funny as well. Always a great watch.
Experiment Eight
Question: If Adam had played The LICC, would've he got paid more? 🤔
Francisco Bastias
Man, your filmmaking skills are getting notably better. There is a new cinematographic charm in your videos and I'm totally liking it.
What style of music are Adam and Ian playing? I'd like to know so maybe I could find some more stuff like that. it's so full of energy.
Guitar Kitchen
In general, I think people on the street respond to sound quality and musicality, plus music they can relate to that makes then feel good/better.\n\nFor example, upgrading the sound (system) can result in much better results and response from people. Also, the acoustics and background noise can make a big difference. And now you probably need some kind of online payment or credit card swiper b/c not everyone carries cash anymore, too.\n\nPlaying songs that people know or can relate to usually works well. This can be any song (or groove), it's just how \
H of The Stage
I would like to add that as much as there are people who react to good music, there are also those who react to the way people look while they're playing. Do they look interesting to watch, do they look like they are great musicians even if they're just strumming an e-minor cord really fast. People sometimes react more to the visual performance then the audio one, especialy people who aren't musicians - which is a lot of people walking around.
The benefits of playing an acoustic bass guitar whilst playing harmonica.
Hen Gedymdeith
Is that ok to busk with a metal band ? because i don't think regular people could enjoy this x) (and it's a shame because i would love to busk in the street of my city with my band)
Clip of the Viper playing Age of Empires 2 during that twitch streamer montage made my day a bit.
I listen to garlagan and panda eyes at max vol with headphones if i could hear you wed have to make a whole video solving that mystery
Tocar en la calle es hermoso y más hermoso cuanto más grande es el grupo con el que tocas. La calle tiene muchos personajes con los hay que aprender a comunicarse con cuidado (la policía por ejemplo), muchas veces es el público el que te salva de que te lleven detenido y te incauten los instrumentos y equipos. Muy buen video, cualquier cosa apretá translate :v
Iro Graonidou
Some years ago I was in Boston for 5 weeks and used to busk almost every day in the public gardens. The people were very nice and money was really really good, so I didn't have much to organise about the performance. It was just me and my violin playing mostly classical music. One day, I was in New York and tried busking in Central Park. I was playing for 10 minutes and no one even looked at me! (exactly the same set as Boston) After a while, a lady comes and says \
I want a button that says \
Bloody hell, Mary is everywhere right now!
playing is the least important thing in busking. I was in London recently and there were two buskers in the same alley. First: a tuba player who was doing typical tuba \
Jack O'Rourke
First time I busked in Glasgow with my brother and friend we made £1,300.\n\nBeen basking for 2 years now with the same guys. \n\nFor proof, our facebook page is called \
Jason Ginsberg
Thank you for this, especially pointing out the \
I Live in the Netherlands, here we have a national day in honour of the king at some places there are flee markets where a lot of people come. I once made €35(around $40) in 45 minutes. I know it's not enough for living but I was 14 at the time so that's some easy money.
Job bob
I love buskers/street performers/people doing interesting shit in general... but seriously, the female in this video who is doing what, I suppose, can be called singing.... wow.... I would pay her to STOP making that vocal racket
John Bachmann
Kate Bain
i busk in a market in tasmania and i get easily over $170 for an hour and i'm not even that good - i think we just have a really busker-friendly environment here
Kevin Devenport
Adam, can we please get a \
Kyle Cavanagh
Busking is half my income right now. I make about 30 - 75 an hour on average. I have the occasion that i make nothing but even still
Leggo / Prostatus5
That sax player was a great sport for stepping in and playing with you guys!
Lewis Ip
As a saxophone busker in Glasgow, Scotland, it is one of the favourite things I have ever done in my life. I think that Glasgow has one of the best busking scenes in the world due to there being such an amazing community. No permit for amplification is needed as well :D
Lucky Sie7e
P L A Y T H E R I G H T N O T E S , M8
Luke Beadles
I got replaced with a trombone player... A fate worse than death.
Adam, I've been busking for 15 years in my hometown. It takes awhile to know what to play to make money. What I do now is play light pop and jazz on the alto sax to backing tracks that I have made especially for busking. I also play New Orleans traditional jazz on a four string banjo backing a trumpet player. I usually make $200 a week for playing a total of six hours - I only play for two hours at a time. Great part time job. You do have to keep at it to find the right repertoire and venue.
Use an acoustic BASS!
MAD Scientist
Ayy you busked in Washington Square Park? I would have dropped 20 bucks if I saw you guys lol
Mary Spender
Hard work in the NYC heat but so much fun. Thanks for busking with me! x
Matteo K
Play the right notes, mate \u003c3
Matthew Harding
Adam Neely is the reason I don’t get any homework done, thanks mate, cheers
Melpomene Audio
Wait, is that the same lady that just turned up on a bunch of Rob Scallon videos? Is she the mastermind behind all you guys? Is she the one talking to Rick Beato from off camera?!
Michael Richards
Adam, have you ever heard of Soundscape? It’s a bass+drums duo that gets some really unique sounds out of just those two instruments. Seems up your alley. Check out “Earthlings.”
Mister Apple
In the future, all basses will be replaced by trombones.
Here in Vienna, until recently, you couldn't even play amplified with a permit and even only in designated places that get assigned to you. \nOnly recently they introduced the subway stars, where you can sign up to play at certain subway stations, sell your cd's and take donations, while playing amplified.\nPlaying in subways is prohibited entirely, though cops usually give you a warning before (only seen this though, never busked myself). \nSadly there's not a really vibrant busking scene, and I think many people (especially elderly) are not very understanding to say the least.
Must Be Tuesday
That tip about taking a break so the crowd disperses, allowing room for a new crowd, is so brilliant. I never would have thought of that. Great video!
NPT Music
How to busk - play with passion , regardless of your level of musical expertise
Nathan Mantle
It's kind of stupid that just because you are amplified, you have to stop, but then an unamped instrument can come in, play JUST AS LOUD and not get stopped from doing so lol
Naveh Raz
Wow, that's really helpful - I just decided to play in the street every wednesday with two friends (soprano sax and double BASS), and this is probably the best thing I could see right now!
No Wonder you made 15 $ that music is not suitable for busking
Oh Adam, watching The Viper eh? :D Try Resonance22 as well, he's a really cool guy!
Adam's face while Mary's showing off her dollars is PRICELESS!!!\nI was busking several years ago on a classical guitar.. there were 2/3 people watching.... then I started to make tapping and shredding on the classical guitar and people grew... I learnt the hard way that people don't wanna just hear but also WATCH!\n\nAs for Joshua Bell, the same thing happened with Billy Gibbons... So, it made me think that people also want to hear a great produced acoustic sound and also that they're like sheeps, they want to feel included in a group of people: gathered in the same place for the same reason.
Omnibus Prime
It looks like Adam has the Benjamin buttons disease.
dude just lands a bird on his hand like it's no big deal 6:03
Péter Kovács
Im wondering if you watched the movie Whiplash?
Quentin McKay
Oh Jesus. Please DO NOT lift weights for 6 hours a day every day for 6 months. It didn't sound like he was joking. That concerns me.
If you are good and you are confident in your art, then people will respond to that happily - unless you are trombone player.. everyone hates trombone players, even adam neely
Roe Sham Boe
6:38 The whole sequence of events is amazing and takes about 2 seconds in real-time... Adam plays the wrong note and immediately looks at his fingering with betrayal in his eyes like his left hand just banged his girl behind his back. The next millisecond, he realizes he's gonna catch ish from Mary and he literally has to force his gaze towards her direction; slowly... like a child forcing himself to look up at his mom after getting caught steeling cookies. However, you can see he still carries a smirk like that smarmy little cookie-steeler who knows his punishment won't be that severe. Meanwhile, Mary has been out on this precipice vocalizing away when suddenly she feels the bus driver jerk the wheel to the left at the exact moment she expected to go right. Next thing you know, she bangs her nose on the bus window and dude that hurts. She looks over at the bus driver and sees Adam shyly smirking away like \
Rudy Ayoub
I went busking once for 10 mins and some dude dropped me $20 so I went home I never busked since
Ryan Thomas
hey guys my friend said he learned a song indrop L, and I’m trying to tube down to play it, but I go to G and it goes back down to A, how do I fix pls help
Salacious Crumb
5:13 adam neely is a true gamer confirmed. gamers rise UP
busking makes the world a happier place
Adam, don't you have an upright? Just play with the upright
My strategy is to play horribly, with a sign saying \
That Oboe
A busker that situates themselves on a bus and calls themselves the \
The Accolades Music
Heres a bit more busking advice. Be entertaining, don't just stand there, or sit on your amp, its like when you do a regular gig. its more than just the music, add some Choreo, do something outlandish, wear something bright. Entertain, demand the attention by calling them over. Also a horn always helps. Im surprised the trumpet player of too many zoos didn't mention this, their bari player goes insane with the dancing and playing. People listen with their eyes, not just their ears. I've had days where I've made $200 and days where I've made $50. The days I've made 200 is cause I've had tons of energy. Also the ideal number of people to busk with is 3(drums/bass(or guitar)/horn). keep it up beat and funky. Try it again with all this in mind and it'll be a lot better. dance and play, break a sweat make it look like you are having fun. Entertain!!
The Chunky Trucker
I live in new york city too, specifically queens, and i go busking under this little overpass for the train. its not the MTA, its the LIRR, so even though the train is noisy, it doesnt run frequently and right when people get off they can see me. i make between 15 and 60 dollars a day, and its just me playing my sax with no backing tracks or anything. it really depends on how long you play, how you play, and possibly even what day it is. On days where ive made 45-60 dollars, i played for 3hours straight. on days that i make 15-30 dollars i only played for 45 minutes to an hour and a half. also my neighborhood has nice people, which is rare for nyc. also i dont really play avant garde or complex stuff, i play jazz or just mess around with chord functions. and people like it. they ask me to play songs like careless whisper and baker street and when i do they give me 5 or even 10 dollar bills. very rarely do i come across someone who hears me playing donna lee or giant steps and says \
The Lost Antiquarian
I go busking regularly. There's plenty of different tricks to it, but the ones I use are the same as much of showbizness, have an act that stands out and people are attracted to because it's not something they see everyday. Second is audience, you playing to tourists, shoppers, commuters which does your act work for, and finally what locations suits your act?\n\nTaking the above point into consideration. I play medieval English bagpipes, few people have ever seen this, so the act it has real stopping power to passers-bye. I play in tourist areas because they are free with their wallets and looking for novelties and sights they don't see at home. And I usually play at medieval locations around London because the tourists there have come to see specially to experience history.
Play the right notes mate
Mary Spender is damn near as attractive as Adam is.
Tomás Arjovsky
You had me at \
Urich jr
$16?\nThats more money I earn playing music this year.
Buskin' makes me feel good!
I've been a wanna be busker for so long. Done it three or four times. I've made about $9 so far.
bob smith
amplification not allowed, but a drum kit is OK... makes sense
Well Too Many Zooz have a jumping around baritone saxophonist... if that dosen't get you payed, nothing will
I do stop and listen to great buskers.\n\nI have a vivid 20yo memory of an accordion player playing Bach's Toccata and Fugue in Dm (BWV 565) -- BRILLIANTLY -- in the Paris metro and the pedestrian tunnels added the perfect reverb to make it sound like a pipe organ.\n\nPeople were transfixed and time stopped. It was delicious.
Busking: The act of begging for money on the street by use of an instrument, rather than one's voice, to catch others' attention.
I went busking once in downtown Brisbane, made $15 and there is still blood on my acoustic guitar 10 years later. Not worth it.
satellite wish.
Miss spender’s been getting around lately...
I did NOT expect HER to say BASS!!!! Worth waiting until the whole video is done! Smart, Adam!
Right on, buskers don't get enough credit. I saw a woman yell, \
Александр Евстюгов
You know you have fully arrived in the Internet age when you find yourself having to explain to people what \