Why Sex Hurts

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Don't forget ovarian torsion, it's just like the testicular torsion but in a female.
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou so much for making this video. \nI suddenly don't feel so alone. \nAfter 2 years I have finally been diagnosed with vaginismus and genital amouring.\n I would love a video about how you worked through your painful sex (if it's not to personal for you)
Aaron Pederson
The fremulum breve one made me think. I'm circumcised and have had quite a few erections that felt like the skin was tearing. I am going to look into that. I just always chalked it up to being sooo turned on that it got bigger than usual. Thank you. More research is needed to know my penis better :)
Aliisa Kalma
I'm soooo thankful for my perfectly healthy vagirniA
Ashley Franta
This was posted exactly when I needed it. Staying curious 💛
Avala Pendragon
Thank you so much. I have PCOS which causes me to have intense pain during any type of penetration (ie. can’t use tampons). Took me a very long time, lots of doctors, confusion, fear, and frustration but I finally figured it out on my own. Thanks Doctor Doe for bringing light to this issue ❤️
Babyman Jr.
Plot twist: she's a virgin
Bakchod Bittoo
I love your eyes😍
So being uncircumcised is better?
C •
Chelsey-Ann Stuart
Thank you for this, I haven't felt \
It's great that topics like this can be talked about \u003c3
Darleth Lopez
I love you and thank you.
Darnaryel Fantaisie
Thanks Doc. This is quite useful, as always! :)
Just go MGTOW guys. Women just aren't worth the trouble anymore these days...
Delta Beta
Testicular torsion 🤨
Dennis HP
Hello from Davao, Philippines.\n\nThis is very.informative.\n\nStay curious \u003c3
Emery Wells
This is so great! I would like to add lichen sclerosus, which I only recently learned is the cause for my pain during sex - easily fixed with a couple of rounds of topical steroids and totally not as scary as the name sounds. I found out by accident when I saw a new gyn for my pap/well woman because my usual doc was out of town. Lucky me!
Primary vaginismus (and probably also secondary from a bunch of other pelvic stuff) in the houseeee. lol For me it's more like a terrible un-natural feeling stretching and then like being stabbed in the vagina with an ice pick. Lovely I know. I'd also add pelvic floor dysnersia, interstitial cystitis, and pelvic organ prolapses.
Gabriel Grant
Thanks Lindsey
Gary T
Wow, you ladies have it much, much worse. I feel for you.\n\nExcellent episode Dr Lindsey and the team, thank you! :)
Geof Dumas
I may have missed you saying it but there's also abdominal and pelvic adhesions from prior surgery, poor posture, repeat or severe infection/inflammation, etc that may manifest only as pain during sex but often link to ibs or spread from endometriosis
Ian Amanti
I experienced a pain you didn't cover. A few times after sex I would experience a headache - sudden and sharp and worse than any headache (or any pain at all) I've ever experienced - right at the point of ejaculation. Those are... let's call them not fun. Right at what should be the peak of pleasure, I felt like lightning was striking my temples and the world just exploded and I would be in utter agony for 45 seconds or so.
Hey, there was something in this video that helped me identify a painful vag mystery! Thanks, Lindsay!
J dftba
Important to talk about this stuff in a way that is informative but not scary or judgmental! Keep up the good work!
Jack K
I've had dyspareunia my entire life. The doctors told me it was a psychological issue, but I know that it's more than that because I've had other problems (such as numbness, extreme lack of sensation) before becoming sexually active. I have not sought any further help because I don't know how doctors could possibly be useful to me. They don't know what the problem is and they don't really seem to care. My options are limited. I really don't know what to do. I just don't have sex even though I'm an adult. Partners are not understanding of me.
I have several of the things mentioned, I'm saving myself for marriage so hopefully i can be prepared and seek treatment when I'm ready.
James d'MSP
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Jay Loves
This was posted right when I was thinking about why. Good timing. Stay curious peoples❤🍆🍑
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U look sexy in that outfit
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Just 7 dislikes 😂
Joel Bradley
I am glad it is better for you now, your career looks like it makes you happy.
Johanna Kistenbrügge
Thank you so much for making videos about important toppics and informing the wold! I'm glad that you commit to teaching about things everybody should know but rarely anyone talks abut! Your channel is so important and I am glad that I can be a part of your community! Keep up the good work and stay curious ;)
John O ́neil
Experiencing pain during sex is definately something I am struggling with. It is (most probably) not caused by a medical condition but tightness and being unused to it. I know that it pretty much just boils down to practice but it still is making getting started not easy.
Her voice just sounds like she knows about sex. \nI dont know why?
Josh Gigler
Can u please do some more LGBT sex Ed. Since it is isn’t always taught.
Joshua Rampersad
Thanks, Dr. Doe! This is such an informative video! I really appreciate you covering such a wide variety of topics. This was helpful for me and is also gonna be great for so many people! Keep up the great work with all of your quality content!
Jupiter Skies
Nothing about tears around the vagina opening? I would think thats the most common one .
Hi, penis owner here. I didn't hear about sudden intense headaches at the time of orgasm, did I miss it? This is something that's happened to me. It happens with each orgasm- with a partner or solo- and goes away seemingly on its own after a couple of weeks. I've had three bouts of this I think, in my 30s and 40s.
Keith Cooper
Another great video! Your approach to these subjects makes discussing them so much easier: Partly because your videos bring up the subjects, but mainly because of your professional approach. You are serious in a relaxed and playful way and for me that really helps! As many others below have said, keep up the great videos!
It's interesting that foreskin is meant to decrease friction, because my former partner would end up getting sore and having irritation ON his foreskin (like on the inside where it attaches) from sex. Lube helped a fair bit though.
I love this channel so much, it's so straight forward and honest. Thanks dr. Doe!!
I teared up while watching this video because last year I had a bartholin’s abscess and my utterly useless gyno gave me no information beyond “oh yeah it’s irritated” and put me both on an anti fungal and anti bio. It was after seeing the diagram of it in the video and googling it that I realized that that was exactly what I had. Luckily it self-drained because I was in excruciating pain and she was zero help. Thank you Dr. Doe. I owe you a bit of my sanity.
Lycaon 1765p
The thumbnail changed :v?
Mad Wez
can you talk about foot fetish, footjob and handjob adictions?
Master of None
nice episode very interesting
Megan Rea
Does anyone have more information or readings on sexual hypersensitivity? It sounds like something my partner may have. We believed it to be vaginismus at first but penetration is painful and direct stimulation of the vulva is overwhelming and not in the fun way
Melanie Amidei
I have literally have problems with pain during sex since I lost my virginity. I just thought I was shallow and it was normal. Making an appointment ASAP to talk to my gyno about collision dyspereunia. THANK YOU!!!
Messerbee Chek
I think males are circumsized so that the possibility of having a child is increased. I do not think we are supposed to have sex more than a normal 1-2 times a week -- tops. Now explain to me why I still get turned on by the thought I may fornicate with an equal to better looking female still? Psychological and lesser driven urges are really ignorance and deviancy. Sorry Mom. 5 out of 10 = 50%
Micah Revenant
I recently discovered your channel while I was researching on YouTube about FWBs. I was wondering if I could ask a few questions.\n\nIf the body/genital armoring (from sexual/physical abuse from a past partner) happens when this person and I play around, what can this person (or I) do to help it go away?\n\nHow can I make sure that it's okay with both of us to keep going if we're both excited?\n\nAge: We are both consenting to playing around, but my FWB is a couple years younger than me. And this fact really scares me:\nHow can I keep this feeling about our age difference away from me when we're both in the moment?\n\nSex after pregnancy: I had my youngest son 3 weeks ago, and I'm still healing after a C-section and bleeding.\nWhat can I do about this so I can feel good about myself, and not keep thinking that I'm going to scare my FWB if I smell bad because I'm healing or there's some blood when we play around?\n\nAnd this last one may be a big one:\nI may have feelings for my FWB. Since we both have had relationships that didn't turn out well (me from abuse, and my FWB for not really being a relationship person), what can I do to help these feelings?
Michael Jordan
I love you Dr Doe 😍😍😍
Morgue Parfington
I'm like 90% sure that my problem is vaginismus. It's like a vaginal opening doesn't even exist for me. I can't insert anything that is thicker than a single finger, and I've brought myself to tears with how desperately I tried to insert a small-size menstrual cup (painfully and to no avail even with lubricant _and_ blood). It feels invasive, almost like I'm being molested or raped, and it burns. Even knowing that penetration is not the center for sexual pleasure, I still want to be able to participate in vaginal sex just to feel normal and feel that closeness, and to provide the same for a male partner. My problem is coupled with mild dysphoria and feelings of shame and disgust for what I am, which means two things: getting over this problem will be harder, but the outcome and potential acceptance and love for my body will be all the more worth it. I'd also finally be able to use a menstrual cup.\n\nI recently discovered a dilator set specifically tailored for people with vaginismus and I'm really hoping that it isn't a scam once I get around to buying it. If anyone else has vaginismus—where no matter how hard you push something, it won't even get past the entrance, or insertion burns regardless of lubrication—please consider investing in a dilator set like the one I've found. It doesn't have to be \
Why love hurts?
Nightmares Tonight
Can you do one on foot fetishes?
Noah R.
I'm happy that she also discussed male issues with that because i feel its mentioned less
Noilson Silva
Faça videos com legendas portuguesas(Brasil) gosto de assistir...
Only 5th scale
I wish I didn't just learn my testicular tubes can become twisted. Ugh!
Options Specialist
I’m Norma7
Osiris Malkovich
I had to look up what genital affirmation surgery was. Learning!
Owe Lov
Could you also make a video about phimosis?
Pame Ricalde
do you have a video on hpv?
Phoenix Borealis
I went to Spencer's Gifts today to shop for a new toy that I could afford and conceal when I got home. I was fine walking in until I saw a worker standing right where I wanted to look, and I was overcome with anxiety and crept around different isles until the worker left and I could shop alone. It was a feeling that I wasn't expecting, and I finally settled on a nice looking rabbit vibe after I don't know how many minutes of hiding and pretending to look at other things when there were other people around. At one point, the worker saw me and said that they liked my bag, which made me feel some better, but I was still too nervous to spend enough time in there looking at everything I wanted to.\n\nI've been learning sex positivity for myself (never judged others for it), but I still feel anxiety when it comes to sharing an experience like buying a toy in public with strangers.\n\nI know that online shopping would probably be better for me in the future, but one day I'd like to be confident in going to shops that sell sex toys by myself and looking at whatever I want.\n\nI know all of this doesn't really relate to the video, but I felt like I needed to talk about it.
This one's a leg crosser folks, you have been warned!
Ramon M.
Love your videos. Gracias por existir :D
OUCH !! This video had me cringing so many times from just imagining these problems. Great reference information that is very important to know. Thank you
Richard Anderson
Dr Doe can you make a video about footsie?
Robin B.
Oh my god, I needed this video months ago but still needed for an ease of mind and justification for how I felt then. Thank you! I hope other men and women can make use of the information.
You included HIV on the list of STIs that can cause genital pain. Is that accurate? I thought HIV/AIDS is not, by itself, even palpable let alone painful (unlike e.g. syphilis, gonnorhea, & clamydia, which you also listed).
Sam Tang
An old partner had cum headaches. A change of diet and use of aspirin with plenty of water helped.
Sarah Edwards
I’m naturally tight (only about the width of my middle finger), so I can’t use tampons or menstrual cups without it hurting or feeling uncomfortable even with relaxation techniques. My vagina’s short too (only up to the second knuckle of said finger, not including my vulva or my hymen), so a menstrual cup won’t even go in all the way. How am I supposed to get a fully erect penis in there when I feel I’m ready to have sex for the first time? My mom says during her first time she told my dad to go slow.
You should do a separate video on vulvodynia/vaginismus. Both are underdiagnosed, undertreated/mistreated, and misunderstood.
Shy B
Wow the timing of this is crazy. Just 3 days ago I had some pain during intercourse. My cervix was being hit several time. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Its a bit embarrassing because it pulls us from the moment.
The Tears of Jungkook
I’m a virgin and have never even kissed anyone - why do I watch these😂
ThePokemonObsessed Noob
Tiger Tranquilizer
I get headaches occasionally when I cum harder than average. Any idea how to alleviate that?
Troy Wayne
Peyrionie's  is a silent epidemic per both the proctologist's I have seen, and can be/is sexually debilitating for life. The pain is not worth the gain for dam sure. LOL and that Frenulum Breve I had hurt like hell but for me one good and very bloody tear (and then a long healing) thankfully fixed that for me. I only wish I was as lucky with the lottery as I am in winning in this list...………..
Tyler Austin
Oh look at that\n\nApparently cutting off functional tissue causes issues, who could have guessed...\n\nStop cutting baby penis!
Watts The Safeword
Even regular sex havers like myself can sometimes have a bit of pain during sex. Thanks for the overview Lindsey 🙃
WeepingAngel Lex
I personally suffer from extremely tight muscles in my Pelvic Floor, which makes all kinds of penetration painful. It can also cause a whole bunch of issues, but I think it's important to know what these muscles are, and that they're not just for peeing! because getting help has been really nice!
Wyatt Porter
I’m first DR!!!
Xenon Games
Can you do a video on nofap please ?
Z ASMR Caveman
Whelp, i jerked off to the thumbnail....
?? Have you been diagnosed with vulvodynia perhaps? It's usually a nerve problem associated with nerve damage from improper exercise, sports stretching, gymnastics, physical impact (jumping/landing wrong) and a host of other reasons. It can cause exactly what you describe. With physical rehab, it can be fixed. PID or pelvic inflammatory disease can cause something similar, though it's from an infection from an infected partner, and can be life-threatening.
disliker 22
i am glad i am still a virgin
For me it was birth that caused trauma. No cuts were necessary and the wounds were described as grazes not tears as they were wide but not deep. I thought I would heal after a month but it took many months for me to heal. The information I was given by my healthcare professionals on recovery was very lacking, it felt like after the birth they only cared about the baby, not me as well.
Thanks for including vulvodynia. I have this condition, but I descover it just recently, 'cause nobody knew what I had. Some doctors even suggested I just needed to relax, but that was not true and I felt horrible. It' s really important that we stay curious, do not give up for any reason 💪
What about pain during anal?
I was feeling pretty upset by the fact that penetration physically hurts, I’m a trans guy and I suppose dysphoria/ being on testosterone could be the reason, so I’m really gonna take that into account, I didn’t really think dysphoria could cause me so much physical pain.
joe pizack
I have always heard about sex being painful for some people. thanks for breaking down why and how, Doctor Doe 👍👍👍👍👍👍
To anyone out there on lexapro, if you're having problems with reaching orgasm or pain it may be from your meds. I had to talk to my doctor and stop taking it. If you're having problems don't be scared to change your meds. Anti-depressants can have bad sexual side effects so talk to your doctor.
So much shame can be felt. Not enjoying sex. Not having that connection with a partner. There are certainly intersections with asexuality and its misunderstood stigmas, as well.
she brought up Peyrone's disease, which can be very bad. But she didn't bring up the injury that can cause that and probably the worst injury a man could have from sex. And that's penile fracture. YEs the penis doesn't have a bone, so it's weird it's called a fracture. But there's ligaments I believe and the veins and well they get really rigid and limited bend when completely erect. Can cause severse damage to ligaments and veins and it's like a very bad tear. It's rare, but if bad enough it can cause permanent damage that can cause ED for a man there on and peyroens disease and permanent bend and painful sex for the guy. It's something a man would have to have treated at hospital if a man one. Even though rare, and can happen from different positions. the most common is PV sex and woman on top and from either a woman bouncing too high and slipping out and crashing down or her movement bends penis down when inside. Which if she has any idea what she'doing wouldn't move that way. Or maybe gets in a weird angle when in side, etc.
I'm suffering from IBS and it's...just messed up. After ejaculation ( very often) i'm having these contractions in my lower left abdominal area, sometimes near rectum too. Because of that i'm starting to avoid having sex and it's really upsetting (because i love it). The only method that helps me is taking pills like ibuprofen about 1-1,5hr before sex. \nBtw. great vid Dr. Doe ;)
oh i didn't even get a notification wtf
Thanks for the awesome video. I had pain during sex shortly after I got married and I want to stress the importance of finding a provider who can assist you in finding out the problem. My issue was not listed here and that was incredibly strange and rare and was only fixable with corrective surgery. But I was lucky enough to have a provider who found the issue right away and we were able to get it fixed fairly quickly and I haven't had an issue since.
A tight foreskin problem of Louis XVI caused the French to hate his wife. That wasn't a piece of cake for them.
THANK YOU for mentioning Dysphoria
vaw power
Im over sensitive prostate wise due to events when i was younger. ive also got a lot of scar tissue so that really doesn't help. Great video will be sharing this to raise awareness and to bring more people over to you of course haha
Vaginal penetration is very painful for me and caused me so much emotional distress during sex. It saddens me so much because I want to be penetrated so badly and I just...can't. and I have no idea what it could be. I suspect endometriosis since I meet literally all the symptoms, but it could be so many things, it makes me anxious just to think about all of them. Sex is still pleasurable for me without penetration, that's not the issue. The issue is I'm afraid that even if I go to the doctor (and I know I have to and I will), they'll tell me I just need to use dilators or something. I can't even use tampons because it hurts so much. How the hell am I supposed to try dilators and call it a day? \n\nSorry for randomly venting, this is just something that's been causing me so much distress for months. It makes me hesitant to seek out sexual partners because penetration is such a big part of sex for so many people and I can't do it. 😞