MAD SCIENTIST ASMR vs KUMA S. ASMR (10 triggers battle)

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Choose the winner! Mad Scientist has a new opponent! In this ASMR video, he will fight with Kuma S. to decide which is the best triggers maker. Mad Scientist has been gaining confidence over the last few weeks and is stronger than ever. He is telling me that he was always confident. Kuma S. is rather shy and lake confidence. He is the complete opposite of Mad. And as you can guess, Mad doesn't really like him and will do anything to crush his enemy.In today's triggers battle, the artists used different sounds like tapping, whispering, scratching, plastic crinkle, breathing, water sounds, mouth sounds and a few other sounds. Mad goes rather fast. Kuma S. goes rather slow.Who is your favorite?I hope that this video helps you relax or at least forget about your worries. If you can fall asleep watching this, then perfect! :)Thanks for watching.If you would like to support my channel, you can join here!

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