GOD OF WAR 4 (Honest Game Trailers)

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From the developer of the series where you get so angry you murder all of the gods, comes a game where you face your biggest challenge yet - fatherhood. This is God of War for the PS4!SUBSCRIBE ►►

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PTSDeity is the most clever term for this series I have heard lmfao
Adam Sanders
Please do an honest trailer of Assassin's Creed Origins.
Adriatic_ 18
Please can you say, OH MY JORMUNGANDR
Banderas Vaduva
GOD OF WAR Retirement
Batlokoa Samuel Makoro
What is the name of the epic sound track that plays during staring?
Benjamin Taylor
Honest trailers please do the Dynasty Warriors series. Come on already.
Please do an honest game trailer of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire!!!!
Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation
Please say, BOY!
You forgot to mention that 2/3 of the bosses are the same troll 🤔
Caleb Collier
Boi.\n-Kratos, 2018
Camp Counsel
Dad of Boy
Can't Park Jihyo She's a Train
Shoulfa been “Starring Conor McGregor” for the final boss fight 🤔🤔
Catboy909 Me
Please say “yes, I stole the cookie from the cookie jar”
Do one for smite
Cyrus The Great
Do honest trailer rainbow six siege please.
Dark Void
Hey, did you do Xenoblade 2 yet?? If not, pls do Xenoblade 2!!
David W
Don't talk to me or my son ever again The Game
Dennis Musingila
you can't ruin god of war.....never
Please say: \
Dylan Hunter Chua
I love how BOI has just pulled this community even tighter
“Spend 20 minutes throwing an axe at a bird” 😂😂😂
Easter Fools
Please say, \n\
Emery Paine
So, axtion-adventure?
Can anyone tell me the name of the music track that kicks in around min 0:56?
BTW, I voiced one of the Lake Spirits and two of the Hel-Walkers! #TheMoreYouKnow🌈
*inhales* BOI
We need to see that guys face
Garrett Carter
My name is Baldr,\nand I be Ballin' Ballin' B-B-Ballin'.\n\nSWAG.
Gerardo Perez
“P T S D-eity”\n\nhaha that was great.
Prototype 1 and 2 honest trailer!
Fatherhood: prepare for PTSD edition
You don't travel to the 9 realms.
Jaishankar Iyer
Small ledges that aren't painted yellow 😂😂😂
Jeff Hardi
Spend 20 minutes throwing axe at a bird...you damn right.
Jenish Savaliya
3:58 It should be conor McGregor
Jim B.
Well, if you're gonna do Minesweeper, ya might as well do Windows Solitaire, too!
Joaquín Acosta
Please make a honest trailer of Dragon Age \nAnd say “I am the bone of my sword, steel is my body and fire is my blood”
Jorge Yan
LawrenceAron Ferrer
Liu yue
Baldur is McGregor in real life 😂
Lolo_ Trolo
Lucifer's son
Luke Frederiks
Say: I’m still waiting for the next Baldur’s Gate
Luny & Milky
The hardest challenge of all: fatherhood x') \\m/
MJCR 1311-gameplays
Little nightmares plz
Matthew St Vincent
Say; \
Megashark 101
Kratos is not a bad father. Throughout the entire game he does a great job of disciplining his son without ever resorting to physical violence! This is the character development I always wanted for him!
Mikyle yakub
2:23 sounds a lot like dark souls
Modar Akayleh
age of empires already ?
My name is Irrelevant
The BOI meme is getting out of hand.
NET Alliance
I might honestly have to dust off the PS4 to play this. My PS4 is currently awaiting Kingdom Hearts 3 to finally come out.
No Sleep
PTSDiety...\n\nI'm done.
Oliver Twisted PDX
Please do Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines!(:
Ozair Rupani
Do rainbow six siege
PM 3736
Solving all your Problems With Violence/Puzzles YES
Plague Doctor Yami
Boy your name is now boy.
Ploxye Mortem
Actually, the puzzles that require the axe cannot be deemed to be convenient because the story tells you later that kratos's wife (who could see the future and planned out the entire journey that they would take) made those puzzles so that noone else but the weilder of the axe could get past. She even painted those ledges yellow to show kratos which way to go
R Flynt
This game was amazing.
Random Guy
Please do Yakuza Honest Trailer
RasenRendan X
You should really say 'Stop telling me to say BOY!'
Ravel Kuro
Rman Nayr
Savage Comet
Who started “Dad of boy”
Do \
Shane Bod
Smash 5 would be fun to do like if u guys agree
Single Hot Mom in Your Area
Smith Wesson
Pls say \
Snek Wrek
Say, \
the reason all the ledges are painted yellow is because the kids mom saw the future and painted every ledge he'd climb on their journey so Kratos wouldn't get lost. \n\nalso she saw that they'd need a convenient ice axe so she had the dwarves make a convenient ice axe. \n\nshe also made the boys bow and quiver, so she probably rigged it to break so Kratos would use one of the mistletoe arrows to fix it.
Spas Delev
I've never seen a better looking game. Pure eye candy.
Terrell Pinder
2:13 Here’s hoping kratos stays awesome
4:01 Wait is that a jacksepticeye reference?
My dads bald and he calls me boi too and he gets angry a lot.
TwoJonz T.V.
Would you please say \
Virgil Barrios
Say \
Vivek Pokhriyal
Dad of Boy. 😁😁😂😂
Volgarr Stoutshield
9.9/10. Needed more BOY.
William Ryan
I bought this game on Friday, and I already got six game trophies in under two hours. EPIC GAME!
Yoga Cahya R.
congrats for being GOTY 2018
bhuwan shah
spend 20 minutes throwing an axe at a bird😂😂😂
SAY I farted and it smells good
dimitris Bam
Say \
farthest star
Wow. He says *BOI* almost as epically as Daddy Kratos
firdaus gaara
Is there any1 who dont like this reboot?? I cant imagine it, cause the game is really damn fcking good. After watching this video I really feel like playing for the 3rd time.
PTSdeity lol...
insert original username here
Sorry, what's God Of War 4? I only know Dad Of Boy.
jeremy richardson
Leviatain axe is better than the Blades.
madmaxgaming Walker
This voice is godlike lmfaooo
So strap your son unto your back... that part really cracks me up.
Please say ' our government made a weather safety system that is determined by weither or not waffle house is open\
the minesweeper guy
Please, do an honest trailer about minesweeper.
xan carter
Literally anyone who watched Jacksepticeye spent the entire video waiting for the Honest Title to say, \
yash Nene
Can you say:\nGigity gigity gigity goo stick around
Михаил Пашковский
Star Wars The Force Awakens - reboot, that tries to hide itself as sequel.\nGod Of War 4 - sequel, that tries to hide itself as reboot.